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fredag 17 maj 2013

Fed Up! - Sheer Poetry LP (2010)

01. Fuck your life
02. N.Y.C.
03. Hipster fuck
04. P.M.S.
05. Band of brothers
06. K.B.D.
07. Fuck the MTA
08. Young and naive
09. Friend
10. Wingman
11. Lies
12. Agitated

Released by Welfare Records in 2010.

Far better than previous record in my oppinion and also some of the best artwork on a record of late.

Sure the record has it's low points just like any other hardcore album but with songs like Lies and K.B.D. they are easily overlooked. This record is anice example of how the NYHC sound can be done even in modern times and still stay relevant.
or buy it from:
Fed Up!
Welfare Records
United Riot
Pure Impact
Oi! aint dead!
Pure Impact

Fed Up! - Killed by dicks

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