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fredag 24 maj 2013

Lonewolf NYC - Demo (2012)

01. Smash the ARA
02. P.H.S.
03. 211 skinheads
04. Sounding the death knell

Thanks to Jay for sending it.

New York band playing rough and pure Oi! that seemed to come out of nowhere last year. I dubbed them the best new band of 2012 so the fact that i like them is clear.

This band shares members with the classic eastcoast band Criminal Intent and their 211 compatriots in Klasse Dirigente. Sound? Think Oxblood mixed with On Trial and Battle Zone.

Even if i think that Texas seems to be the new growing ground for rocking Oi! these days i just love the the NYC scene and their way of holding firm to the spirit that used to exist in the whole US scene back in the early 90's. It might be violent and it might be a bit to rightwinged for many but it also seems to be one of the few places (except for OC) that can hold it's ground towards the PC facism that is spreading throughout most venues (and countries) these days. These guys are probably viewed as nazis by most of the new Antifa skins but with such a long tradition of confucing and pissing people of (First Strike, early Templars, Oxblood etc etc etc) i dont think most true skins in NYC are bothered with the lies being spread about this band or their scene as a whole. And whats really fun is that the NYC scene is probably one of the most multicultural skinhead-scenes out there today.....

Best songs on the demo is the 211 ganganthem and the song "Smash the ARA" that works perfectly as an introduction to what can happen if you try to dictate to those who refuse to walk in line.

I think we need a proper release by these boys or maybe a split with their friends in Offensive Weapon that seem to be more active now than ever.

Smash The ARA (studio practice)

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