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torsdag 29 april 2010

The barons & Alleged bricks - East coast street rock 'n' roll (2007)

01. Alleged bricks - District
02. Alleged bricks - Give and take
03. Alleged bricks - Disgrace
04. The barons - 3 more pints
05. The barons - Johnny's alright
06. The barons - 2 fast 2 live
07. The barons - Social disease

Released by Neck records in 2007.

The first record i ever bought with either of the bands. Barons are here teaming up with the Washington band Alleged bricks (i will uploadthis band right after The barons) but even if both bands are great its far from a solid release. Alleged bricks stand for the better "side" with 2 good tracks called District and Disgrace both are fast and fitts TJs voice perfectly. The barons gives 4 tracks that all where re-recorded for their 2008 release. All songs are alright (even if Social disease is the only one that amde it into my i-pod) but their 2008 versions are way better so this release is basicaly just for collectors or Alleged bricks fans.

After this release Dan would leave The barons for the Odd Squad (he is already credited as "Dan from Odd squad" in the inlay off the cd). After this release Neck records would focus more on releasing records then on makig coverart and booklets and as a matter of fact this is the only Neck release i have bought that came with a diamond-case (as far as i can remember).

onsdag 28 april 2010

The barons - Demo (2006)

01. Bottom of my glass
02. Decisions
03. Haunted trailer
04. Screws to you

Selfreleased in 2006.

The first material ever recorded by the band and as all real demo's its lacking in the soundquality (though this demo actually has better quality then many studiorecordings by other bands today). It was recorded in a garage in Delaware by Michael Lovett that also would record their future albums (and also play piano on my favourite Barons track Raw deal).
The lineup for this demo was Dusty Huellemeier on vocals (used to sing in Road to ruin), Wes Hickman on lead guitar, Roger Hall on rhytm guitar, Kurt beers on bass and backup vocals (check out the interview i did with him here) and Dan Hoster on drums (would later go on to play drums in Odd squad). This lineup is still today except for Dan that left to play in his other band but Ed Reiss JR that also used to play in Road to ruin took over the drumseat.
All songs are exclusive in their own way since these are the only versions of the songs with Dan still on drums.

Starting of the demo is my favourite and is about a subject that The barons seem to know well, namely drinking and the consequenses that sadly comes with it. It has that rocking feeling and i really love the drums as simple yet genious they might be.
All songs are good and the only one i have a problem with is the psychobilly influenced track Haunted trailer. Except for some good old Meteors psychobilly often gives me severe headaches and itchy spots in my genital area and this track is no exception. I guess its the whole "spooky" and mumbly vocals they often come with.
I am sure glad The barons took the right path cause if they would have started wearing corpse-paint and posing around tombstones i would probably not have reviewed their demo now.

måndag 26 april 2010

Westside Oi! Fest 9th July

If you live on the westcoast my guess is that you have seen Bonecrusher more then once but dont miss out on seing the newly reunited and legendary Toughskins. Supporting acts are Crucial infantry and Merciless Boots.

fredag 23 april 2010

Lyrics for Smashing hippies by Broken heroes

Shrug of all reality. Just who do you think you are?
Lice infested hippies hanging at the coffee bar.
Parading in the streets all day and mocking those who died.
Spouting commie shit. Hey soy breath tell me wheres your pride?

The time is now! - Kick a hippie!
Dont hold out - Beat a hippie!
Do your your part! - Smash a hippie!
With all your heart!

Hippies in the streets today what a filthy sight
Spreading lies about our troops. We wait untill the time is right
Once the flag is set ablaze our time will come to rush in
We'll beat those bastards down really good. You know were gonna win

The time is now! - Kick a hippie!
Dont hold out - Beat a hippie!
Do your your part! - Smash a hippie!
With all your heart! (Chorus X2)

War is not about revenge its just a last resort
To keep us safe and keep us sound. But how do you retort?
You boycott baths and burn the flag. But thats your US right
It stays that way because you stay here while others go and fight

The time is now! - Kick a hippie!
Dont hold out - Beat a hippie!
Do your your part! - Smash a hippie!
With all your heart!

torsdag 22 april 2010

Broken heroes - I told u once (2005)

01. Sick
02. Wont pay your way
03. PC bastards
04. Police brutality
05. Skinhead rock 'n' roll
06. Overnight love affair
07. Traction bars 'n' mullets into
08. Traction bars 'n' mullets
09. Punk rock junkie
10. Why must the good die young (Version. 2)
11. Bulldog
12. My day
13. Everybody get stoopid (Jump for Oi!)
14. No friend o' mine
15. Smashing hippies
16. Hidden live track 1
17. Hidden live track 2
18. Hidden live track 3

Released by Street anthem records in 2005.

