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onsdag 28 december 2011

Blockhead and the 454's - Demo CD (2004)

01. Lower class
02. One night
03. Am i crazy
04. Those days
05. DFL
06. Don't you scream
07. Hellbound hotrod
08. Society's slave
09. Liar
10. Poser
11. Hooty hoo raise hell
12. Ballad

Thanks to Brandon from the band for sending me this.

A band from North Carolina that started sometime around 2003. The band was only around for about a year and these are the songs they recorded during that year.
The band had an underground all-star lineup with Brit from The Hooliganz on vocals, Brandon from ATF & Aggro-vators on bass, Luke from ATF, Vanguard, Aggro-vators & The Hooliganz on drums and some guy named Tim on guitar.

The sound is basicly the same Oi!/hardcore sound as The Hooliganz had but with some garage/rock'n'roll influenses thrown in for good measures. They played some shows with local friends Beatdowns (members would later play with Luke in Vanguard) and HC band 25 Ta Life.
After the band dispursed in 2004 Brandon joined Luke in a band called Aggro-Vators (that i will get to next on ther site)

A quite divided sound i must say since i absolutely hate most of the songs but love the rest. Not in any way as good as previously named projects and bands with the members in them but not all i bad here since a lot of them show some great potential.
The first song called Lower class is great and probably the most "skinheadish" and reminds me a lot about The Hooliganz.
Hellbound hotrod
is some sort of a garagerockin frenzy that sounds like a late night at the pub, it's far from pretty but i find myself comming back to it over and over again.
Liar is probably the best song on the record but thanks to Brit i cant hear a single lyric. maybe it's just me being Swedish i dont know.
Ending the record is Ballad a song that for some reason reminds me about early Close shave. You just have to love a song with a chorus about farmerboys fighting with switchblades.

If you are like me and get allergic reactions to anything containing hotrods and "lucky 13" dont be turned of by the coverart. Tere are some really good songs on here that never got released back in the days.

måndag 26 december 2011

2011 made me hate people.

Time for this years summary and just like last years it's more like rantings from a Swedish nerd than anything of any musical depth and value.

¤Best 2011 American release:

The traditional – Steeltown anthems CD

Sometimes better, sometimes worse but never bad. Long runners that are yet to disappoint me. New vocalist brings new life to old songs and some great new ones.

¤Best non-American release in 2011:

Control – Punk rock ruined my life

With so many great UK releases this year from legends like Condemned 84 I expect nothing less than death threats and hate mails (not that anyone cares) when naming Control here. A band that doesn’t try to be unnecessarily hard or in your face but still has that edge to it. Punk rock ruined my life has many sides and I actually liked them all. They even made a musicvideo basicly the worst song on the record but still a video.

¤Worst 2011 release overall:

Razorblade – Gegen die masse

As most of the world now understands and Bandworm Records free magazine is a constant reminder of Netherlands and Germany has now become the international joke when it comes to Oi! (well some of us saw it coming years ago). Being the new breeding ground for PC-fascism, bad taste, bad fashionsense and overall bad punk. What annoys me most is that both the band and their homelands scene was one of my favorites back in the mid 00’s. This album is just complete horeshit from start to finish and I can’t see anyone not familiar with the native tongue ever liking this.

¤Most disappointing album of 2011:

Jenny Woo – Alberta Rose CD

I expected some kind of awesome female Badlands sounding extravaganza but all I got was a huge pile of something soso ok that reminded me more about Dolly Parton if she would have been a tradskin with a preachy dad from Canada. Great looking and great sounding girl but it just didn’t deliver what I expected it would have. Maybe next time?

¤Best new act of 2011:

Not a single new US act worth mentioning this year. But with Stormwatch, First strike, Anti-heros, The beltones etc etc reuniting who the hell needs new bands.

¤This year’s happening:

Condemned 84 being taken of a US show because some German commie told the promoters they should. St George should come down and gutter you fucks for not respecting history. Take your t-shirt store and shove it up yo….

¤My guilty pleasure in 2011:

Oi is the passion but we all listen to something on the side and if 2009 was my garage rock/surf year (Reverend Beat-man, The monsters) and 2010 was the 60’s Italian-American boy bands era (Del Shannon, Dion & The Belmont’s) this year was my new wave year when I picked up old vinyl’s with utterly shameful bands like The cure, Joy division, Gang of four, Cortex and The boys next door from my old dusty record corner.

