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onsdag 29 maj 2013

Old Glory - Battle born 7'' (2013)

01. Battle born
02. Leave me be
03. Enough of you

Released by Stratum Records in 2013.

I often follow a 3 year rule which means i never upload a printed release until 3 years has passed from it's original release but this time around the label putting it out has given the a-ok to upload it for you folks to download. So first of all i want to give a huge thanks to Stratum Records for giving it away and the band for being cool with it.

If you download it and enjoy it then be sure to visit any of these stores to purchase it's physical copy:
Stratum Records
Contra Records

This band was completly new to me and should not be confuced with Old Glory from jersey (hence the Old Glory II tag). Luckily this suprise was one of the more pleasent ones of late much unlike the surprise one recieves when bringing the credit card to the pub and sitts down to pay the bills the day after.

Old Glory originates from Reno and their lineup consists of Mike Bolado on vocals, Aaron Rimbey and Louis Gezelin on guitars, Anthony Serrato on bass and Pierre Marche on drums.
Recieving it i must say i was a little bit prejudice about the band after checking their touring history and realising that they where not only good friends with Lars Frederiksen but also tour-buddies with some of my least favourite bands in America. And exactly like most prejudice it was swept away as soon as i got to know them a little bit more, got to know their sound that is. Their sound is a bit hard to describe since even though it leans on the more rhythmic rock'n'roll leg of punkrock it has that harder edge of bands like Bonecrusher. Imagine if Bonecrusher would meet up with The Barons and The loose skrews at a pub where Call to arms plays The Broadsiders covers and they all singalong together. Yeah it sounds fucking awesome.

Best song on the album? Without question the first song called Battle Born which mixes the bands rhytmic sound with their greatest strength, namely their singer Mike. Mike has those vocals that makes me wish i lived in America and was able to see them live on a daily basis, stuck in Sweden though i guess this will do so thanks to Stratum for releasing it and the deserts of Nevada for producing the lads.

tisdag 28 maj 2013

The Wolverines - This city EP (2012)

01. This city
02. Red, white and blue (New Glory cover)
03. Witch hunt
04. RAF anthem

Selfreleased online for free in 2012.

Mentioned this band last year when they first started up. Just like their hairy 211 friends in Lonewolf NYC they focus most of their time bashing on the modern lefty skinhead groups on the east coast. A fight where they did not throw the first stone but with anthems like Witch Hunt they prove their ability to punch just as hard as any of the other bands. Looking forward for more of this band.

This EP is free of charge but anyone willing to pay for it are free to do so when they download it from their bandcamp page. Also i have heard that Dennis is in the progress of releasing it on United Riot Records later this year so i wont post a direct link on the site.

This is America (unreleased track)

fredag 24 maj 2013

Lonewolf NYC - Demo (2012)

01. Smash the ARA
02. P.H.S.
03. 211 skinheads
04. Sounding the death knell

Thanks to Jay for sending it.

New York band playing rough and pure Oi! that seemed to come out of nowhere last year. I dubbed them the best new band of 2012 so the fact that i like them is clear.

This band shares members with the classic eastcoast band Criminal Intent and their 211 compatriots in Klasse Dirigente. Sound? Think Oxblood mixed with On Trial and Battle Zone.

Even if i think that Texas seems to be the new growing ground for rocking Oi! these days i just love the the NYC scene and their way of holding firm to the spirit that used to exist in the whole US scene back in the early 90's. It might be violent and it might be a bit to rightwinged for many but it also seems to be one of the few places (except for OC) that can hold it's ground towards the PC facism that is spreading throughout most venues (and countries) these days. These guys are probably viewed as nazis by most of the new Antifa skins but with such a long tradition of confucing and pissing people of (First Strike, early Templars, Oxblood etc etc etc) i dont think most true skins in NYC are bothered with the lies being spread about this band or their scene as a whole. And whats really fun is that the NYC scene is probably one of the most multicultural skinhead-scenes out there today.....

Best songs on the demo is the 211 ganganthem and the song "Smash the ARA" that works perfectly as an introduction to what can happen if you try to dictate to those who refuse to walk in line.

I think we need a proper release by these boys or maybe a split with their friends in Offensive Weapon that seem to be more active now than ever.