A damn ugly cd cover and damn confusing tracklist (had to actually split songs into half after ripping it and it created 50 songs for me haha). Same line-up as on the Toughskins split but with some intresting guest apperances i dont think many know about (more on that later).

This was supposed to be their more mature and advanced record but for me it was a big letdown. Nothing is bad and all members are tight on their instruments but i had really high hopes for this one and to be honest most good songs i already had on other releases. One great new track is PC bastards about....... PC bastards, and also Bulldog keeps up the tempo that i always loved BH for. Best tracks are Smashing hippies and the classic Skinhead rock 'n' roll that was the intro to the first Backstreets of American Oi! and this is a track that they have actually remade better then the original version. Another remade song is Why must the good die young that warps into some mad skatune in the end featuring Travis Nelson from Hub city stompers.
They have also thrown in 3 hidden livetracks (Understand, My day, No friend o' mine) on the record from some livegig where the drummer Quincy Kirk (from Murphys law) is performing alongside BH.

This record is good proof that musical development and good production dont always result in better music. After this release both Ryan Bamford and Brian Ramsey would leave the band.

Broken heroes & Toughskins - Split 7'' (2004)

01. Broken heroes - Smashing hippies
02. Broken heroes - Held back
03. Toughskins - Pay back
04. Toughskins - Never did anything right

Released by Headache records in 2004.

A post 9/11 record with aggressive lyrics and i am quite surpised Headache records released this record (they where never PC but they often stayed away from anything to extreme).

Broken heroes serves two absolutely great tracks and with their new singer Mike Fintzy they sound harder then ever. First song is one of my favourite tracks by the band and has some classic New York Oi! lyrics about flaggburners and hippiestomping. Second track is filled with the same brutal style but has a bit more laidback subject about growing up as a workingclass son and becoming a working man (haha cliché i know but its a damn good song).

Toughskins is a band that i deffinetly will upload and review later on. Start out the record with a payback anthem after the terrorist attack called Pay Back. It has a great rock 'n' roll feeling and i love the concept of an anti-terrorist song but they loose me when they mix in lyrics against arab imigrants with lyrics like "I know you dream of the day you come here/Own some seven eleven but you smell fucking wierd/Screw your fucked up country oil is the only thing good". I have seen photos of many lineups of Toughskins and believe me most of their members look far from the original blonde european settlers that founded the nation. Anyway a great song and its folowed by Never did anything right that is more of a classic rock track. First time i ever heard them play this kind of music and it actually sounds perfect for Adrians vocals.

Broken heroes & Weekend warriors - Beer guts & drunken sluts (2003)

01. Broken heroes - Rich mans war
02. Broken heroes - Two faced
03. Broken heroes - Media blowout
04. Broken heroes - 100% class
05. Broken heroes - My day
06. Broken heroes - Someones gonna die tonight (Blitz cover)
07. Broken heroes - Life long thug
08. Broken heroes - Understand
09. Weekend warriors - Just cause for a revolution
10. Weekend warriors - 13 hours a day
11. Weekend warriors - Back at it again
12. Weekend warriors - Lets drink
13. Weekend warriors - This is the law
14. Weekend warriors - Date rape richie
15. Weekend warriors - My own change of pace
16. Weekend warriors - Streams of whiskey (The pogues cover)

Released by Street anthem records in 2003.

The first new material by Broken heroes since they appeared on a compilation in 1999. New lineup since Chip left the band right after the recordings for Media blowout in 1993 (he wasnt actually in the band when the record was released and is missing in the inside photo) and Scott filled the spot for some years before Ryan Bamford (one of Tims friends from Blank 77) took over.
This album is split with the Pittsburgh band Weekend warriors that play classic punkrock/Oi! mixed with a touch of Irish culture. (I will upload this bands discography later on).

