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torsdag 31 januari 2013

Templars & The new chords - Split Double 7'' (2010)

01. Templars - Down to the wire
02. Templars - Old days
03. Templars - Blood, sweat & tears
04. The new chords - Back home
05. The new chords - The templars (Templars cover)
06. The new chords - Antisocial today

Released by Randale Records in 2010.

A well nice packaging well worth any collectors hardearned dollars. Thick and nice cover split in the middle with 2 EP's (one for each band) that looks damn nice in the crate or on the bookshelf its just to bad the actuall musical content is a bit lacking.

Templars being one of my favourite US bands and The Veros (same members as The new chords) being one of my favourite French bands (atleast their demo's) i was a bit let down by the result of the split. These songs are way better than most other stuff released in 2010 but not at all as good as what the bands deliver otherwise. Templars do two good songs and it's nice to hear Down the wire which contains some of the Templars old sound but it still lacks something that made the old songs shine.
The new chords make a halfass contribute with the exception of their song Back home that i consider the best song on the split, to bad my crappy rip of the record dont really do it the honor it deserves.
A must have for collectors like me but nothing more than an ok EP for the rest.
Can still be bought at:
Pure Impact
Dim Records
Noise of Sweden
Contra Records
Rebellion Records
Durty Mick
Punkrock CD's

onsdag 30 januari 2013

Hammer and the nails - Maxi EP 12'' (2010)

01. Ten fingers
02. Set to ruin
03. Icepicks
04. Faux
05. Sleeping giant

Released by Rock'n'Roll Disgrace in 2010.

After the big subcultural hype after the bands earlier demo i was surprised to see that they where releasing an EP instead of a full-length. Even though i wanted more i was hapy to see that they only re-used one of the tracks from the demo and even more happy finding out that it all held the same high quality.

The opening track called "Ten fingers" is in my oppinion also the weakest on the album and it doesnt really pick up untill the fantastic "Set to ruin" tightly followed by the best song called "Icepicks". Both mentioned songs have that mod-rock with handclaps and all that many US bands have been getting into lately. Though H&N do it with more attitude than most of their counterparts mostly thanks to Brians quite brutal voice.
Most intresting song is the last one out entitled "Sleeping giant" that moves away from the played out lyrics from other bands bashing "fascists" and proclaims that the real enemy against civil liberties is amongst us in the form of our apointed leaders. It's all done in a very non-conspiratory way and it's nice to see that atleast one band has understood that "commies and nazis" are far from the big problem in the world.
For fans of Clichés, Templars and Sydney Duck.
Can still be bought at:
Rock'n'roll disgrace

Six Feet Under

tisdag 29 januari 2013

FBS - Live grenade 7'' (2009)

01. Live grenade
02. In your blood
03. Standoff

Released by Yumi Records in 2009.

Going from ok Rancidpunk to Oi! inspired streetpunk to halfassed streetpunk to Motorhead inspired HC-Punk. Seems the only thing remaining through the years are the annoying christian messages poisoning up the wax. The first song is alright and sounds like the better songs on their 2007 CD but the rest are crappy to say the least (including the biblical poetry-reading in the last song). The 7'' also included a "hidden" Ace of spades cover but i simply cant muster the strength to search for it and to be honest i don't think anyone will miss it.
I am finally done with this band moving on to bigger and better things

måndag 28 januari 2013

FBS - Fight before surrender CD (2007)

01. Fight before surrender
02. You can't hide
03. Faster than before
04. Out of control
05. Last man standing
06. Brainwashed
07. Nothing's changed
08. Never saw it comming
09. Broken dreams, broken bones
10. Guilty as charged
11. Hope for the rejected

Released by Wounded Records in 2007.

So to pick up where i ended in December the rest of the FBS discography will unfold. Not something i am that psyched about since it all went downhill after their 2005 CD. A band that i had many issues with but that still charmed me with musical qualities are not that intresting when their musical qualities go away. Sure they can still throw in some awesome bassplay on songs like Last man standing but the overall result is just generic streetpunk with little to offer an Oi!head like me. If your doing the dishes this might be ok background music but when there are bands like Templars, Arresting officers and Almighty Lumberjacks Of Death out there i cant see no reason for me ever going back to visit this record ever again.

onsdag 23 januari 2013

New band: Victory

New band from St Paul in Minnesota playing a "soft" and authentic US Oi!. Some known faces for those who know (Pist & Broke) and one hell of an opening track called "Laced Up". be on the lookout for their debut EP out on Oi! the Boat later his year. For more info go to Oi! the boat.
Cheers Jesse.

fredag 18 januari 2013

More Rapidshare issues (and the solution to them)

As many might have noticed Rapidshare cowarded out and made all their paying customers files private to that said user. This resulted in me getting readers complaining about not being able to donwload anything from my sites because as the links told them the files where "private".
On with the good news since i think i have fixed these issues and it was actually quite easy. Please tell me if my uploads are still marked as private in the links.

To other uploaders all you really need to do is (1) create a new folder in your filemanager, (2) putt all files you want to share in this new folder, (3) right click and choose properties, (4) click the little square called "public acces" and then after that choose this setting to work for all your subfolders. Whats really wierd is that no info is given on how to do this or even that they made our files private but hopefully this will solve it.

onsdag 16 januari 2013

New band: Brickwall vultures

Brand spanking new band out of Chicago. They got a show with Cockney Rejects comming up in Febuary and has some songs up on their bandcamp. Check them out.

söndag 13 januari 2013

Concrete - Demo CD (2013)

01. Something out of nothing
02. Lionheart
03. Gallows

Thanks to the band for sending me this.

