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fredag 17 maj 2013

Va - Bernando says.. Keep it in the voting booth Vol.1 (2013)

01. Vanguard - Fencewalker (USA)
02. Cock sparrer - Watch your back (UK)
03. Broken heroes - Skinhead Not A Politician (USA)
04. The London Diehards - PC Mafia (UK)
05. The clichés - Another riot (Sweden)
06. Resistance 77 - True punk and oi (UK)
07. Section 5 - Fuck your politics (UK)
08. Clockwork crew - Two sides the same (Sweden)
09. Discharger - Slap Him In His Face (Netherlands)
10. Contemptuous - Fanatiker (Sweden)
11. Strongarm and the bullies - Realistic (USA)
12. Kalevalan Viikingit - I don't believe in anarchy (Finland)
13. Skinfull - This is oi! (UK)
14. Perkele - Leave us alone (Sweden)

This compilation is not in any way a compilation against any side right or left. Oi! in it's purest form IS political and the only way it can survive is if both sides of the coin can co-exist. With that said it is a compilation against political fractions trying to dictate whats right and wrong within the scene. They do this by boycotting shows organized by a promoter that might have been something at one point, they boycott distros that might sell a record by a group that might have a certain view that don't fit their world view. They have also started to brand certain bands that are non-political but refuse to conform to their ideals. Bullshit.

Oi! is nether red nore racist. It's the voice for those without one in the established society. Let's keep it that way. Stay political but keep the crusade for yourselfs (except for my crucade that is).

2 kommentarer:

  1. the right is with the capital always best regards

    1. As if me or anyone else care about spelling or capitol letters. If you're gonna be a cunt about stuff then atleast don't be anonymous.
      Best regards