¤This year’s positive trend:

All the people contributing to the site knowing how important an US discography site is. Keep sending in demo's and records i could never have found on my own.

¤This year’s negative trend:

Spunk mouths like this retard pointing out what is ok and what is not. The more they yell the prouder I feel about being a “fence walker”.

¤This year’s addition to my shitlist:

The last year’s winner of this award actually turned out to be a quite nice guy when we both understood that it was all a huge misunderstanding and went skipping into the sunset hand in hand.

This year I have been flanked on YouTube by some girl who thought I was making money of her music and also on the site by some fat retarded man who was cheated by his record company and took it out on me. Was also healthy pissed at the promoters who banned Condemned 84. Not mentioning all the promoters and labels trying to weed out free speech from an underground multi-political scene.

Bottom line there are just too many to choose from and I don’t want to drag anyone’s name in the dirt so I will keep it all locked up inside and probably take it out on my girl when she comes back from the hospital.

The random best of 2011:

Christmas gift: My girl buying me Joy division's "Closer" Lp in plastered mint condition.

Book: Destroy all movies by Zack Carlsson. 556 pages featuring info and pictures of every single skinhead and punk (mainly cyberpunks) ever featured in a movie since the 70's to present day.

Movie: The action/drama "Drive". Bringing vigilante action to a whole new level.

Nerdy confession: I watched every single episode of the new tv-show Game of thrones.... twice.

torsdag 22 december 2011

V/A - Cashing in on christmas CD (1996)

01. Wretched ones - The christmas song
02. Headwound - Merry christmas, i fucked your snowman
03. Limecell - Christmas
04. Jumpin' landmines - Santa's suspect
05. Stuntmen - Shopping center santa
06. Showcase showdown - Ho ho ho chimihn
07. Timebomb 77 - Snowman
08. Thorazine - Merry stupid fucking christmas
09. Lower class brats - The drinking song
10. Bomb squadron - Run run Rudolf
11. Dead end cruisers - Father christmas
12. Stocks and bombs - Cashing in on christmas

Released by Black Hole Records in 1996.

This is the worst and cheesiest bullshit i have ever imported from overseas. It personifies bad humor, bad taste and bad musicianship. Naming a song Merry christmas, i fucked your snowman is something i might have thought funny when i was 8 years old... maybe i am just getting to old for this sort of music.

You should check out Bomb squadrons song if you download since its the only decent song on here. Gigglepunk for farmerkids with tribalshirts but nothing for me.

Anyway happy Yuletide to you all.

onsdag 21 december 2011

Broken heroes new recordings.

Oi! like it used to be but recorded in 2011. Broken heroes going back to its roots with this great recording. The band has 10 songs ready for their record called This is Oi! that they hope to release in 2012.
If you are a recordlabel this is the record we want released..... just letting you know.

måndag 19 december 2011

Burden of proof - Selftitled 12'' EP (1988)

01. Refusenik
02. Throw that switch
03. Blame someone else
04. Beat the clock
05. Faceless youth

Released by Union Records in 1988.

"Skincore" band from New York that was around in the late 80's glorydays of hardcore.
The band only released this one EP but recorded a couple of other songs to that never got released. The band consisted of Pete on vocals, Brian on guitar, Mike on bass and Jon on drums.

Thanks to Brian Welsh for sending me the EP.

Me and modern hardcore dont really go together at all but i often like the pre-90 hardcore bands that lacked in the noizy crust-department. This being one of them.

The sound they bring is hardcore but actually quite melodic though with Pete "Sketch" on vocals it sounds like a clusterfuck of brutality in a RACish sort of way.
The best song is by far the opening song Refusenik. Why dont they make hardcore like this anymore?

söndag 18 december 2011

ATF - On the hunt DEMO (2006)

01. On the hunt
02. All seeing
03. A nation devided
04. Ordo Ab Chao
05. Worth fighting for
06. Iron chin (The bruisers cover)

Many thanks to Brandon from the band for sending me this demo.