This album has always been Broken heroes worst release in my opinion and as bad as i think Irish influences in punk is Weekend warriors actually pulls it of without sounding cheesy and actually saves this record from catastrophy.
Nothing on Broken heroes side sounds really tight and Kevin sounds tired and lost when singing i mean when releasing 7'' in you early 20's its ok if it fits the sound but this is a real propper studio album and he should have had some time to rise above their earlier stuff but this is actually worse. Their cover of Blitz is painfull and i know they could have one it so much better. Good tracks of the buch is their old Media blowout and Understand that somehow never was remade when Fintzy took over the vocalduties(except in a live version on their full-length).

Weekend warriors serves a couple of hits on their side and my favourite is 13 hours a day that sports a great chorus. Other great tracks are Date rape Richie and the Pogues cover Streams of whiskey and with the whole band singing along it creates an intresting version.

onsdag 21 april 2010

The spirit of yesterday.

A new and very informative Discography site with Oi! and RAC bands from all over the world. All from Bleach battallion to Midgårds söner. Go check it out and read some interviews at

tisdag 20 april 2010

Broken heroes - Media blowout 7'' (1994)

01. Why must the good die young
02. Skinhead
03. Media blowout
04. Overnight love affair

Released by Headache records in 1994.

A little line-up change for these recordings. Pete Joerger (from Vibram 94) is now doing guitar instead of Regis. Pete is one of the longtime members and also one of the pillars that made the band stay together for all this time.
This is their second release on Headache records and it would actually take 10 years until they released something new through the label (well almost 10 years for any kind of real release after to be true). The band didnt release anything untill 2003 but they where far from inactive appearing on several compilation albums like Backstreets of American Oi! in 1996 and Eastcoast of Oi! in 1999.

Most of these traks would be re-released on their 2004 full-length but this is the only chance to hear them with Keven on vocals. Also the only recording that the track Skinhead is on.
A bit slower tempo on this record but the awesome singalong choruses are still there and in my oppinion the lyrics and themes on this recording is way better.
For you familiar with my blogg you already know how much i love piano blended into Oi! and here we have both the first and the last track offering this longlost secret to a great Oi! track. Best track on the record is Skinhead and is about the whole SHARP movement that was big in usa around this time. It is in no way an anti-SHARP message but more of an explanation that you cant solve the problem caused by the media by blamming the other guy on television shows and in papers. Left or right a skinhead is a skinhead not for or against anything. Putting a label of your beliefs and blending it in with your "life as a skinhead" only feeds the media more lies being it left or right. Following the theme is Media blowout with lyrics like "TV skins make no sense to me/they're the unwanted part of our history".
A great record but maybe not the greatest quality on the rip, but the record is oooold and since no one else has ripped it your stuck with my upload.

Broken heroes - Jump for Oi! 7'' (1993)

01. Jump for Oi!
02. No friend o' mine
03. Labour party
04. Police brutality

Released by Headache records in 1993.

This band is one of the most longlived and also one of the most overlooked bands in the American scene. Sure they get alot of respect on the streetlevel and they still have an active career doing liveshows but for some reason recordcompanys seem to think its better to give a bunch of upandcomming retards like Razors in the night a shot at a record deal. This band has had tons of songs ready and waiting for the last 3 years but no record company seems to be interested in it (i have heard the unmastered stuff and believe me its all top songs). Is it just me and my taste in music or has todays new "punk"labels lost their ear to the scene? Seing recordlabels release another Bluecollar criminals record after another when they should be down in Jersey sucking Pete Joergers dick (AND being grateful for the opportunity).
With that of my chest maybe its time for a band introduction?

Started in New Jersey back in 1992 with Kevin Meehan on vocals, Tim Miller (would later go on to play in Blanks 77) on lead guitar and Regis on additional guitar, Chip McMahon on bass and Shawn on drums. It only took them a year before they got their first deal on Wretched ones label Headache records (i guess things where easier back then). This deal resulted in two 7''s and this one is the first of those.
Real Oi! at its most pure and simplest form. This first album has a very happy feeling to it and reminds me alot of Patriot with singalong choruses and all that.
The best track on the album is No friend o' mine and is also the most "happy" one even if the lyrics is about devoting the rest of your life loathing mainstream people. Another great track is
Labour party that talks about the power in unity outside political partys an groups. Weakest on the album is Police brutality and if it wasnt for the god chorus it would have been impossible to even listen from beginning to end (Kevin is mumbling the lyrics as if he was doped up on smack or something).

måndag 19 april 2010

Strikers - Demo and EP (1998-2000)

01. Last man standing
02. Breakout!
03. The ride
04. Semper fi
05. Tuffguy
06. Reckless youth
07. Follow the leader
08. Dont forget the struggle (Warzone cover)

Demo selfreleased in 1998 and the selftitled 7'' released by Vulture rock in 2000.

