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söndag 3 oktober 2010

Special forces (introduction)

A longforgotten Hardcore band that actually was quite big in the westcoast scene in the 80's. Now why the hell would i post anything about this band on my site you ask yourself? Not only did they move more towards the punksound in their later carrer this band also had Orlando "The Ox" Xavier as their vocalist (he would later form the skinbands Intrepid A.A.F. and United blood).
The band was founded in California in 1983 and was one of the moving forces in the local Berkley hardcore scene. The band was started by Orlando on vocals, Bill Collins on guitar, Kirby "Killer K" on bass and Eric on drums. They played a couple of shows but Eric was unable to keep up with the band and was replaced with Kirby's friend Steve and with this lineup they released the first demo called 8 songs to kill by in late 1983.
In a years time they loaned money from any and everyone and finally in 84 they released their first record called World domination on Boner records. Different ideas of where the band should be going led to the band replacing Kirby on bass with Thomas who had been playing with Bill in the band Fang untill now. They also replaced Steve with Anna Chapman from the band Deadly reign.
This is known as the second version of the band and they would also change their sound a bit more away from the classic hardcoresound.
In 1987 they released their second and last full-length on New Wave records. After this release they continued to do shows and also recorded a couple of song but their next release wouldnt come untill they in 1991 released their 7'' Red, white & blue where they had become an all-out punkband with many new members (full lineup in review).

After this the band parted ways with many of the members moving on to other bands and Bill even moving out to the East-coast to focus on making folkmusic. In the late 90's when Orlando started up his "skinheadbands" he managed to also sweap up old songs that was recorded by the band in the early 90's and release it through Cheetah Records. This album had an early member of the Rancid playing on some songs but more on that when i review that album.
Im not much for early American hardcore since it comes in a million different packages but 99% sound the same. I have to admit i really enjoy their later stuff though mostly thanks to Orlando's punky voice.

Today Orlando sings in a band playing Special forces, Intrepid A.A.F. and United blood songs under the name United Intrepid Forces but thats manly a liveband. Bill plays his folkmusic with some succes, Anna met her end in a tragic carcrash last year, Kirby K and Eric went on to make Miserable sex with Kirbys girlfriend Kate (it was a band they didnt make miserable sex with her as far as i know).

Any chance of the band reuniting today is gone since Kirby and Bill are as far from good friends one can be (reading their online beefs in chatrooms always puts a smile to my face).

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