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tisdag 23 oktober 2012

Yesterdays heroes - No guts, no glory CD (1994)

01. Yesterdays
02. Forget
03. No mans land
04. The other man
05. Lies
06. March of the saints
07. The pessimist
08. Ruined
09. Russian roulette
10. Villains

Released by Spartan Records in 1994.

New singer and somewhat new sound but still the same great band as on the EP. If anything the new singer is even better and i just love how they bring something more to the table by adding some (atleast fo Oi!) advanced guitarparts to some of the songs.
Its nothing for the toughguys with facetattoos though and if softOi! even is a word then it suits this band quite well.
Best song on the record is The other man and as much as the title might fool you it's not about a girlfriend fucking around but instead about racism targeted at people for being white. Another song you should be sure not to miss is The pessimist about being stuck in a rutt and bound to your class (atleast thats how i interprited it while a friend thinks also this one is about white guilt, you can be the judge).

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