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tisdag 16 oktober 2012

Yesterdays heroes - No mans land 7'' (1993)

Oi! band from what atleast i consider to be the glorydays of US oi!. They where around in the early to mid 90's and even though they are compltely forgotten by most folks these days they made some musical footprints during their active years.
Based out of Nevada, Las Vegas the band consisted of Curtis on vocals Aaron on guitars, Bill on bass and Dave on drums. With this lineup they released their only EP (this one) through Spartan Records. Soon after this release Curtis left the band but with a new singer the band recorded their first and only cd called No guts, No glory and also recorded a song called Alley girl for the infamous Backstreets of American Oi! compilation. Things where looking up for the band but for some unknown reason they just dissolved over night.
Underrated but not forgotten.

01. Oppression
02. Russian roulette
03. Lies
04. No mans land

Released by Spartan Records in 1993.

Even though the bands later singer was way better i also love Curtis way of singing. It's far from flawless but has that unpollished sound that suits Oi! when it's utilized in the right way.
All songs but the first later got re-recorded in better versions for their CD but why they left Oppression untouched is a mystery to me since it's the best song on the EP.
Yesterdays heroes both sound like and fit in with the other great unknowns of its time like Brickwall united & Vibram 94, so if youre a fan of the 90's US sound then be sure not to miss this band.

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  1. Thanks for another rarity. Love the instrument in these songs, the singer sounds like he should be in an early 80's California punk band though. I like early 80's Califonia punk though so it's good for me.

    And thanks for the re-ups you've done for me so far. I really appreciate it