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onsdag 26 september 2012

Deflicted - Various unreleased songs

01. Another day
02. Blue haired bitch
03. Work
04. Havin' fun
05. Bikini car wash
06. Jail
07. Drink to think/Mutilate

Band from South Carolina consisting of John from Smash Points and Boot Party II on drums, Kelly from Boot Party II on Bass and some guy named Zach on vocals and guitar. They play a mixture of various styles ranging from a more current Oi! sound to even tiptoe on the oldschool punkrock vibe alá Misfits/Ramones on some of the songs.
The band never really made a release but i know for a fact that there are more material by them out there either in CDr demoform or online but i dont have the contacts or time to track them down right now.

Being one of the few people in the world who actually liked Boot Party II (even though i had some issues with the whole bandname thing) and even though the sound is different there are still some resemblances to their old sound. The best song in the bunch is Work, a fast punktrack with some really great lyrics. Also be sure not to miss the song Bikini Car Wash that has a 70's US retropunk feeling to it.

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