(Update April 7 2012: Uploaded the album again.)

A 4-piece band from Westfield in Massachusetts playing hardcore influenced Oi!. I bought their selftitled 7'' from 2000 and realised that the songs on that record was the exact same as on their demo. Not only that it only included four of the original eight songs they had also excluded my two favourite tracks on it. So clear to say i regret ever buying this record. With that said its not in any way a bad group. They somewhat remind me of Youthful offenders but with a bit less aggression in their songs.
The tracks that made in onto the 7'' are The ride, reckless youth, last man standing and semper fi. With the exception of Semper fi these where all my least favourite tracks from the demo. Best tracks are Tuffguy (love that Swedish spelling) and the awesome anthem Breakout! that reminds me of the fact that i still live in a little town in the middle of nowhere (and with nowhere i mean nowhere not Westfield nowhere).

söndag 18 april 2010

Varios artists - The south philly streetfight 7'' (2001)

01. Limecell - The lariat
02. Serial killers - Abdullah the butcher
03. The bad vibes - Invader #1 must die (Cocknoose cover)
04. TCCIR - The body rules

Came as a free gift with issue 19 of the magazine Carbon 14.

Ok so an American punkrock/wrestling/redneck magazine gave this away as a free gift and somehow a guy from the Netherlands got ahold of it. Later on his wife wanted him to get ridd of some old records from the garage and it ended up in this greedy Swede's little hands. All bands are from Philly and all songs on the record are either tributes or disses to wrestlers (dont know even one of them). Im not the slighest intrested in wrestling or the culture that comes with it but punksongs about wrestlers seems to be right up my alley judging from this record (even if that announcer before every song disturbes the hell out of me).
Limecells contribution is actually the worst song on the record (and not the reason to why i bought it).
Second track is by the legendary horror-rockers in Serial killers (where underground heroes in the 80's). They play early punkrock and make a tribute to some unbeatable guy named Abdullah with lyrics like "he is big, he is bad, he is black and he is mean" haha. This band doesnt fit in on my site but you can download one of their albums on this blogg, you wont regret it.
Third track is by punkrockers The bad vibes and their covering a track by my alltime redneck favourites Cocknoose. As much as i love Cocknoose i must say they actually do the song better then the original. (if you like this song you can download The bad vibes entire "career" for free at the bands website)
Last but not least its The cosmic commander's intergalactic rockestra's turn. The singer off this band is the "announcer" before the other tracks and from what i understand he is a wrestlermanager by the name of... The cosmic commander of wrestling. They play rock'n'roll and they play it good and if The cosmic commander manages as good as he sings i would watch out for his boys in the ring.
Even if this record doesnt really fit in on a blogg about Oi! i just had to upload it. A must have!

Limecell & The blurters - Stay pissed! 7'' (1999)

01. Limecell - Piss test
02. Limecell - Daily grind
03. Limecell - Crack hooker (live)
04. The blurters - Combo scam
05. The blurters - Porn star
06. The blurters - Public toilet (live)

Released by Snapshot records in 1999.

A low quality release on an Australian record company with a major name in the Australian punk scene The blurters. Not much to have on Limecells side more then 1 exclusive track (Daily grind) and a live version of the old classic Crack hooker. The blurters on side B is a great band and 2 of the members that where on this release later started the skinhead band Bulldog Spirit. Porno star is a great track that gives voice to every horny teen boys dream of one day being a pornstar (oh was it just me that had that one?). Thinking off putting together an Aussieofoiofsweden site anyone intressted haha.

Limecell & Savage 3-D - Split 7'' (1996)

01. Limecell - Gingerbread man
02. Limecell - Part of the herd
03. Savage 3-D - Turned off
04. Savage 3-D - Under your thumb

Released by Ruff-nite records in 1996.

Limecell really took some time on creating this cover. I mean they baked the cockies and then arranged them in sadistic ways you just gotta love dedication like that haha.
Limecells side is great and both tracks are 100% exclusive to this split. Their second song Part of the herd is an instant classic with hard slamming drums and great lyrics to match.
The B-side is split with an American female fronted punkrock band by the name of Savage 3-D. Never heard of them before i bought this split and to my knowledge this is the only release they ever did. Not really my thing and the singer really bugs me going from up and down in voice like some bad copy of early Nirvana. They also thought it was a great idea to put an echo on her singing everytime she yells. Not a good idea.

lördag 17 april 2010

Limecell - Just plain pissed! 7'' (1995)

01. Rat fink
02. Just plain pissed!
03. Alien baby

Released by Ruff-nite records in 1995.

