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onsdag 20 februari 2013

V/A - Rock Against Pedophiles Vol.2 (2013)

Upload dedicated to incarcerated heroes like Patrick Drum who are now looked away for protecting those who are unable to protect themselfs. Tracklist as shown in above photo.

Offensive weapon - New glory/Smash the reds

Doing covers of No remorse and Youth Defence League. From a show last December.

Oxblood - Only the strong (Music Video)

A video that was supposed to be released around their EP in 2010 but due to the unfortunate death of Kevin it got prosponed.

tisdag 19 februari 2013

Ironclad - Ypsilanti Oi! DemoCD

01. Come back swinging
02. Our town
03. Everyone hates me
04. The kids aren't dead

Part of a package i got from Underground Radiohost (91.7 WMSE) and Millwakue showpromotor Jesse H. Many thanks for all of those rare gems even though most of the records had beerstains on them and needed cleaning..

The band Ironclad hails from Michigan and from what i understand they have been around since sometime around 2009. The band consists of Bradley Bovver on vocals, Duane Brink on bass, Gabe Heiss on guitar and Andy Mattern on drums. The band has released this demo and a couple of other songs (that i am unable to get ahold of) and done shows with The Business, Bad Assets and CL1.

The band has got a strange little sound going on and that comes of clear on this demo all from the skinhead anthem Our Town to the ska-influenced rocksong Everyone hates me and on to the finnishing anti-mainstream song The kids aren't dead that i guess i would call experimental rock or whatever it might be.
All in all it's a nice little demo with a nice variety in sounds and a singer that rapes most of the established Oi!-vocalists. The song Our Town has been on heavy rotation this week and will probably stay on for the comming weeks.

fredag 15 februari 2013

Harrington Saints - Machine guns and molotovs 7'' (2010)

01. Machine guns and molotovs
02. Bullet proof
03. No justice

Released by Longshot Music in 2010.

Thye most over-rated American Oi!-band yet again releases a canducoated streetpunk release filled with garbage lyrics and garbage choruses made for the kids in two tone checkered wristbands and 4 inches thick braces. One might question Longshot's thoughts as they simply spew out releases by this band and Old Firm Casuals right next to proper good bands like Noi!se. But since no band releasing EP's through Longshot actually gets payed by Longshot for the music i guess beggars cant be choosers.

First song out is actually quite good in it's radio-punk ways and the chorus works as it should but after a couple of listens i start to ask the same questions as i ask most revolutionary band, namely what's their solution to the thing they are fighting? Judging from the lyrics Harrington Saints have just purchased automatic firearms and have started a revolution from their state (Machine guns and molotovs), the police also owns automatic weapons and are trying to kill Harrington Saints for their views but even though the police can kill Harrington Saints they can't kill their beliefs (Bullet Proof). Exactly what are these strong beliefs that forces the band to go underground and join militias in guerilla warfare? If anyone has an answer to this i would love to hear it since it might make me enjoy this mediocre album a little bit more. Am i biassed? Yes, but simple because this shitty band gets to squirt these records out left and right while proper good bands have to beg a guy in Germany to release 100 copies that later get ignored by the majority of "fans" because their appretiation of the music ends at what newsletter gets sent to their email. I think i need to calm the fuck down now and crack my first weekend-beer....

måndag 11 februari 2013

The 108ers - You aint Gary EP (2011)

01. Gary sez goodbye
02. You aint Gary
03. Gary's do it better
04. Songs of the fallen

Selfreleased by the band in 2011 as a free online EP

Out of all the wierd Oi! and punkbands out there this has to be the wierdest one. Forget all about the Arian gaypride of Pink Panzer and the inside jokes of bands such as Jewdriver. Here we have The 108ers that have built an entire band all the way from artcover, bandname, lyrics and image on a character from a hidden sidemission in a fucking videogame.

