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måndag 1 oktober 2012

86 mentality - S/T 7'' (2004)

An Oi! influensed hardcore band that came out of Washington about 10 years ago. They quickly made a name for themselfs among the likeminded masses and even though they never made it big like some other hardcore bands they seem to be mentioned as inspiration by new bands (both Oi! and HC) more often than the more known bands, might not buy you a flashy car but atleast it's something to take to the grave...

The band released their first record (this record) in 2004 through Grave Mistake Records, the lineup at the time was Steve Clark on vocals, Judycki on bass, John Mutchler on guitar and Jason Halal on drums. Shortly after their first EP John left the band to start up another band (Set to explode) but was quickly replaced by Steve's friend Matt Moffatt from the band Crispus Attucks. With this lineup they continued to play and record until they put the band on ice in 2007, to my knowledge it was never heated up again and is still on ice except for the odd show here and there.

The band released 3 EP's and two "discography" cd's (one to many for a band with 3 EP's if you ask me).

01. Intro/Lifetrap
02. Terror boys
03. Get away
04. Escape
05. 86 mentality
06. Violent nights

Released by Grave Mistake Records in 2004.

If it wasnt for some guy in the US selling out his collection of old HC for a dollar each i probably wouldnt have bought this EP or the bands second one either. It's not that i dont like it it's just that i have a hard time stomaching most new bands in the genre and their deluded view on what skinhead is. With this said i can now admitt that i fucking love this bands early stuff and both of the records now stand tall next to it's Oi!-brothers in  my crates entitled "US Oi!/Punk/Skinhead rock" even though they dont really belong there.

I am far from an expert in HC but the first thing i noticed is the bands great buildup on this EP with an intro teasing the listeners who know something awesome will come out of it just like the old HCpunkbands used to do (their Washington brothers in Bad Brains to name on). The record continues all the way through to have a distinct feeling of early American HC/PUNK when it was new. No billyclubs on stage, no bandanas on their heads or facial tattoo's of bulldogs just pure oldschool HC..... and for someone not into the modern hardcore toughguy culture i must say it is more than pleasant.

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