This was actually the first release ever by Ruff-nite records that would go on to release records by such groups as Antiseen and also the Swedish group Demons.
This was their fourth 7'' and they are here again on their a bit faster rougher sound. Both Rat fink and Just plain pissed! (in a live version) would later go on to be released on full-lengths but not their B-side Alien baby. It is easy to see how since its a bit to experimental and way to much "guitar masturbation", my guess is that it was mostly a song to fill out this record.

Limecell - Lager leeches 7'' (1994)

01. Got it made
02. What heppened?
03. Dishes
04. Looking forward to nothing

Released by Black hole records in 1994.

The second release by the band and a bit nicer then most of their other earlier releases. The album starts of great with the track Got it made (has that typical Limecell sound) but slows down on the second track (actually checked my pitch to se if had the right speed on the turntable). All in all a good record but kind of soft comparred to their Crack hooker and Sefltitled 7''s.

fredag 16 april 2010

Wave format anyone?

I have now put together the Stanton, downloaded the software needed and started ripping some of my old records (last 6 hours was spent ripping to be exact), a damn funny thing to do on a friday of from work (not). Since my speakers are broken im ripping deaf (i dont know how it sounds untill im done with the ripp) and since many bands do one side to play in 33 speed and the other side in 45 speed its a trial and error kind of project. Anyway i compared the quality on the ripps i did and found that the mp3's didnt stand a chance against the wav formats.
I decided that i will rip all vinyl into wav in the future. This results in way bigger files, a 7'' will come to about 70-80 MB instead off the normal 10-15 MB that it would be in mp3. Since storage-capacity isnt a problem for anyone with a somewhat new computer i hope you all are on my side on this one.
If not then comment and let me know if you would like it in MP3 instead.
//Bernando de Åliando

måndag 12 april 2010

Stanton T55 USB

Just got my brand new darling the Stanton T55 USB model. Looks grand and is said to be the best beltdriven USB converter out there (for my economy atleast). Will get it hooked up for this weekend so expect some nice and rare 7'' for next week.

söndag 11 april 2010

FOX 11 news report on skinheads from the west coast

This is like a feast for the eyes. An actuall indept and mature report on the American skinheadscene (not). Bands appearing in this clip is The revolt, The authority and Toughskins and also some interview footage with Spider and Reaper from skinheadcrew The family. There is a fight between two skincrews Hooligans and Carson skins.

So what fact and knowledge can we sum upp after seing this indept report? We learn about the tribal movements of the skins as the slamdance arm in arm, dive into the pit and bop their shaven heads to the music (hehe). We also learn that skinheads attack people with long hair if they make contact with them (wtf!?). Even if skinheads fight they often end it with a special greeting called the "skinhead embrace". Everywhere there is a moshpit there is a hardcore skinhead causing trouble and where there is trouble you can most often see a skinhead nearby (that often leads to some straight edge band crying out about it in interviews later).

Take me to your skinhead leader haha.

The revolt - Strength thru American Oi! (1997)

01. Skinhead warfare
02. Fed up
03. Aggro
04. For America
05. Shout out loud
06. American Oi!
07. Pride
08. Your obcene
09. Working class anthem
10. Boots go marching in (this track was not on the release just a bonus i threw in there)

Released by Vulture rock in 1997.

Band from Californa featuring members from The family and LA bootboys (both being "streetcrews" not bands). They originaly formed in 1994 and would record most of these songs in 1995 and it was never released until a year after the band broke up. Original members where Tim on vocals, Reaper and Spider both on guitar, Tyson on drums and Jenapher on bass though she was replaced by Witts during the last active year.
A band from the "golden age" of American Oi! playing the Oi! sound that i probably like the most. Main reason this band stopped playing in 96' was due to a documentary that FOX news did on the culture (will upload this next) that resulted in the band being banned from most venues i California and basicly branded them as riotstarters within the punkscene.