To display my nerdiness i will explain it for the rest of you. Fallout 3 is a game that spans for about 60 hours and takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Hidden in this games world is a bombshelter that one might stumble upon by misstake called "Vault 108". If one choose to go into this place they will be meet by the horrific fact that it was a cloningfacility before the war and the clones rebelled against their creator and took over. They all call themselfs Gary and are extremly vicious against anyone that might enter and these characters who have a roughly 0.0001% part of the games story is what this band choose to base their entire band around haha..... (a video of the gary's)

The wierdness in the band is also displayed in the bands songs that all are about the Gary's in said videogame with lyrics like "Look out I got a lead pipe, look out for Gary number 25" and i know what you are all thinking.. this can't be good right? Well as much of a surprise as it might be this band actually sounds quite decent even with the whole "jokeband" thing aside. Their song You ain't Gary as repetative as it might be is actually a super little singalong Oi! song. And as a big suprise they end their EP with the song Songs of the fallen that is a tribute to soldiers fallen in foreign wars. With this last song they truly show that they can actually make great songs without the otherwise quite childish lyrics.

As most other jokebands the members identities are unknown but if anyone might know anything about them please leave a comment or send an email. This riddle needs to be solved.

torsdag 7 februari 2013

Major disappointment - United Nations fuck off MP3-Single (2013)

01. United Nations fuck off

Selfreleased in 2013.

Thanks to the band for sending it in.

Just like their EP last year this one is recorded and put online without any expectations of profit from the band. Much respect and many thanks for catering to the scene instead of leeching from it.

Only one song but one hell of a song it is young padawan. The sound is more like their debut CD which i enjoyed more than last years recordings. Just like their first record the song has a fast and blazing Squiggy-ish sound to it leaving few pauses for guitarmasturbation and boring sections. Short but sweet.

Under the cloak of anonymous

10:42AM 02/07/2013 Ett DMCA-klagomål rörande ditt innehåll har mottagits.
Translated:10:42AM 02/07/2013 A DMCA-complain has been filed against this sites content

It's an anonymous complaint meaning that no actions will be taken against it (they basicly only care when companies file them). It also means that a person wanted to stay anonymous when filing it..... and i think i know who you are......

onsdag 6 februari 2013

Better dead than red - S/T CD (2010)

01. The battle rages on
02. I told you so
03. Who we are
04. The new authority
05. When worlds collide
06. Generic pub song
07. Street soldiers
08. Time is catching up with me
09. Ultra terror
10. Battle call
11. Punk rock fantasy
12. Violence in our minds (Last resort cover)
13. Commie killer
14. Traitor
15. On the frontline for America
16. Written world
17. Columbine
18. Just can't last one more day
19. Mr down on your luck
20. Tomorrow is always to late (Skrewdriver cover)

Released by Defiant Recordings in 2010.

Empire falls RAC sideproject came back in 2010 but something had just turned ugly over the years. Their in your face flagwaving and politically charged lyrics about the constitution and libety over all has here been traded in for anti-Obama songs and racialist propaganda. Being a racialist and anti-Obama is every mans right but i cant get over how childish it's portraited in these songs (and the sleeve). When the "dead Ernesto" cover is tightly followed by a picture of Obama with a hammer and sickle on his forehead i somewhat loose all hope of getting a decent album before i have even put the record in my player....

Checking through the albumtracks i get another dissapointment since this brand new album consist of 50% re-recorded songs from old albums.
Well atleast we get some good old classics i tell myself and put on one of my favourite songs "Cant last one more day" and realise that its simply the old Empire falls classic pitched down to a speed that somewhat reminds me about what hipedihopers would call Screwed (for those who dont know what it is). Maybe Brian and the boys are onto something revolutionary here but to me it sounds like utter garbage.

Superb old songs like "Who we are", on the frontlines for America" and the fantastic "Commie killer" cant simply pull the weight that the rest of the garbage bring with them.
(The band clearly states in the booklet that illegal downloading is communist so download on your own risk haha)