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måndag 18 oktober 2010

Special forces - Posthumously yours 7'' (1999)

01. You want it you got it
02. On PCP
03. Two can play that game
04. House wrecking party
05. Baby B-2

Released by Cheetah's Records in 1999.

After the breakup of Special forces in 1992 Orlando OX went to play in United blood and Intrepid AAF. In 1999 when releasing the Songs of battle 7'' with Intrepid on Cheetah's he dugg up these old unreleased songs and released them at the same time. The songs are from the period of 90-92 and has the same lineup as the Red, white and blue record.

Some god songs here and also this time pure punk with almost no trace of hardcore in it.
Best song is Two can play that game that should have been the true release in 1991 if you ask me.
Last material by this time and even if its not really my cup of tea i apreciate the band or their "historical value".
Can be bought from these collector sites:
Or from this german collector on ebay

2 kommentarer:

  1. Fucking LOVE this blog. Kick. Fucking. Ass. The only blog I know that does quality reviews AND posts music. Dude, you kick ass. You thought about doing a post on YDL (youth defense league)? Personally I think their once of the best US Oi! acts around. They may be a bit too HC for your liking, but after Iron Cross their probably THE most influential US oi! band

  2. Thanks for the comment. The defence league is going to be up here sometime in the future. That band has released so many different versions of their singles and have a rich bandhistory so just like Templars they are one of the bands that i keep pushing further down the list because im a bit lazy.