Smash The ARA (studio practice)

onsdag 22 maj 2013

Setting sons: New punkband from Sacramento

Nate from bands like Whiskey Rebels and Pressure Point has just started a new outfit more in the veins of streetpunk and mod-rock than Oi!. Good sound though. They are in the works of recording an album so check out their homepage or listen to some of their song at reverb.

fredag 17 maj 2013

Va - Bernando says.. Keep it in the voting booth Vol.1 (2013)

01. Vanguard - Fencewalker (USA)
02. Cock sparrer - Watch your back (UK)
03. Broken heroes - Skinhead Not A Politician (USA)
04. The London Diehards - PC Mafia (UK)
05. The clichés - Another riot (Sweden)
06. Resistance 77 - True punk and oi (UK)
07. Section 5 - Fuck your politics (UK)
08. Clockwork crew - Two sides the same (Sweden)
09. Discharger - Slap Him In His Face (Netherlands)
10. Contemptuous - Fanatiker (Sweden)
11. Strongarm and the bullies - Realistic (USA)
12. Kalevalan Viikingit - I don't believe in anarchy (Finland)
13. Skinfull - This is oi! (UK)
14. Perkele - Leave us alone (Sweden)

This compilation is not in any way a compilation against any side right or left. Oi! in it's purest form IS political and the only way it can survive is if both sides of the coin can co-exist. With that said it is a compilation against political fractions trying to dictate whats right and wrong within the scene. They do this by boycotting shows organized by a promoter that might have been something at one point, they boycott distros that might sell a record by a group that might have a certain view that don't fit their world view. They have also started to brand certain bands that are non-political but refuse to conform to their ideals. Bullshit.

Oi! is nether red nore racist. It's the voice for those without one in the established society. Let's keep it that way. Stay political but keep the crusade for yourselfs (except for my crucade that is).

Fed Up! - Sheer Poetry LP (2010)

01. Fuck your life
02. N.Y.C.
03. Hipster fuck
04. P.M.S.
05. Band of brothers
06. K.B.D.
07. Fuck the MTA
08. Young and naive
09. Friend
10. Wingman
11. Lies
12. Agitated

Released by Welfare Records in 2010.

Far better than previous record in my oppinion and also some of the best artwork on a record of late.

Sure the record has it's low points just like any other hardcore album but with songs like Lies and K.B.D. they are easily overlooked. This record is anice example of how the NYHC sound can be done even in modern times and still stay relevant.
or buy it from:
Fed Up!
Welfare Records
United Riot
Pure Impact
Oi! aint dead!
Pure Impact

Fed Up! - Killed by dicks

onsdag 15 maj 2013

New band: The Damn Garrison

Brand new band out of Dover/New Hampshire playing Oi! with a distinct US sound. Really like what i hear and since there (at the time) only song is completely un-mastered i can't wait to hear how they will sound after a proper visit to the studio. Hope to see a record or demo some time soon. Check them out at:

lördag 11 maj 2013

Fed Up! - Fuck your life! LP (2008)

01. Sick fucks
02. O.S.P.
03. Steel reserve
04. Hostile attitude
05. Nowhere to run
06. Gonna get yours
07. Butt man
08. Last straw
09. Return
10. Aimless youth
11. Bacardi n blunts
12. Back the fuck up
13. Chupa chocha
14. Elimination
15. Tattoos
16. Fed up!

Released by United Riot Records in 2008.

This record was a let-down in many ways as i got it. First of all it's in my oppinnion the weakest release by the band but the record itself is a let-down. As i pull out my wallet and pay full price for an LP i expect to recieve it with inserts and all. My record simply had the cover and the vinyl inside and as i thought ive been ripped of by the seller i checked it up and only a limited number of records came with an insert. I respect United Riot but thats just a shitty thing to do especially since most lyrics are impossibly to hear over the whole "Roger Mirret NYHC way of singing.

Onwards to the music where the main problem lies. Sure this is childish (songs about eatign pussy etc) and a toughguy attitude is constantly pressent and as annoying as always but these are not the issues i have. The album is simply to "crusty" for me with most of the songs ending after 30 seconds of noise (Bacardi n blunts). I can't see the charm and never understood why bands make these songs. Even some of the longer songs rubb me the wrong way and songs like Steel Reserves starts out good but nothing ever happends to the song and it never quite picks up the speed it should after the chorus.

This album might stand in the shadow of their later and excellent Sheer Poetry record and it might also display all the things i can't stand with HC music but even so it has it's light spots. I'm thinking about the songs Elimination and Back the fuck up. Two good reasons to give the record a chance.

Elimination (official video)

onsdag 8 maj 2013

Fed Up! - Lashing out 7'' (2007)

01. Lashing out
02. Hamburger deluxe
03. Bitch slap

Released by United Riot Records in 2007.

A fast and hard little ep without becomming to "crusty" like their full-length from 2008. Best song is the charming Hamburger deluxe about modern injustices like getting  the wrong food at a restaurant. Can't deny the charm with lyrics like "Man this food really sucks, I ordered a Hamburger Deluxe/To get rid of me real fast, you didn't give me what i asked" haha.

måndag 6 maj 2013

Finally online again.

Without any internet for a week but finally online again. Will continue my Fed Up! posting later this week but intill then....

These scenes happened about 15 minutes after i was taken away last week. Bombs went of and cars where set ablace with molotovs as the black wankers scrapped of with the brown wankers. Maybe next time they will focus their manpower where it's needed, just a thought..

fredag 3 maj 2013

How i spent my May 1st...

