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onsdag 12 september 2012

The bureau - Unreleased songs

01. My America (Our America)
02. Clockwork boys
03. Keep on fighting
04. Blue collar victory

Cheers to Al D for sending the songs.

Since the band only released one song on a free zinecomp bck in 2001 (Gang up!) and none of the members listened to my anti-political and pro-musical rant back in 2010 (We want that record now) i guess i'll post these songs in this loose non-discographical way.

Most have probably allready heard the song Our America and i can gladly say that the rest of the songs hold as high quality. Especially the song Keep on fighting that has that slow US Oi! sound of the 90's that i just cant get enough of.

As labels are starting to respect the older bands and releasing old material that should have gotten released back when they where recorded (maybe in 2025 a label will release On trials albums) i have still not given up on seing those 8 songs by The bureau being released in the comming years.

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