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söndag 17 oktober 2010

Special forces - Red, white and blue 7'' (1991)

01. Red, white and blue
02. Insane rats
03. What is it?

Released by Shredder Records in 1991.

(Updated 15 April 2012: Uploaded the EP again.)

The band has now gone over to punk completly and all of you who are used in hearing Orlando singing in United blood will recognise the vocals directly.
This is the third lineup with Ox on vocals, Bill still on guitars, Oscar Meyer on drums (another punk veteran), Torrance on guitar and Tim Armstrong from Rancid on bass though he is here credited as Lint.

Even if the songs on this split aint of the highest quality anyone that likes Intrepid or UB will probably like this as well. They lyrics to the titletrack are really good but the rythm of the song is anoying and Insane rats is the song that has the most value on this record. Its ok punk from a couple of guys that can sound so much better.
This record is still availible from Dimension 7.

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