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lördag 29 september 2012

New links to old records

Total annihilation - Covers and unreleased
Templars - Reconquista 1994-1998 CD (2002)
Empire falls - We live to be hated (2006)
The wretched ones - Tributes suck 7'' (1998)
The wretched ones - Live 7'' (1999)
Niblick henbane (1990) - NJ Oi! 7''
Niblick henbane (1991) - Whats your deal 7''
The jacks (1999) - The Last Of The Real American Heroes 7''

3 kommentarer:

  1. Next time please reupload Time Bomb 77- Protect and Serve, American way and 77 in 95.

    Greetings from Bratislava, Slovakia

    1. Will add them to the list but since other have requested other records before you i wont be able to upload them all the same week.