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onsdag 10 oktober 2012

86 mentality - Goin' nowhere fast CD (2005)

01. Intro/Life trap
02. Terror boys
03. Get away
04. Escape
05. 86 mentality
06. Violent nights
07. Terror boys II
08. Scumbag
09. Chemical threat
10. Fall in line
11. On the loose
12. Oppression
13. Blood red violence
14. Way of life
15. Final exit
16. Terror boys (live)
17. Get away (live)
18. Evil (4-Skins cover)
19. Gonna hafta fight

Released by Grave Mistake Records in 2005.

What a cunt of a record. Same issue i have with most of Empire falls records comes back to haunt me here again. The band has released only two 7-inches and has gotten it into their heads that they need to cash in on their career by releasing a "greatest hits" album. Sure might be a nice gesture to people who dont own a recordplayer and want a CD but the fact that the record contains their old EP's (one of them released only months before this record) and the rest is fillouts of garbage live-songs, C-side songs that never made it to a record for a reason and uninspired covers i cant really see why it exists.
More and more bands do this shit these days and some recordlabels even have bullshit deals with their bands giving the bands 0% of the profit (Longshot i'm looking at you) from the sales leaving the bands forced to release discography albums after playing together for just a year. Bottom line is they are a cash-in and i dont give a fuck if the label stole all your money the first time around. Stop being an idiot, cut out the middleman making money of you and release the songs for free (or release that discography album directly).
Why am i complaning? Dont know... hardly remember what i was on the soapbox about in the first place.

Bottom line is every man has the choice to buy them or not... i say download for free instead.

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