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tisdag 30 oktober 2012

The hated - Drinkin' for a living DemoCD (2009)

01. Drinkin' for a living
02. Troubled Oi
03. Neurotic
04. Barfight
05. Front page

Selfreleased by the band for promotional purposes.

A CD that Neck Records sent to me back when it was current but somehow i forgot about it completly.

The band has been around for almost 20 years now and if it wasnt for this demoCD and their  appearance on Oi! dont pay the bills Vol.2 i dont think i would ever have heard about them. This is quite sad since they actually sound quite good.

The band comes from Delaware and was formed in 1993 and has released a bunch of DIY CD's that are completly impossible to get ahold of today (atleast if you live in Sweden). The last known lineup consisted of  Dan Caruso on vocals, Brian Underwood guitar, Steve on bass and "some guy" on drums. (if you have any of their records feel free to let me know, the ones im looking for is at the bottom of the page in the WANTED list)

Didnt quite like their songs on the Oi! dont pay the bills record but now i realise it was their choice of songs more than the bands sound because this is a damn good CD in the end of the day. It's far from anything advanced and fancy but the opening track Drinkin for a living and the anthem song Neurotic makes it worth a listen. After digging in the most awkward places for the most obscure US bands it's always fun to discover bands like these, why havnt anyone heard of them before?

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