This is the first recordings by the band before Ross joined the band on drums but it sounds just as good as any of their later stuff.

Like most good bands this one ended before it even got started so i was pleasantly surprised to find three songs i had never heard before. Those of you who are familuar with the band will know what to expect from this demo. Lyrics about the new world order and conspiracies delivered by Luke over heavy bass and drums.

Best song is the "brand new" Ordo Ab Chao (basicly means "order through chaos") about lies being spread and the illuminati. Paranoia or truth? Hell if i knew.
Some really good stuff here not counting the Iron chin cover.

lördag 17 december 2011

Major disappointment - Selftitled CD (2010)

01. Get fucked
02. One of those days
03. Let's start a riot
04. Rerun
05. We dont need you
06. Daily news
07. End of the line
08. We're all gonna die
09. Charges pending
10. It is what it is
11. Your scene sucks
12. No apologies made

Selfreleased through TFB Productions in 2010.

A bit of a new album to be uploaded but it is all done with the approval from the band. Thanks for sharing. Oh and sorry for the messed up focus on the photos, my girl traveled over the weekend and left me home alone with my crappy camera from 2002 something.

As i mentioned before this band really reminds me about Squiggy in many ways but also has some pinches of Empire falls and The Infiltrators. The result is a hightempoed and nonstopping sort of Oi!core that actually works best when they keep it simple.
The majority of the songs have really good and sometimes quite fun lyrics, a good example of that is the opening track that celebrates the nondeveloping Oi! scene with lyrics like "You say that were outdated and it's all been done before/Well get ready to be disappointed, were gonna do it some more". Also using words like "prettyboy fucks" (or did i hear that wrong) in the same song mixed in with some slappin drums and a nonstop snare and the band has me locked from the start.

All is not well in MD-ville though and the song Charges pending is a good example of that. A song that completly misses a chorus and seems almost painfull to sing for Bondo. Also adding a highpitched lalalala singalong part and some awkward Oi! Oi! chants in the end doesnt help the song in any way.

Though skipping past tracks like that and focusing on the more simple songs i must say this record is pretty fucking awesome. Listening to the songs recorded after this release i can say that i feel really psyched over their new release.
Personal favourites are No apologies made, Get fucked and We dont need you (Squiggy anyone).
The record can and should be bought at Pure impact

torsdag 15 december 2011

Interview with Hans Bondo the singer of Major Disappointment

A lack of new good bands comming lately it's strange how a band like Major Disappointment flew right under both mine and most others radar with their debut album last year. Really liked the band and couldnt get over the Squiggy vibes it gave me so i asked Hans Bondo the singer in the band for an interview to find out more (and got a free CD in the process).

¤First of all thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Could you please introduce yourself and the band?

-Major Disappointment is Rod on guitar, Mikey Disappointment on bass, Outlaw on drums and myself, Hans Bondo on guitar and vocals

¤I just found out about you guys last year when i heard the CD. How did the band come to be?

-It started with a collection of songs that i was just going to record. The original 4 song demo was recorded in Grand Rapids Michigan with myself on guitar, bass and vocals and Contempt on drums. The studio we recorded with didn't have a fucking clue what they were doing and we weren't really happy with how the songs turned out. Shortly after that Contempt stepped away from the recording aspect of music to focused on design work and video editing. I found another studio and began recording. After i got some of the songs done i had people listen to them and they began to express interest in playing in the band. So here we are a couple years, and several line up changes later working on our 2nd cd.

¤Did any of you play in any other bands before Major Disappointment and what would you say influences your sound?

-We have all played in bands over the years but none that were as involved as MD. Our sound is influenced by many factors one of which being that we're not musicians. It's simple and raw but the spirit is there and that's what counts to us. That's what drew me to the old school oi, punk and r.a.c. bands to begin with. I could list a ton of bands that i would say influenced me personally a few being Condemned 84, Combat 84, Exploited, Diehards, Cock Sparrer and the list goes on. I don't get into many hardcore bands but Slapshot is on the list and the first Chaos UK album was outstanding. There are a lot more that range from rock to classic country that may not have had an influence on the actual sound but i would consider an influence none the less. That's just me personally, although me and Mikey pretty much listen to the same stuff. The younger guys in the group listen to all kinds of weird shit but are also into the classics. And to use the old cliche "we just sings about or lives" gives plenty of things to talk about. With global financial crisis, riots, wars, and the biggest bunch of asshole politicians in history it's all we can do to keep up. Not to say we are crying about our lives and asking for handouts like a lot of the so called "punk" bands do. It's so far gone you can't fix the shit we are in. I'm not saying i have the answers, but i have the answers for me. This is the soundtrack to Americas descent into chaos and it doesn't bother me a bit.

