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fredag 15 oktober 2010

Special forces - Selftitled (1987)

01. Death on holiday
02. Cockrocker
03. In South Africa
04. Special forces
05. Make the leaders fight
06. Generic trash
07. Mulemeat blues
08. You can't kill cockroaches
09. Talking shit
10. Berkeley hardcore
11. Blitzkrieg bop (Ramones cover)

Released by New wave records in 1987.

I found this record just around the corner from where i live. In the garagebasement on a backyard in my hometown the infamous "Klasse" has opened up his new record dungeon called Skivklubben for real musicfans. Since it has never been reissued and it was in mint condition i was as always a happy customer walking out from this guys place (anyone from Sweden has to visit it if traveling through the thick forests of the midlands).
Anyway since this record has never been ripped by anyone before (it might have but it has never been shared on any site or forum as far as i know) i emptied my pockets and bought myself a brand new and better needle so the sound compared my other vnyl ripps is greatly improved on this one.

On to the record....
With a new drummer, bass player and a somewhat different sound this release was never as populair as the one from 1984 but i actually like it more since it lacks some of the crusty parts their first record had. Side A is the best and it has a more punk sound with great tracks like Make the leaders fight and the at time politically charged track In South Africa. After this the band looses me completly with their 24 seconds short track called Generic trash that reminds me about the "we play wierds songs that somewhat sounds like Analcunt therefore we are special" crap my friends used to try and forcefeed me at local gigs sponsored by the AFA back in the days. Dont know why they made this song. After this they play a hillbilly rocknroll track called Mulemeat blues that has their guitarist Bill Collins on vocals and my guess is its this track that made them loose their hardcorekids fanbase back in the 80's. Way to long and just extremly boring song. Their entire B-side follows this trend with halfass hardcorepunk and they finish it all of with a complete trashing of Ramones old classic Blitzkrieg bop.

This might not really sound like a record i like but with a great A-side and the historical value it has its well worth downloading.
Sorry this record is sold out everywhere but go to your local vintage recordcollector and see if you can digg it up.

4 kommentarer:

  1. One thing of note....the 2nd track, Cockrocker, was recovered and covered by MDC as well. I'm pretty sure Orlando told me that this was only pressed in Europe (I think France). He never got a copy when it came out. A friend of his went to Europe some time in the 90's and found him a copy. I ended up with one later as well (thanks to eBay).

  2. Anybody got the lyrics?

  3. Well if you download the labum you can see that i have taken a photo of the papersleeve that came with the LP. All the lyrics are there.
    //Bernando Auf Sweden

  4. If I remeber correctly Bill made a couple dozen CDs of this around 2004. Super rare shit.