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onsdag 29 maj 2013

Old Glory - Battle born 7'' (2013)

01. Battle born
02. Leave me be
03. Enough of you

Released by Stratum Records in 2013.

I often follow a 3 year rule which means i never upload a printed release until 3 years has passed from it's original release but this time around the label putting it out has given the a-ok to upload it for you folks to download. So first of all i want to give a huge thanks to Stratum Records for giving it away and the band for being cool with it.

If you download it and enjoy it then be sure to visit any of these stores to purchase it's physical copy:
Stratum Records
Contra Records

This band was completly new to me and should not be confuced with Old Glory from jersey (hence the Old Glory II tag). Luckily this suprise was one of the more pleasent ones of late much unlike the surprise one recieves when bringing the credit card to the pub and sitts down to pay the bills the day after.

Old Glory originates from Reno and their lineup consists of Mike Bolado on vocals, Aaron Rimbey and Louis Gezelin on guitars, Anthony Serrato on bass and Pierre Marche on drums.
Recieving it i must say i was a little bit prejudice about the band after checking their touring history and realising that they where not only good friends with Lars Frederiksen but also tour-buddies with some of my least favourite bands in America. And exactly like most prejudice it was swept away as soon as i got to know them a little bit more, got to know their sound that is. Their sound is a bit hard to describe since even though it leans on the more rhythmic rock'n'roll leg of punkrock it has that harder edge of bands like Bonecrusher. Imagine if Bonecrusher would meet up with The Barons and The loose skrews at a pub where Call to arms plays The Broadsiders covers and they all singalong together. Yeah it sounds fucking awesome.

Best song on the album? Without question the first song called Battle Born which mixes the bands rhytmic sound with their greatest strength, namely their singer Mike. Mike has those vocals that makes me wish i lived in America and was able to see them live on a daily basis, stuck in Sweden though i guess this will do so thanks to Stratum for releasing it and the deserts of Nevada for producing the lads.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Long time reader of your site and was wondering if you have plans to do a Bonecrusher induction. Thanks

    1. Will get to them in the future sometime. Great band in all their line-ups

    2. What about Forced Reality?

      Not a big discography, but a sweet band.

    3. Sometime, someday. Both YDL and FR are bands that i always forget to feature, don't know why.

  2. I am glad that you like Old Glory. I have seen them dozens of times and have always had a good time at their shows. They also have a CD EP on their Geordie Boy records that they run.

    1. Good band. Do they still sell that record?

    2. Yah, would be interested in hearing that CD. Assuming that it's not just the same songs from the above.

      Must admit that I do find it annoying when I buy an EP, only to find out that the label has given it away for free on the internet like 6 weeks later. But that's just me.

    3. I feel quite the opposite actually. As soon as one knows the right channels like Soulseek and wierd Russian sharepages ran by some old nazi with a Stalin complex every single release becomes sort of "free" in a way. SO if a band actually gives away their stuff out of good will and kindness to the listeners i tend to respect that even more and often buy their stuff to support people that seem to be good folks.