¤On the back of both your DVD and the CD it says TFB Productions. Since i have never heard of this label before i must ask is it a new one or a D.I.Y. by you guys?

-Its D.I.Y. I did it that way for a couple reasons one of which was so i had something to trade with other labels. I always enjoyed looking for new bands, or hard to find items. I thing that's something people got away from over the years with the internet. Sure it's convenient to look up a band online and get their whole discography in 10 minutes but it's not as rewarding as finding that one old 7 inch that was limited to 200 copies. Our dvd is limited to 300 copies. People will make copies and download it and doesn't bother me but there will always only be those 300 original copies. Those are the type of items i wanted to have available at our shows.

¤While on the subject about the DVD i must ask about some of the content. You have a segment where your guitar player Rod gets released from prison. What was that all about? He sort of looked like he belonged in Guantanamo with that beard.

-He was just in county jail although he probably belongs in prison hahaha. He had been in several fights in a short period of time and eventually they caught up to him. He had a small beard when he went in and the jail house razors are not the best quality so he just didn't shave while he was there. The end result being that he looked like a taliban member when he got out.

¤You have now recorded some new songs and the few i have heard sound great. What upcomming release/releases can we expect and when will they see the light of day?

-We are currently recording our second cd which is due to be out by spring 2012. We also plan on releasing 4 of the tracks as a single in January. The single will be the 2 tracks that were featured on the This Is Our Culture comp along with 2 others

The 7 fast ones:

¤Condemned 84 being banned from various Oi! festivals because they are "facist".

-I think it's a sad commentary on where the scene is at. I always thought the fact that oi bands weren't afraid to speak their minds is what made them so real. This whole pc thing has gotten way out of hand. Oi bands shouldn't be afraid to offend, and getting thrown off shows is just part of the game.

¤The bible.

-Don't know much about religion


-Tim doesn't know how to talk and Lars don't know if hes a hippie, punk or skin. But don't tell The Old Firm Casuals i said that. I might catch a beatdown hahahaha

¤Skinheads wearing bulletbelts instead of braces ;)

-Haha good one. I wear both. The bullets i wear are live and the caliber i use so it's not just a look. I wore braces daily for years but lately it's been the ammo belt

¤Conservative US politicians wanting to reinstate child labour?

-The whole US political scene is a fucking joke. It's just a matter of which set of lies you want to believe.

¤Skinheads wearing SHARP badges in the year 2011.

-I think the whole sharp thing is about acceptance. At least that's what i've seen over the years.

¤Piano in punksongs.

-I don't see MD having piano in a song or know why anyone would. But then again i don't claim to be a musician

¤Last and probably most important question. What do you know about the nation of Sweden?

-Haha fuck! You got me! I really don't know much about Sweden which is sad since i'm part Swedish. I'll have to get my shit together and get back with you on that one.

¤Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and yet again thanks for sending me the CD. Any last words?

-Well thank you for getting the music out there and keeping the spirit alive. The Underground Allegiance is growing and we are just getting started.

Performing two songs from their debut CD. Footage is from 2010.

måndag 12 december 2011

V/A - The spirit of Oi! American style LP (1989)

01. New glory - Sarge
02. The mad hatters - Black hat
03. The mad hatters - Cold eyes
04. Immoral discipline - Your life is a lie
05. Immoral discipline - Big mouth
06. The allegiance - Retaliation
07. The allegiance - Rough justice
08. Forced reality - Remember the day
09. Arresting officers - Deserve to die
10. Arresting officers - Changing of the guard
11. The uprise - Around the world
12. The uprise - Media fool
13. Best defence - American & proud
14. Best defence - Lost now found
15. Best defence - We'll smash you

Released by Oi!core Records in 1989.

