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måndag 25 oktober 2010

Immoral discipline - Boots and braces, stars and stripes DEMO (1987)

01. Boots and braces, stars and stripes
02. Stupid
03. United we stand, devided we fall
04. Sudden change
05. No mercy!

A singlesided democassette released by the band in 1987.

This is the full demo not the 3-track version that has been floating around the internet since filesharing begun. Sent to me by Shawn after years of looking for it.

This is the first release and a demo but its actually my favourite one with the band.
Starting the demo of with my favourite Boots and braces, stars and stripes that always puts a smile on my face. It has that slow and slapping siegedrums sound that early US Oi! is known for. It also has Shawn using that slow and "retarded" singing style that many punkbands try to pull of but very few actually succed in. Shawn reminds me a bit about the way Rich sounded when First strike was around (or the other way around since ID was first).
Other great tracks are Stupid and No mercy!, the last one being new to me since i also only had that 3-track demo before.
Download and enjoy.

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