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fredag 22 oktober 2010

ATF - A plague in our land (2007)

01. A plague in our land
02. The almighty media
03. The syndicate
04. We don't belong
05. The streets turn red
06. Anti-U
07. Suffer the children
08. Out for a drink
09. The hidden hand
10. All seing

Selfreleased by the band as a demo in 2007.

Holy shit i have been wanting this since i first heard it existed. Its been on my wishlist since i first started the site and finally i got it. After the great split they did with Vanguard the band recorded this and American Defence Records was about to release some of the songs as a split with Total Annihilation but since the band broke up (or basicily emerged with Vanguard) it was only availible as a giveaway by the bandmembers themselfs. Since Bernando is more known for walking about in the Swedish forests then hanging around at streetcorners in North Carolina searching for members of underground punkbands it wasnt so easy to get ahold of. But thanks to my wishlist and Travis from American Defence Records i now got it.
It contains 4 songs from their split and one of the tracks that was on the Skinheads armed with the truth Vol.2 but other then that the rest has never been released on anything except this.

The theme of the record is quite clear from the first track. Luke and ATF depicts a horrifying picture of America today. An America where freedoms are being taken away and liberty is abused by the moneymakers in charge. Two political parties that both serve the same companys and the same corrupt world order. This subject is often talked about by many punkbands but what ATF is doing is tells the story of a plague in the land and leaves it at that. Unlike bands like Pressure point and others that complain and complain but never really has any solution to the problems American Terror Force basicly states that the problem is there. It's all very humble in a way i like and the fact that it is made through some of the rawest and best Oi! tracks to come out from US in the 00's doesnt make it any worse.

Every single track on the record is a solid song in my ears but since i like picking favourites it has to be Suffer the children from their "old" songs. From their "new" songs it has to be Out for a drink that reminds me about some mix between Templars and Bovver wonderland.
This record is as good as they get so be sure to download it.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I love ATF! When I lived in NC for 5 years it was the best band from my opinion, and great friends.

  2. Hey guys, this is Chuck, bassist and co-lyricist with ATF. I'm glad you were able to get a copy of this cd. The cover didn't come out quite as good as we'd hoped. I'd chosen the Nicolas Poussin painting, 'The Plague at Ashod'. The cover quality aside, I personally feel that this cd was the best thing we'd put out. Luke still has the masters of all of our stuff, so who knows what may show up in the future. As to the question of US bands releasing in Europe over US labels; I think it's a variety of things. Finding a label that isn't too big, one that hasn't appeared to have lost it's way in the scene, but still has the ability to distribute. Also finding a label that's not too small, one being run out a bedroom through a PO Box as well. Travis at ADR did us right. He had bands on the label that were similar to us, bands that were on the rise in the US and international Oi scene. We got a step up with the split, and Vanguard was later able to release on DIMM. With the US having such strict copyright laws, and Oi and punk bands have and do sue under those, I think releasing in Europe opens a band up to other possibilities. That's not to say European countries don't have a stranglehold on speech concerning music.

  3. hi thanks for putting this back up