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lördag 9 oktober 2010

Speial forces - World domination (1984)

01. Death squad
02. Gung ho
03. Torture
04. Whats this?
05. Hurt me
06. Greed
07. Money
08. Dead soldier
09. Murder in the streets
10. Nobody rules
11. Too old
12. Savage penguins
13. Rollercoaster (Ohio players cover)

Released by Boner records in 1984.

This album was also released on cassette the same year.

The last record they did with the original lineup and also the record that is the most known and classic by the band (though me being into punk i dont see the big deal with this stuff).
Most songs follow he same course with the same tempo and a tracklength in about one and a half minute. Some tracks like Hurt me stick out with some creativity and i also like their cover of Rollercoaster but that is about it. Bottom line this is not bad its just oldschool hardcore.

Afer this release the band had a bit of a quiet period but they appeared on a Boner records compilation in 1985 with some songs that would later appear on their 1987 LP. Bill Collins reached some fame with both Fang and Verbal abuse around this time and also playing in Baltimore footstompers and X-Pist one might wonder how he found the time to sleep.
This record was up on E-bay a couple of years back for a handsome amount of dollars but i can't find it anywhere now.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Awesome blog, brings back a lot of memories. Would it be possible to get the lyrics from the 2404 record? Namely, Jon's Party? Thanks!

  2. Happy you like it.
    Sorry have no lyrics to that album and i am in o way sitting down to decifer the lyrics by listening to that song. Its just to damn fast and screamo