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onsdag 26 september 2012

Deflicted - Various unreleased songs

01. Another day
02. Blue haired bitch
03. Work
04. Havin' fun
05. Bikini car wash
06. Jail
07. Drink to think/Mutilate

Band from South Carolina consisting of John from Smash Points and Boot Party II on drums, Kelly from Boot Party II on Bass and some guy named Zach on vocals and guitar. They play a mixture of various styles ranging from a more current Oi! sound to even tiptoe on the oldschool punkrock vibe alá Misfits/Ramones on some of the songs.
The band never really made a release but i know for a fact that there are more material by them out there either in CDr demoform or online but i dont have the contacts or time to track them down right now.

Being one of the few people in the world who actually liked Boot Party II (even though i had some issues with the whole bandname thing) and even though the sound is different there are still some resemblances to their old sound. The best song in the bunch is Work, a fast punktrack with some really great lyrics. Also be sure not to miss the song Bikini Car Wash that has a 70's US retropunk feeling to it.

tisdag 25 september 2012

First Wellington Arms EP (and a correction).

Finally Chicago's finest releases a proper record, limited to 114 copies and containing 4 gritty and dirty skinhead rock anthems. As i mentioned before it is available through Pure impact but one can also pick up a copy at Bords de Seine, Skinhead service and Adler Versand.

torsdag 20 september 2012

WAR Records (formerly Crowbar) releases and re-releases

A new compilation from WAR (formerly Crowbar Records) will finally see the light of day. This project has been underway for some time but it's finally past it's production and all we do now is waiting for a releasedate. The bands featured will be First strike, Combate 49, Klase Dirigente & Venganza Tatuada. Each band will deliver 3 songs respectivly with the exception of First strike that delivers 4.

On another note WAR will re-press 300 new copies of Offensive Weapons debut LP. The record will be available through the usual distros but untill then go pick up their CD from Pure impact. The reason for this re-issue is because the band are back together again and currently recording new songs for some split 7''s. More info on those in the future.

onsdag 19 september 2012

American jihad - War at home CD (2009)

A sort of sideproject band from California playing pissed of and fast punk/HC with a vigilante attitude against the government. Like most other bands in that genre it's drenched soaking wet in both conspiracy theories and some quite "unAmerican views" but more on that later.

The member that i think most know of is Pat Hall on drums that used to play guitar in the phenomenal Bonecrusher but many might also know the masked avenger behind the mic, namely Jay O'Brien who traded out his drumposition in bands such as Allday and T.S.O.L. for this frontspot.

As far as i know this is the band only release and the stuff ended as soon as it started with no intention to keep the band alive.

01. War at home
02. Cardinal Mahoney
03. Right wing wack job
04. 26 shots
05. Sober chronies
07. Napalm a Go-Go
08. New start
09. Morality
10. 48 hours
11. Proud nation
12. Shut your mouth
13. Tagged a traitor

Released by Black Tongue Records in 2009.

The bandname is a hint on the bands message (even though most of it should be taken for what it is, a joke) and they dont pull any punches when it comes to delivering rebellious anthems for the underclass misfits. One sole mission, tear the shit down and burn as many churches as you can while doing it!

As liberal as i might be i am seriously starting to support their last mission, namely burning churches and as leftybands say fuck the nation and most Oi! bands wave the flag like never before this band stands apart with their own little cruzade against ignorance.

The band deliver some valid points on songs like Cardinal Mahoney (a song against childmolesters and catholics which seem to go hand in hand these days) and it's refreshing to hear a US band making songs against religeon (all of them) and even one that take a pro-abortion stance (seriously dont we have people enough crowding our parkinglots). All these thing go down without pain but as they start talking about Hurricane Katrina being used to cover up a civil uprising they loose me completly, mm no that didnt happen.

As much bullshit i write i havnt even toughed on the actual music yet. To be honest there aint really much to get here since most songs sound the same. A bit lazy and a bit to noizy for my taste but fans of Allday or even more politically incorrect bands like Pitboss 2000 and The 96 brigade might like this, just dont take it to seriously.

Band performing their song Cardinal Mahoney at DiPazzas

fredag 14 september 2012

Records bought in Aug-Sept

Some old but mostly a whole lot of great 2012 releases. Nice to see unknown bands like Bad assets and Roots of exile putting out material but even happier that Wellington arms finally got their first record. Also nice to have the longlost demo's of Vibram 94, SIBB and Frontline Soldiers finally put on wax.

onsdag 12 september 2012

The bureau - Unreleased songs

01. My America (Our America)
02. Clockwork boys
03. Keep on fighting
04. Blue collar victory

Cheers to Al D for sending the songs.

Since the band only released one song on a free zinecomp bck in 2001 (Gang up!) and none of the members listened to my anti-political and pro-musical rant back in 2010 (We want that record now) i guess i'll post these songs in this loose non-discographical way.

Most have probably allready heard the song Our America and i can gladly say that the rest of the songs hold as high quality. Especially the song Keep on fighting that has that slow US Oi! sound of the 90's that i just cant get enough of.

As labels are starting to respect the older bands and releasing old material that should have gotten released back when they where recorded (maybe in 2025 a label will release On trials albums) i have still not given up on seing those 8 songs by The bureau being released in the comming years.

torsdag 6 september 2012

Steel toe solution - The eight year war CD

01. Your walls falling
02. Slave
03. Enemy mine
04. Mission
05. Without us
06. Harder than you
07. Dick in the dirt
08. Little boy blue
09. In doctrine nation
10. Bloodsucker
11. Wrong side of the pond
12. Klusterfuck (instrumental)
13. Anthem #1

Released by Headache Records in 2005.

After being way to social with people for a week now i must say it's nice to be back home being all misanthropical and all. The way to go at it is by starting of where i left it and upload this little gem.

As good as their EP was it holds nothing in comparison to this full-length. It's far from the normal New Jersey sound and even far from any typical Oi!-sound, if anything it has a distinct Boston sound going on (not the Irish kind). On some songs like Bloodsucker one can clearly hear the early Slapshot influences (and Reverend even sounds a bit like Choke at some parts).
One thing i mentioned on their EP is the fact that the band has some superb fucking lyrics and this CD is no exception. Good lyrics in Oi! can sometimes be hard to find since most bands focus more on a heavy chorus and political shants (nothing wrong with that) but it's always nice to hear an actual story for once.
Best song on the album and a good reason alone why you should download the album is the last track entitled Anthem #1. The track is one of those that sums up my feelings on the modern scene and all that is wrong with it (political fractions, fingerpointing, subcultural facism from the old etc etc).