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fredag 3 maj 2013

How i spent my May 1st...

--I am currently without a broadband and it wont get fixed until next week so any mails will have to wait, i am not ignoring anyone--

As the sun was shining and spring was finally here a friend of mine called and we decided to enjoy this day and maybe even celebrate the Swedish working man everything that the unions have done for this nation’s prosperity. Upon arrival in the town square we noticed that the people that had gathered there were a little bit to red (and black) for our taste and instead we sat down to soak up the sun and enjoy a bit of coffee.
It didn’t take too long until a band of 20 kids in black masks started giving us the evil eye but without any political symbols on us I realized it was the boots, tight jeans, shaved head and maybe the Fred Perry slip over  that made them so angry. We laughed at them and simply went back to our day in the sun.
5 minutes past and suddenly the strong sun was blocked by a menacing shadow towering above us and as we looked up 10 cops in civilian clothing had surrounded us and the conversation went something like this:
Cop 1: What group do you belong to?
Me: Huh?
Cop 2: He said what group do you belong to?
Me: No group. What you on about?
Cop 1: You look the part and we are simply asking you for your own safety.
Me: Well I am old enough to take care of myself thank you very much and my safety while just sitting here is none of your concern.
Cop 3: Have we met before?
My friend: We’ll I don’t think so.
Cop 3: Move away from this place at once, just move 10 feet that way.
Me: We’ll I aint done nothing so I don’t see any reason why I should move. If these anarchists want to get violent then it’s your duty to stop them. I have no civil duty to stay away from them just because they don’t like the way I look.

The cops move away from us to discuss with their colleges. Both me and my friend simply laugh at the whole situation and keep enjoying the day even if we are a little bit alarmed by the mass of people now looking at us. The cops come back….
New cop (possibly the man in charge): Show us some ID.
Me: Why?
New cop: Because I tell you to and you can’t refuse.
Before I can show them my ID one of them grabs my arm and 3 of them separate me and my friend. Two cops start frisking me and another one walks away with my ID to check convictions. Me? I am just cluster fucked by the whole situation and start to get worried since people are taking pictures at the whole event (one of them from the local paper). After frisking me they pull me away some 20 feet to where my friend is being “interviewed”. There are now about 15 cops around us and about 100 anarchists laughing their face off when suddenly 2 cop-vans show up and even more fucking pigs enter. They calmly tell us that we are to be taken away and give us the old copper stare down with the same old smug look on their face as if I was the one flushing his head in the toilet when he went to school. I get placed in one van and my friend in the other as the local newspaper takes photos of these menacing Neo-Nazis making the streets unsafe for common folks.
In the van one of them tries to play the good cop and ask me where I’m from and whatnot. They also ask me irrelevant questions like what music I listen to as if my civil liberties being raped would be forgotten by a quick chat about vinyl. I answer nothing and simply stare out the window (something I would regret later on). My friend on the other hand might be a little more used to this treatment and play the “happy suspect” basically not being as stupid as I was. He gets dropped off at another part of town while my van just keeps going and going the more questions I don’t answer. Finally some 15 minutes later they make a u-turn in the middle of nowhere and open up the door telling me to get out.
Me: Where the fuck am I you can at least tell me that?
Cop not so friendly anymore: Ask some farmer.
They slam the door in my face and continue down the road. First thing I thought was some of the black block had followed the van and would do me in since I now was singled out as a fascist by the cops no matter where my allegiance might lay. Paranoid as fuck I meet a friendly oldtymer in the progress of cutting down some trees who laughs at my story and explains where I am and what direction to walk if I ever want to get to civilization again. I contact my friend and we wake a poor sod up to give us a ride but my destination can’t be entered into either Google or any GPS so I simply have to walk a couple of miles before the first proper road sign turns up.

Some hour later they find me sunburnt and with fucking hay in my crop looking like some poor berserker Viking that modern times forgot.  I get home and start to ponder if this really went down like it should. Is this really legal for a copper to do? And secondly what would the backlash for these coppers be if I was a black man being dropped off in the forest because a right winged demonstration targeted them as enemies of their faith? I know I won’t get a Sunday special about being unfairly treated and judged for the way I look. I think it’s about time Shane Meadows made another movie since the old darling stamp that came after the PC shitfeast we know as “This is England” is starting to wear of these days…

I also need to add that I have never been any member of any political party either left or right and my views are my views alone and besides from voting at elections my views have no impact on society whatsoever. I am friendly with people from all sorts of backgrounds and with diverse political views. I also refuse to stray into one pack these days (Anti fascists or Fascist sympathizers) as I might have done when I was younger and a little bit less broadminded and liberal in my views. This was a crime of being sub culturally awkward and a bit of a misfit on a Wednesday morning. Nothing more so fuck them all

6 kommentarer:

  1. Fucking cops, fucking anarchists. I know it's naïve, but I thought your copper's over there would be somehow better than that. Sounds like something you'd hear about happening over here in Dallas or Philly. Damn shame. And like Condemned said, "They don't realize we're the loyal ones..."

  2. That sucks!!!

  3. Sorry you had to deal with that bullshit

    Dennis Mc

  4. Sorry You had to deal with that bullshit!


    Brian Guy

  5. WOW, that's really fucked up. When Europe starts opening it's eyes and gets back to the traditions and roots of each individual country then madness like this can end. Unfortunately it may be too late.
    Image you a man of your countries soil treated worse than commie trash. What a shame.