First of all take note that THIS is the real deal and has nothing to do with the two CD bootlegs that where released after them and featured bands like Warzone etc on them.
Secondly i would like to thank Joseph Gerlitzki (who also played in one of the bands on the comp) for the rip and scanning of some sick quality (the LP is uploaded in a 170mb file).

It wouldnt even matter if the music on the album was shit since the cover is well worth a 10/10 alone but that is not the deal here. The US of Oi!, Armed with the truth and Backstreets of American Oi! in all their glory basicly only copied this grandfather of exceptional US Oi! collections.

Setting the standard for something that was hard to find in the states at this time namely true unpolished Oi!.
The record was even so good that it managed to push out two great Mad Hatters songs. As impossible this might sound it's actually true and both of their songs are some of the best on the whole record and far from the sound that was on the mess called their LP.

Also songs that i never liked in the first place gets a whole new light thanks to the great soundquality on the record. For instance i never cared much for Retaliation by The allegiance or American & proud by Best defence but listening to those songs here i love them both.

Forced reality is a band that i havnt gotten to on this site but i plan on dealing with them in 2012. As most of their songs Remember the day doesnt stand out in any way but is still of high quality.

Even though so called RAC bands like Arresting officers and New glory appear on the LP and some lyrics in some songs can be offensive to "faggets" and "commies" i wouldnt call it a RAC/Oi! record. This record just like the other comps i mentioned before defines what US Oi! is.
Only persons that seemed to have a problem with the lack of political correctnes on the record where Immoral discipline who claim they where "tricked" into appearing on it. A fan of the band but to me it seems like being tricked into winning on the lottery so stop bitching allready.

The size of the download is well worth it. Just like many of the bands on it this LP is one of the reasons i fell in love with something as wierd as American Oi!. Classic!

lördag 10 december 2011

Lyrics for One fight to many by The vaticans

It was a friday night, the feeling it was right
For this streetfighting man, for this streetfighting man
His fists were clenched tight the feeling was right
For this streetfighting man, for this streetfighting man

All the kids were on the side
Watching them have their fight
No one stopped until the end
Now that poor bastards dead

Sirens in the air but he didnt care
For he's a streetfighting man, for he's a streetfighting man
Now he's on the run for murder one
For he's a streetfighting man, for he's a streetfighting man

All the kids were on the side
Watching them have their fight
No one stopped until the end
Now that poor bastards dead

Lyrics for Fighting force by The vaticans

They come into our country and they knock us to our knees
They attack us from left and right, they steal and then they leave
They think they're freedomfighters but they are just scum
We will hunt them all until the job is done

Fighting force! Fighting force!

We got the men, we got the strength to keep the dream alive
We've got the power in our hands our country will survive
All for one and one for all together we will stand
Fighting for the USA, we're fighting for our land

Fighting force! Fighting force!
We need a fighting force, the kids like you and me
Cause we are the ones who dont know defeat
We need a fighting force, the kids like you and me
Cause we are the ones who dont know defeat
We need a fighting force, the kids like you and me
Cause we are the ones who dont know defeat
We need a fighting force, the kids like you and me
Cause we are the ones who dont know defeat
Fighting force!

fredag 9 december 2011

V/A - Southland skinheads-Armed with the truth Vol.2 CD (2007)

01. ATF - All seing
02. ATF - Suffer the children
03. ATF - On the hunt
04. The pillage - Immigrant song
05. Smash points - Eye for an eye
06. Smash points - The rules
07. Smash points - Right to choose
08. The offensive - The price
09. Vanguard - Stick together
10. Vanguard - Greatest nation
11. Vanguard - Way of life
12. The stouts - Skinheads broke the bar
13. The stouts - Land of the free
14. BDTR - Carry your banners
15. BDTR - For those who fight and die
16. Vaticans - Fighting force
17. Vaticans - One fight to many
18. The sluggers - Running scarred

Released by American Defence Recordings in 2007.

One of those records where i question if i made a drunken call to the label telling them what bands i wanted to see on the next release. American Defence has managed to cram in the majority of my favourite US bands from this time and also managed to present new and unknown acts of the same high quality.

