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lördag 30 oktober 2010

Immoral disciplin - Selftitled 7'' (1989)

01. Your life is a lie
02. Big mouth
03. Bad man (Cockney Rejects cover)

Released by Smash! Recors in 1989.

Their last release together and my least favourite record by the band.

The record has one good track though (Big mouth) since i am always a sucker for handclaps in Oi! songs. Sure the song Bad man is ok and it would have been a great song if it wasnt for the fact that its a cover and the original band did it 10 times better. I understand people's need to show respect to bands that has influenced them but why even make a punkcover on a punksong if you ant going all in and make it even better then the original.

Keep your eyes on my site for news on their discography album that will be released soon.
This ep is still availible to buy from Dischord Records for 4$.

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