This record does not only sport one of the best album covers but also contains some of the best skinhead anthems from the 95' era. If i have to pick a favourite track from the album it has to be Shout out loud that is one of those tracks that sums upp the US Oi! sound for me. Other great tracks are For America and Your obscene but to be honest this album dont have a single bad track.
I also added a track that i found on the internet about a year ago called Boots go marching in (not a Condemned 84 cover). Dont know where this track comes from or if it was ever on any official release but since this was the only release by the band my guess is its a compilation track.

Turnpike wrecks - Some live songs from show in NJ

01. Die
02. Better then emo
03. Little wrecking ball

Uploaded some tracks that wasnt on their cd. These are all from a liveshow they did in New Jersey.

lördag 10 april 2010

Turnpike wrecks - Be more good (2006)

01. Welcome to New Jersey
02. Sailin' with the captain
03. Reap what you sow
04. King for a day, slave for a lifetime
05. We only came for the beer
06. The obligatory Oi! song
07. The titty song

Selfreleased by the band in 2006.

New jesey band consisting of Pete (vocals), Joe (guitar), Ed (bass) and Dave (drums). The band was created in 2004 by Pete and Joe and after a while the rest of the members joined. The band is close friends with the ska band Hub city stompers and actually helped the band record half the songs on their Dirty Jersey album. The today deceased Eddie Shots was a come and go member during liveshows until the unfortunate event in 2008. Band is still somewhat active but its been a while since i heard anything new from them.

A selfreleased/produced mini-cd of high potential. The boys are no musical geniuses but they play the instruments good enough to pass above many other American bands.
This is plain and simple Oi! and actually reminds me a bit of their friends Hub city stompers sideproject Steel toe solution. Even if i would have hoped they had served only good songs when its only 7 songs on the cd both Welcome to New Jersey and We only came for the beer is well worth the download.

Brazen rogues - PBR streetgang

01. PBR street gang
02. This one's for you
03. Brazen to the blaze
04. Who's god?
05. Patriot
06. In the gutter
07. Heads or tails
08. Kill the white hats
09. Aggro anthem
10. Circle pit
11. Brazen doll
12. March of the bootboys
13. Outro

Released by Independent records in 2004.

Band from Cleveland, Ohio created back in 2000 by friends Vicks (guitar/vocals), Alex (bass/vocals) and Mark Rheaume. They released their first album in 2003 called Shamelessy bold scoundrels (wich is absolutely impossible to find now) and right after that Mark left the band. Without a drummer Vick turned to his coworker and brother fireman Rick to fill the spot (they have a song to all brother firemen called Brazen to the blaze on this record) and with this line-up they recorded this album. After some time Alex also left the band and joined together with old friend Mark Rheaume to start the metal band Deadiron. Brazen contributed with the track In the gutter to the 2006 compilation Backstreets of American Oi! Vol. 2 and did some re-union shows in 2007 but to my knowledge the band is not active today.

Another band that (to my happines) lacks the toughguy attitude and actually has a lot of humour in their songs. They are also not afraid to experiment with their sound going from straight Oi!core on some tracks to a more country feeling on other tracks. Even if a lot of tracks go a bit cliché like on the track March of the bootboys and some random Oi! shouting where it doesnt belong its far from generic. First half of the album is the best and This one's for you starts he album of on the right track with some classic skinhead rock'n'roll and continues well with the track Who's god? that is a dedication to Johnny Cash and anyone who has ever been into the man in black will hear wellknown lyrics melted into the song. The best tracks though are Patriot and In the gutter that are more of the classic Oi! songs and that also show of the main reason why i like this band mainly the drums. Other great tracks are Kill the white hats that i have no idea what its about (leave a comment if you do) and the track Circle pit that has a bit of a pop-feeling to it.

This is a great band that i think many people has missed so download it and let me know what you think of it.

onsdag 7 april 2010

Interview with Kurt Beers

Hello Kurt Beers. First of all thanks for taking time of for this interview. Could you please tell the readers who you are.

Note: Kurt Beers is my real name, not a "stage" name/pseudonymn...but, yes, I do drink a lot of beer, of course. I'm the bassist/songwriter/backup singer for Wilmington, Delaware based beer-drinking Southern Rock/Punk/Oi! band THE BARONS (I included Oi! in the description even though my kind interviewer disagrees). I am also the Chief Executive Officer of the mega-gigantic East Coast Oi! label NECK RECORDS.