Since i have already written about American Terror Force, Vanguard, The pillage, Smash points, The stouts and Better dead than red on the site i redirect you to my old posts about them and focus on the less known bands from the comp. All i can say is all of these bands deliver superb songs and even though BDTR and Smash points are far from my favourite bands both of them surprised me with a great selection of songs. What is more shocking is how many great southern bands there is out there. Not only these more patriotic bands but also the new crop of more politically comfortable bands out of Texas like No resistance, The broadsiders, Roots of exile and Belligerent 86. My question is what the hell do they put in the beer down there to make grown men sing such sweet songs hehe.

The mysterious band The offensive is back on Vol.2 with a brutaly hard and raw veteran song. Not as good as their songs on Vol.1 but still more than decent.

Another band that was completly new to me even though i have been forcefeed the Swedish band by the same name on various houseparty's (more than i would like to be honest) was The sluggers. This band is from South Carolina..... and thats basicly all i know about them. Anyone know if they ever released a demo or anything of the sort?

Greatest band on the comp is the greatly overlooked Vaticans. Both songs have an old rac'n'roll sound with military drums and one of the best vocalists i have heard in a long time. What strikes me when listening to them is how easy they make it seem and i even get the feeling that the band is actually having fun while recording. A distinct and fresh sound in modern Oi!. I want more.

The comp feels a whole lot more relaxed and even than the earlier record, both in the political and musical department. Just like previous volume this one also came with highly professional B/W inserts serving good info on the bands appearing.
Salute to American Defence Recordings!
The record can be (and should be) bought at these stores:
Interpunk (US)
Pure Impact (EU)
Freedom fighters (Sweden)

onsdag 7 december 2011

The vaticans (introduction) and liveclip from Spring broke

Even though this band has only released two songs on the Skinheads armed with the truth Vol.2 i must say it's one of my favourite bands from the US.
The band is from Atlanta and even though he is not in the clip i posted below this "Dic the mic" from No holds barred and Adolf and the piss artists played rhythm guitar in the band under the name McDick. The band also had Sam on drums, Zack on vocals and Warner on bass.
The songs from the comp are absolutly fantastic and i have been trying to get ahold of their demo for some time now. Some months ago i was speaking to a friend of the band that was supposed to send them to me but that didnt happen (as most things when people say they are doing something over the internet).
Even though the song below entitled He's no skinhead sounds a bit drunken (especially the bassplayer) and a bit out of sync thanks to my abilities in riping DVD's its still a great song with lots of energy from the band even though most of the audience seems to hate them and stay's 20 meters away from the stage.

tisdag 6 december 2011

The system - Last stand 7'' (1995)

01. Barstool
02. Reckless
03. Warriors (Blitz cover)

Released by Vulture Rock in 1995.

From coverart to the actuall music this is by far the worst EP that Vulture has ever released. Sure the rip is awefull since i did it 2 years ago before i bought my fantsyprantsy Stanton player but believe me it doesnt sound much better in the new player.
Their sound is the same as it was on all those comptracks but with one exeption... the EP is completly lacking of any good songs or even a good part within a bad song.
Two forced and painfull songs followed by a weak Blitz cover on the B-side (because that song hasnt been covered before right).
You can easily live without this one but download it anyway if not for the photos on various pittbulls featured on the backcover. The only enjoyment i got out of importing it.

måndag 5 december 2011

The system - Songs from 29 Commandments of Oi! comp CD (1994)

01. Urban riot
02. Life & times
03. Red eye morning
04. What about us?
05. 5 years
06. Who drank all my beer?

Songs taken from a compilation album released by Step-1 Music in 1994.

This band where frequently featured on compilation albums throughout the 90's but this comp sort of summarised all those songs on one CD. The rest of the album is chamefully awefull so i wont go through the trouble to upload the songs by the other bands... after all this is US of Oi! not US of World.

The system was a shortlived band from New Hampshire and to be honest there aint all that much to talk about.
The band was created in early 90's by Scott Vierra from The bruisers on guitar, Greg Haley on vocals, John Hobbs on bass and Jason Lara on drums. They only released one proper EP in 1995 that i will upload after these songs.

