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tisdag 19 oktober 2010

Intrepid A.A.F. - Songs of battle 7'' (1999)

01. Shadows of swastikas
02. Make the leaders fight (Special forces cover)
03. Common man
04. The hard way (United blood cover)

Released by Cheetah's Records in 1999.

Around the same time that Orlando was in United blood he and UB member Israel Branson branched of into this sideproject. Adding Erik Thomas on drums and Ryan P.Allen (that later played in Reducers SF) on guitars they did some shows and as far as i know only released this one EP.
Not in any way as good as United blood this is still some raw and straight forward Oi! that i think most modern skins around the world has never heard before.

Intrepid A.F.F. stands for Intrepid (basicly means big battleship) Against All Facist and starting the record of with Shadow of swastikas its not hard to figure out on what side of the political scale they stand. The song is about the latent threat of a facist takeover, unlike most other songs from US its not the big bad red threat but this time the blackshirts that are he target of fear. Great lyrics and all but after watching the last Washington Racemarch on youtube that had 120 nazis from across US marching and over 10.000 people manifesting against them i think that Orlando's fear is more built on AFA horror stories then on real life. A good song nevertheless.
Another great song on the EP is Common man about lifestory of a working man. The lyrics has all been heard before and its so Oi! cliché that you just have to love it.

This band wasnt around for long but it still somehow lives on today through Orlando and Israel that play in United Intrepid Forces playing United blood, Intrepid A.A.F. and Special forces songs together with Dave Chavez from Verbal abuse and Gabe from Oppressed logic. All i know this band was the closest thing one could get to a reunion of any of the old bands and that they did some show/shows back in 2006. Dont know if they are still around today though.
Sold out everywhere.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks for this one, Bernando. Never heard this stuff before. Thanks for the Special Forces records, too. A lot of that was new to me.

  2. Bernhard, Ryan "Lip" Allen also played with Reducers SF.

  3. I had no idea. Thanks tony i'll add that info

  4. So, I went to see Sheer Terror a few nights ago and Erik that played drums on this recording with me told me he stumbled across your blog and was amazed at the amount of info you had on there. I do want to answer a couple of things though.... 1) United Intrepid Forces was supposed to only be a one time thing, but we ended up playing three shows. One was the 924 Gilman St 20th Anniversary. After that, we got asked to play a good friends' birthday party and a show with the Templars. Neither of them we could turn down, so we didn't. Those were the only shows we played. 2) We were around from early 1999 to mid 2002. Other than this 7", we recorded a demo with a different drummer (before Erik Thomas joined the band), and I think we had two other recording sessions which were only ever released on some custom made CD's that Orlando had a friend made. I think he made a few hundred of them and we sold or gave them out at shows. Including the four songs on the above posted 7", there were 11 songs on the cd. If you're curious to hear it, go ahead and shoot me an email (unitedblood at gmail . com) and I can probably just rip the cd and send it to you, and or give you any info you'd like. Regardless, keep up the blog...it's rad!