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tisdag 28 maj 2013

The Wolverines - This city EP (2012)

01. This city
02. Red, white and blue (New Glory cover)
03. Witch hunt
04. RAF anthem

Selfreleased online for free in 2012.

Mentioned this band last year when they first started up. Just like their hairy 211 friends in Lonewolf NYC they focus most of their time bashing on the modern lefty skinhead groups on the east coast. A fight where they did not throw the first stone but with anthems like Witch Hunt they prove their ability to punch just as hard as any of the other bands. Looking forward for more of this band.

This EP is free of charge but anyone willing to pay for it are free to do so when they download it from their bandcamp page. Also i have heard that Dennis is in the progress of releasing it on United Riot Records later this year so i wont post a direct link on the site.

This is America (unreleased track)

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