The first time i heard the band was on the infamous Backstreets Of American Oi! comp from 1998 and the song they had there is also featured here, namely Life & times. A great song that grows on you and as many times that i have listened to Backstreets Of American Oi! it has grown into enormous proportions. I never liked the EP they released but most of these songs are quite superb with their "post-cruisin for a bruisin-bruisers sound".

The allegiance - Rough justice/Never stop the violence 7'' (1989)

01. Rough justice
02. Never stop the violence

Released by Rock-O-Rama in 1989.

Some of you have been complaining about my old reviews of this band and the way i completely trashed them. Sure i might have been a bit rough by giving them a 1/10 since there has been lots of worse bands who have gotten a higher grade than that afterwards.

So sitting down to review this EP i tried to be as openminded as i could possibly be. But listening to the EP over 20 times now i cant really see whats so great about it. Sure the last track is ok but the standards for an ok Allegiance song isnt that high in my books.

Still i know a lot of you out there like it so i'll just shut up and deliver the score instead.

söndag 4 december 2011

The dead end boys performing live in their hometown.

A nice cover of the new wave anthem New age originally by Blitz. Second song is the song Bullets from their last record.

The dead end boys - The last minute CD (2007)

01. Clockwork (intro)
02. Dead end boys
03. Columbine calling
04. Bullets
05. Fuck your politics
06. Ulcer
07. Die yuppie scum
08. Victory

Released as an online download by Get Sorted Records in 2007.

The last release by the band with some really good songs. The most intresting one is the track Bullets that the band thought up after their singer went into a fistfight with a guy who was pointing a gun at him outside of a show. He survived and managed to flee so one can say "flee to write another song".
Also be sure to check out the song Die yuppie scum. Great lyrics and a great song.

The dead end boys - Six year hangover CD + 2 unreleased songs (2006)

01. I dont like you
02. Theme song
03. Wanna be
04. Boys in the city
05. Coppers
06. Baltimore blues
07. Drunk and disorderly
08. Fencewalker
09. Whoa song
10. Just another fucking day
11. Fuck your politics
12. Pride no shame
13. Fight, fight, fight
14. Dead end land
15. Trained to kill (Live at CBGB's)
16. Too much trouble
17. Razors in the night (Blitz cover)
18. Coming home
19. Blame me (not on actual CD)
20. Punx and skins (not on actual CD)

Released by Get Sorted Records in 2006.

Sort of a greatest hits record summing up the six years the group where active. Since they released their best songs on the EP i previously uploaded this record comes of as quite weak to be honest.
More of their conform or die attitude towards politics and more OiOiOi chants mixed in with hardcore influenced musical tunes but this time it's not as solid and the record could easily been shorted down to half the length it is now.
The two tracks i added where never released by the band but where up for download online around the time of this CD's release so i added them as a bonus.

Best new songs are Comming home to you that is as close at a ballad as this band will probably make and the bonussong called Punx and skins.
I think all physical copies have been sold out for some time now but it's still up at various I-tunesish sites for a small amount of cash.

fredag 2 december 2011

The dead end boys - Boys in the city 7'' (2004)

01. Just another fucking day
02. Boys in the city
03. Baltimore blues
04. In the fire
05. Trained to kill
06. Too much trouble
07. Pride no shame

Released by Malfunction Records in 2004.

A Baltimore band that was started in 2000 by friends Noah (vocals), Chris (guitar), Eric (bass) and Steve (drums). The band plays a melodic Oi! mixed with harcore (what scenesters call Oi!core) and they do it damn good. The band always took a hard stance on the leftwing and even gives a "fuck you" in the sleeve to the band Counterattack who they claimed where "fencewalkers" (damn i'm tired of that word). They released this EP, 2 CD's and did a whole bunch of shows with larger bands in various spots like CBGB's etc.
They recorded a couple of new songs in 2009 but from what i know the band isnt active today.

Cliché bandname, cliché coverart and a somewhat homoerotic name on the EP. Add to that the fact that the band probably hates me for being a "fencewalker" but i cant really disslike the band.
Their sound on the EP dont really bring anything distinctly new to the table but it serves up a wholesome meal of old singalong chants and allthrough solid vocals and music.
Best songs on the EP are Baltimore blues and Trained to kill.
The EP can be bought at Vinyljunkie for less than 2 dollars.