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fredag 12 oktober 2012

New stuff from Broken Heroes

As most already know Broken Heroes has been kicking down fences in their new mission to bring back US Oi! to it's old ways. They did a great job with their latest album called strictly "This is Oi!", a record free from streetpunk and hardcore influences and also free from the latest trend (Modsy poprock) as the promovideo above displays (a pun intended at Jenny Woo and the Birds of Prey??).
The band is also in the studio getting a new album together that also will focus on the pure Oi! sound or as a member states "pure fucking Oi!". Also be on the lookout for a split they are planning with a European band. Untill those records see the light of day they will appear on various comps comming out (Pirate press comp and a forthcomming Christmas comp).
If this new stuff is anything as good as their latest CD they can count on my money.

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