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torsdag 6 september 2012

Steel toe solution - The eight year war CD

01. Your walls falling
02. Slave
03. Enemy mine
04. Mission
05. Without us
06. Harder than you
07. Dick in the dirt
08. Little boy blue
09. In doctrine nation
10. Bloodsucker
11. Wrong side of the pond
12. Klusterfuck (instrumental)
13. Anthem #1

Released by Headache Records in 2005.

After being way to social with people for a week now i must say it's nice to be back home being all misanthropical and all. The way to go at it is by starting of where i left it and upload this little gem.

As good as their EP was it holds nothing in comparison to this full-length. It's far from the normal New Jersey sound and even far from any typical Oi!-sound, if anything it has a distinct Boston sound going on (not the Irish kind). On some songs like Bloodsucker one can clearly hear the early Slapshot influences (and Reverend even sounds a bit like Choke at some parts).
One thing i mentioned on their EP is the fact that the band has some superb fucking lyrics and this CD is no exception. Good lyrics in Oi! can sometimes be hard to find since most bands focus more on a heavy chorus and political shants (nothing wrong with that) but it's always nice to hear an actual story for once.
Best song on the album and a good reason alone why you should download the album is the last track entitled Anthem #1. The track is one of those that sums up my feelings on the modern scene and all that is wrong with it (political fractions, fingerpointing, subcultural facism from the old etc etc).

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