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torsdag 20 september 2012

WAR Records (formerly Crowbar) releases and re-releases

A new compilation from WAR (formerly Crowbar Records) will finally see the light of day. This project has been underway for some time but it's finally past it's production and all we do now is waiting for a releasedate. The bands featured will be First strike, Combate 49, Klase Dirigente & Venganza Tatuada. Each band will deliver 3 songs respectivly with the exception of First strike that delivers 4.

On another note WAR will re-press 300 new copies of Offensive Weapons debut LP. The record will be available through the usual distros but untill then go pick up their CD from Pure impact. The reason for this re-issue is because the band are back together again and currently recording new songs for some split 7''s. More info on those in the future.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Cool!!! Good news, FIRST STRIKE are fucking back!!! And it will be interesting if COMBATE 49 and VENGANZA TATUADA managed to make it to take the next steps to participate in a proper release and deliver something proper as well. We will see, but anyhow: Cool!!! Hm, but who the hell are KLASE DIRIGENTE?!? Any idea?!? Ah, and that OFFENSIVE WEAPON will be back on track as well is just great!!!
    Just hope that the crossed out ''R.A.F.'' logo isn't a display of some turncoating into what the logo is against, would be sad news...

    1. The debate about what facism is and isnt can be held but to save us the frustration i can easily say that i think he crossed out RAF logo is probably there because of the fact that atleast 3 of the bands has been hunted like animals by certain lefwinged groups on the eastcoast. They been blamed to be everything from neo-nazis to being part of an underground latino anti-communist group doing military black ops for the capitalist groups in central america (i kid you not). I see the logo as a middlefinger to smelly swamptrolls waving anarcho/syndica flags

  2. Remember an old MySpace message from COMBATE 49 about this issues... Fuck, what a crap, it's ridiculous what pieces of crap run around these days, pointing their finger at everyone and promoting themselves as the center of the world owning the ultimate key to incredible wisdom... guess that's the problem when your parents are also brother and sister... And this scumbags still dare to call themselves anti-fascists... But anyhow, I can't wait for this one, especially new FIRST STRIKE stuff really makes me curious!!!