Could you please give us the discography for the barons.
THE BARONS formed in 2005 and released our first 4 song "Demo" in early 2006 on Neck Records. In 2007 we released a split CD-ep with Washington, DC band ALLEGED BRICKS entitled East Coast Street Rock and Roll (3 songs by ALLEGED BRICKS and 4 songs by THE BARONS) and our only vinyl offering, a 6 song mini-LP from Dim Records (Germany) entitled Party On 45. That record included two songs from a CD single we did on the "A" side and the original "Demo" as the "B" side.
In 2008 we released our first 14 song full-length CD entitled American Beer Drinking Songs on New York punk label Motherbox Records. We have also produced two compilations: Oi! don't pay the bills! Volumes 1 and 2, which had a handful our own music on them plus a bunch of tracks by several of our friends' bands from around the East Coast.
Wes Hickman (lead guitar) and I are the only original members left in the band now, but Roger Hall (rhythm guitar) and Ed Reiss, Jr. (drums) have been with us for most of the 5 years we've been together. We've had 5 different drummers (including Jeff Crompton from STORMWATCH) and 3 different singers (including Dusty Huellemeier from Florida's THE BOOZERS). 3 different rhythm guitarists...just about everyone in Wilmington who knows how to play a musical instrument. The current line-up is still Wes, Rog, Ed and me and we've added Bill Ferrell on vocals.

What other bands have you played in before the barons?

I've played in a bunch of punk bands that no one in Sweden (or hardly anyone in the USA) has ever heard of, but two of us played in ROAD TO RUIN before we started THE BARONS.

As i understand Neck records have a very healthy relationship to politics. Has not releasing bands with extreme politics (left and right) ever given you problems or drama?

I would say Neck Records actually has an AVERSION to politics! I usually don't get involved in politics at all and I try to respect everyone's right to their own opinions on the matter. I take care of my own personal politics in the voting booth at election time. It's not something I like to drag into the music I write or produce. Sometimes I overlook the politics of individual bands I'm working with (especially in the case of Delaware bands, who are usually friends of mine). I have had a couple of political bands on Neck Records: STIFF MIDDLE FINGER on the left and THE INCITED on the right. These two bands didn't get along very well in the distant past, but that's all history now and they both had songs on the same compilation I did called Oi! don't pay the bills! Volume 1.
I started Neck Records to support the Delaware scene, but I quickly outgrew our little state and moved on to producing music by bands from all around the East Coast, especially New Jersey, which is a state with a hell of a lot of good bands. I try to keep things light-hearted... songs about beer always work for me. In addition to the CDs I release on Neck Records, I've also licensed THE BARONS, THE INCITED and THE KEEFS to Dim Records for vinyl release in Europe and I'm working on a couple of things with other European labels for CD release.

You seem to be the only label releasing bands from Delaware. Is it a heavy cross to bear?
It's a really small music scene (and a really small state), so it doesn't keep me very busy! Dim Records also really seems to like Delaware bands (and East Coast bands in general). They have probably released more Delaware bands than anyone other than Neck Records. Not only did they release records by THE BARONS and THE INCITED, but they also released STORMWATCH records back in the 90s.
The recordlabel is a pure DIY-label do you get any help from bigger stores or labels with the distribution?

It's very much DIY. Most of the bands produce their own recordings and/or copies of the actual releases. I mix/master the music in a friend's studio, get the artwork together (with the help of a couple of friends who are artists) and deal with the CD-R duplicator and print shop. We really are just a group of friends...who have very little money to spend on our music...so we try to do this as cheaply as possible. That's why they are lazer-printed CD-Rs in a plastic sleeve with a Xeroxed cover. (I know i would rather have 10 good records in papersleaves then 1 good with some fancy artsyfartsy covers//Bernando) We just don't have the money to do anything fancy and it's really just all about promoting the bands and getting the music out there. Dim Records has helped us out a lot, not only by licensing some of our releases, but also with distribution. You probably wouldn't have heard of us without Dim Records. They have been very good to us. We've also had a lot of help with distribution and promotion from Pure Impact in Belgium, 4 Subculture in Czech Republic and True Force in Spain...all good people and great record labels.
Lets be realistic you and the rest of The barons are not really fresh out of highschool. You have all been in the scene for a long time in one way or another. What groups have had the biggest influences to the sound you have today?

