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lördag 11 maj 2013

Fed Up! - Fuck your life! LP (2008)

01. Sick fucks
02. O.S.P.
03. Steel reserve
04. Hostile attitude
05. Nowhere to run
06. Gonna get yours
07. Butt man
08. Last straw
09. Return
10. Aimless youth
11. Bacardi n blunts
12. Back the fuck up
13. Chupa chocha
14. Elimination
15. Tattoos
16. Fed up!

Released by United Riot Records in 2008.

This record was a let-down in many ways as i got it. First of all it's in my oppinnion the weakest release by the band but the record itself is a let-down. As i pull out my wallet and pay full price for an LP i expect to recieve it with inserts and all. My record simply had the cover and the vinyl inside and as i thought ive been ripped of by the seller i checked it up and only a limited number of records came with an insert. I respect United Riot but thats just a shitty thing to do especially since most lyrics are impossibly to hear over the whole "Roger Mirret NYHC way of singing.

Onwards to the music where the main problem lies. Sure this is childish (songs about eatign pussy etc) and a toughguy attitude is constantly pressent and as annoying as always but these are not the issues i have. The album is simply to "crusty" for me with most of the songs ending after 30 seconds of noise (Bacardi n blunts). I can't see the charm and never understood why bands make these songs. Even some of the longer songs rubb me the wrong way and songs like Steel Reserves starts out good but nothing ever happends to the song and it never quite picks up the speed it should after the chorus.

This album might stand in the shadow of their later and excellent Sheer Poetry record and it might also display all the things i can't stand with HC music but even so it has it's light spots. I'm thinking about the songs Elimination and Back the fuck up. Two good reasons to give the record a chance.

Elimination (official video)

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