--I am currently without a broadband and it wont get fixed until next week so any mails will have to wait, i am not ignoring anyone--

As the sun was shining and spring was finally here a friend of mine called and we decided to enjoy this day and maybe even celebrate the Swedish working man everything that the unions have done for this nation’s prosperity. Upon arrival in the town square we noticed that the people that had gathered there were a little bit to red (and black) for our taste and instead we sat down to soak up the sun and enjoy a bit of coffee.
It didn’t take too long until a band of 20 kids in black masks started giving us the evil eye but without any political symbols on us I realized it was the boots, tight jeans, shaved head and maybe the Fred Perry slip over  that made them so angry. We laughed at them and simply went back to our day in the sun.
5 minutes past and suddenly the strong sun was blocked by a menacing shadow towering above us and as we looked up 10 cops in civilian clothing had surrounded us and the conversation went something like this:
Cop 1: What group do you belong to?
Me: Huh?
Cop 2: He said what group do you belong to?
Me: No group. What you on about?
Cop 1: You look the part and we are simply asking you for your own safety.
Me: Well I am old enough to take care of myself thank you very much and my safety while just sitting here is none of your concern.
Cop 3: Have we met before?
My friend: We’ll I don’t think so.
Cop 3: Move away from this place at once, just move 10 feet that way.
Me: We’ll I aint done nothing so I don’t see any reason why I should move. If these anarchists want to get violent then it’s your duty to stop them. I have no civil duty to stay away from them just because they don’t like the way I look.

The cops move away from us to discuss with their colleges. Both me and my friend simply laugh at the whole situation and keep enjoying the day even if we are a little bit alarmed by the mass of people now looking at us. The cops come back….
New cop (possibly the man in charge): Show us some ID.
Me: Why?
New cop: Because I tell you to and you can’t refuse.
Before I can show them my ID one of them grabs my arm and 3 of them separate me and my friend. Two cops start frisking me and another one walks away with my ID to check convictions. Me? I am just cluster fucked by the whole situation and start to get worried since people are taking pictures at the whole event (one of them from the local paper). After frisking me they pull me away some 20 feet to where my friend is being “interviewed”. There are now about 15 cops around us and about 100 anarchists laughing their face off when suddenly 2 cop-vans show up and even more fucking pigs enter. They calmly tell us that we are to be taken away and give us the old copper stare down with the same old smug look on their face as if I was the one flushing his head in the toilet when he went to school. I get placed in one van and my friend in the other as the local newspaper takes photos of these menacing Neo-Nazis making the streets unsafe for common folks.
In the van one of them tries to play the good cop and ask me where I’m from and whatnot. They also ask me irrelevant questions like what music I listen to as if my civil liberties being raped would be forgotten by a quick chat about vinyl. I answer nothing and simply stare out the window (something I would regret later on). My friend on the other hand might be a little more used to this treatment and play the “happy suspect” basically not being as stupid as I was. He gets dropped off at another part of town while my van just keeps going and going the more questions I don’t answer. Finally some 15 minutes later they make a u-turn in the middle of nowhere and open up the door telling me to get out.
Me: Where the fuck am I you can at least tell me that?
Cop not so friendly anymore: Ask some farmer.
They slam the door in my face and continue down the road. First thing I thought was some of the black block had followed the van and would do me in since I now was singled out as a fascist by the cops no matter where my allegiance might lay. Paranoid as fuck I meet a friendly oldtymer in the progress of cutting down some trees who laughs at my story and explains where I am and what direction to walk if I ever want to get to civilization again. I contact my friend and we wake a poor sod up to give us a ride but my destination can’t be entered into either Google or any GPS so I simply have to walk a couple of miles before the first proper road sign turns up.

Some hour later they find me sunburnt and with fucking hay in my crop looking like some poor berserker Viking that modern times forgot.  I get home and start to ponder if this really went down like it should. Is this really legal for a copper to do? And secondly what would the backlash for these coppers be if I was a black man being dropped off in the forest because a right winged demonstration targeted them as enemies of their faith? I know I won’t get a Sunday special about being unfairly treated and judged for the way I look. I think it’s about time Shane Meadows made another movie since the old darling stamp that came after the PC shitfeast we know as “This is England” is starting to wear of these days…

I also need to add that I have never been any member of any political party either left or right and my views are my views alone and besides from voting at elections my views have no impact on society whatsoever. I am friendly with people from all sorts of backgrounds and with diverse political views. I also refuse to stray into one pack these days (Anti fascists or Fascist sympathizers) as I might have done when I was younger and a little bit less broadminded and liberal in my views. This was a crime of being sub culturally awkward and a bit of a misfit on a Wednesday morning. Nothing more so fuck them all