From Austin in Texas comes this brand new Oi!/HC/Punk hybrid with Manny on vocals (from Night Seige), Kevin on lead guitar (from Night Siege and Hot Rails to Hell), Cody on rhythm guitar (from Bitter Grin), JJ on bass (from One Against Many) and Ram on drums (used to play in Prions). Even though they come from a musical background that i don't normally get into they have manifactured a new sound with Concrete that i find quite enjoyable. It's a hard sound to put the finger on and i can't quite say what "subcultural sub-genre" they belong to but on the songe Gallows a mixture of Stress Cracks and Urban Riot (on their harder tracks like Divided we stand etc) pop into my head. Other listeners will have other bands as references but those are what came to mind on a tired Saturday evening like this. What means anything is that both Gallows and Something out of nothing are both songs with high value both musicaly and quality.
The band will be releasing a 5-track LP through Nation on fire Records later this year and they have also booked shows in Texas with Forced Reality (1/19), Oxblood/Beltones (2/16) and Noi!se (4/26).
A band to keep your eyes on for sure.
Or purchase the actual physical copy here

fredag 11 januari 2013

45 adapters - Don't trust anyone who doesn't dance 7'' (2010)

02. Throw it out
03. Brand new good old days
04. This Xmas

Released by Longshot Records in 2010.

Just like Templars modern sound this is probably more in the veins of mod-rock than anything else but even so 45 Adapters still stay firm to some of their old roots with backup choruses and blazing instrumental parts and to me songs like Good old days are nothing but evolved Oi! for a broadminded crowd. With that said the opening track on this record and their earlier hit called Overtime was the only songs on my wedding last year that came from my punkcrate AND made the people at the party dance, something that few other Oi! bands can do.
Crowdmovers for the mature masses.... hell even my father in law who is an old farmer danced to DTAWDD and that speaks volumes for itself.

torsdag 10 januari 2013

New release: Offensive weapon & Legitime violence

One of my favourite US bands makes a split with one of my favourite Canadian bands on one of my favourite labels. It is a split 7'' with 100 copies in US colours and 100 copies in Quebec colors of white/blue.
Order it at United riot records.

onsdag 9 januari 2013

Southpaw manners - Demo CD (2006)

01. Streetbound
02. Lyonsheart
03. No shame, no disgrace
04. Let's go

Thanks to Jay R for sending me this one.

St. Louis band with members that would later go on to play with Bridgeburners. The band never had a proper release but where featured on some notorious compilations and therefore made many outside of the US wonder who the hell they where. I uploaded some liveshow and a short interview from that show earlier last year so be sure to check that out to (just click on Southpaw manners).

Thís is softer Oi! with more melody than attitude and as lazy as their singer might sound i actually like his voice and the way he delivers the lyrics. This is basicly laid back punk for the skinhead masses not great nore awefull.

tisdag 8 januari 2013

New re-uploads

With the issues on Rapidshare these are all i had the patience of uploading right now. Waiting for a mail from their staff trying to sort out any issues ruight now so maybe some new later this week.
Will do tons of updates this week and the comming one starting tomorrow where i will post a demo from new band Concrete, old demo from Southpaw manners, some 2010 releases and then continue my F.B.S. discography. Until then:

The dead end boys - Boys in the city 7'' (2004)
Brute force - Demo's
VA - American headaches vol.2 (1994)
The only spirit, is...Unity! (1993)
Anti-heros - Thats right! (1987)

måndag 7 januari 2013

Rapidshare issues.

So after their latest "update" rapidshare isnt really working like it should. Some uploads get removed without the rapidshare crew or me OK'ing the removal and some files cant simply be uploaded (i have tried to re-upload The only spirit is unity 5 times now but keep on getting an error message) and nobody seems to know what the issues are.
I was going to upload some requests this morning but after being able to succesfully upload one album out of 7 in the last hour at a site where i pay money every month for that service i am quite annoyed.
Sometimes i question this sites existence over my mental wellbeing.

torsdag 3 januari 2013

Basement Boys - Demo II: The dominator (2012)

01. Tonight's the night to fight
02. The agenda
03. Quest for tit

Thanks to the band for sending this one in.

The Cleveland boys are back after their demo in 2009 and numerous other projects (mostly hardcore) and as much as i like this band it's not as great as it was the first time around. The band seem to have gone from a rock hybrid of Oi! into more of a fastpaced punk/HC mix. This doesnt make them abad in any way and i know most readers will enjoy the song Quest for tits as much as i did.

When a band without "skinheads" go from a cliché Oi! dedication to making punk where they throw in a couple of "Oi!'s" as more of a joke at the end of the songs i start to get worried. Are they mocking me or do i simply take stuff to seriously? Never before has listening to punk reminded me about smoking my first cigarette with the 3 years older kids at school back in the days, so simply enjoy this short but sweet thing but be aware that maybe, just maybe these boys are making fun of you while your doing it.

Something as rare as a physical demo in cassetteform can be bought for a cheap buck from alexwkellar@gmail.com

tisdag 1 januari 2013

Werewolves of the night and where to get it.

Unlike most other releases this LP is going under the radar with basicly no-one reporting on it's actual existance so why not start the 2013 off by promoting something good for a change. Released by WAR Records and hopefully if it sells enough we just might see a new First Strike album (it's about time).

The stores that have them are:
Hostile Class (no webbstore email only)

Dim Records
Skinhead Beat (no webbstore email only)

4U Vinyl versand
Rebel Records
Bandworm Records

Czech Republic :

Pure Impact

Ravens Call (no webbstore email only)

Pour La Gloire (still not added but will be)

Bords De Seine (still not added)
Une Vie Pour Rien (email only)

Southerner (no idea)