It's probably safe to say that we've been out of high school longer than a lot of your readers have been alive! We're in our late 30s, early 40s, so we grew up listening to New York punk like The Ramones, Johnny Thunders and The Dictators and British bands like Motorhead, Sex Pistols, Cockney Rejects and Cock Sparrer. We're also big fans of Southern Rock like old ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Those are our biggest influences, but we try to stay current and listen to whatever new is out there, also. There are still a lot of great punk bands in America and Europe.

I loved your full-lenght from 2008 are you guys working on anything new at the time?

Thank you, my friend, that's a much appreciated compliment, especially from such a harsh reviewer! Yes, we are working on new songs now with our new singer. We'll go back into the studio sometime this summer and start recording again. Our goal is to put out another full-length album sometime this year. We've had a lot of line-up changes recently, so it's taken awhile to get moving on writing new material. I think the line-up we have now is going to produce some of our best music yet, so stay tuned...

What do you know about the great glorious country of Sweden?

Sweden...hmmm...what do I know about Sweden?...let's see...ABBA, Tiger Woods' cheated-on wife Elin Nordegren, porn star Puma Swede...no, seriously: Our hometown was founded by Swedish settlers (our city flag is actually the Swedish flag, with our city seal added) and our "sister city" is Kalmar, Sweden. The street I live on was named after a Swedish Colonel (Johan Printz)...and of course, we have IKEA, SAAB, etc. Aside from that, I am a big fan of Swedish punk and Oi! bands. I love the way Swedes play the lead guitar...very melodic. Swedish guitarists are the best in Europe (and I'm not talking about Yngwie Malmsteen). Vikings, lots of blonde haired people, a shitpile of snow...The Swedes are wonderful people, but there aren't enough of you...only 10 million? You need to get busy making more Swedish babies!

Any final words?

söndag 4 april 2010

Labor day saints - Self titled (2006

01. Intro
02. Burn
03. Were not to blame
04. Dead end
05. One blood
06. Who i am
07. N. union
08. Again
09. The grind
10. One year ago
11. Tried & true
12. If i should fall from the grace of god (The pogues cover)
Selfreleased by the band in 2006.

After leaving Road to ruin James Peirce and Ed Reiss started this band together with Drew Manlove and Tony Russo. This is a band that shouldnt really be on this site and me reviewing it is far from fair for the band since this sort of music is like a muslim stoning for my ears. They draw influences from Dropkick murphys and Social distortion (the worst influence a band could get) but to be honest i cant see no difference between this band and Green day (other then the fact that Green day has actually created some really good songs through the years). This is the only release by the band and straight after the release both Tony and Ed left the band (Ed would go on to play drums in the much better The barons).
This was one of the most painfull reviews i had to do since i reviewed The allegiance last year. I wont go into the details on what track is the worst, the butchering of old Irish classics or about the painfull attempts at sounding like Roger Mirret on some tracks. If your really going to download this album then atleast give Tried & true a chance since its the only good poppunk track of the bunch.

fredag 2 april 2010

Road to ruin - Demo (2003)

01. Back to Brewhalla
02. Beer drinkin' hooligan
03. Loose change
04. Our way
05. 'Chowda'

Selfreleased by the band in 2003

Another band with members from Delaware started by former Red, white & blue member James and 4 friends back in 2002. They first went under the name Hard knox but later changed their name. 3 of these songs was later released in a 4pack 7'' collection by Narayan records together with The opposition, Down and outs and The residuals. They also lended 3 of these demosongs to the Oi! dont pay the bills Vol. 2 compilation that was released earlier this year. The band broke up in 2004 but James went on to form the band Labour day saints.

Started by a former Red, white & blue member one would expect a bit harder sound but this is more of a streetpunk/Oi! crossover and putting more focus on beerdrinking then on patriotism. Out of their 5 song carrier Beer drinkin' hooligan and Our way are the best songs.
(Update 4 April 2010: Singer Dusty and drummer Ed went on to play in The barons but after a while Dusty left The barons to sing in The boozers. Ed is still playing in The barons.)

DIY style

Seems like many people have a problem with the WMA files when i ripp cd's and are not able to add them to their Ipod, library etc. A problem? No. It took me 2 seconds to google the issue and then about 5 minutes to read the tutorial and download the program. Still people are writing me messages asking me to convert the files and re-upload them. Since i went to all the trouble of finding the music, ripping it and then uploading it i think its more fair if you do it yourself.

I will try and upload only mp3 in the future but if i happen to ripp it into wma by mistake then go to this site http://www.askdavetaylor.com/converting_wma_to_mp3_for_ipod.html.