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onsdag 27 oktober 2010

Immoral discipline - Battlefield 7'' (1988)

01. The whole worlds a battlefeld
02. Liar
03. Redneck stomp
04. Coffee achievers

Released by Smash! Records in 1988.

The band was now a 5-piece band adding Brian Robinson on rythm guitar.

First off all i have to mention the coverart. Its simple but daaamn its nice. Appearently the guy that made the cover is called Tony Browning. Dont know if he has made any other vinylcovers but if somebody knows then please mail me cause i want that record for my collection.

This record is a bit twosided. It contains my favourite song by the band but the other 3 songs are crapp if you ask me. The whole worlds a battlefield is pure love since the day i first heard it. Kickass drums, great guitars and Shawn singing like a laidback and relaxed version of Roger Miret. Judging by the cover and the first verse one could think this was a warmongering song but its actually the complete opposite of that.
Liar is an ok track but the 2 last are not even worth mentioning.
Even if i dont even like 3/4 of the album its a classic EP with more bark then most bands that copies it.
Believe it or not but this record is actually still availible to buy. Its on ebay and it costs 10$ but anyway. Bid on it here.

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