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tisdag 12 oktober 2010

Lyrics for Ungrateful by Across the hudson

Our great men went to sea
And if it wasnt for that your life wouldnt be
Yet you curse our nation and burn our flag
While we pulled your ancestors out of bodybags

Now you're communists, they over ran our schools
Now were stuck with generations of American fools
Better thank our men, blood was sheed
Because they traded their lifes to save your dead

Now the dead have rose and they turn their backs
As i watch my nation under youre attack
We saved China from Japan
It's time they recognice and pledge our flag

Youre ungratefull... Youre ungratefull...
Ungrateful for what we have done for you
Youre ungratefull... Youre ungratefull...
No we are not responsable for what other nations do!

From Guadalcanal to Normandy
We saved millions of lives that today wouldnt be
But when youre in college thats not what your hear
The same people we saved are filling our ears
With the shame and sorrow of a false history
As they put a cross up and crucify me
But it was their lifes that we saved
We pulled the rotting corpses out of the grave

So when you try to take my rights away
Just remember my face, remember D-day
Just remember that were not all fools
No matter how much you all poison our schools
Managed well to divide us up
You dont care about our nation, dont care about us
Just remember we were good to you
No matter how many lies, we know the thruth

Yeah we know the thruth...
I'm not ungrateful like you...

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