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torsdag 29 juli 2010

The bureau (We want that record now!)

The bureau was a patriotic Oi! band from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania that was active around 2000. The members where Matt on vocals (around the last active period he was replaced by some guy named Steve), Drew and the brothers John and Dave. They played some local shows with The traditionals and The sussed but never did any bigger shows during their active years. They recorded about 8 tracks witch of one was released on the Gang up free 7'' that i have already posted. The band took an abrupt end when Dave died in a fire some time after this. His brother John stopped associating with the rest of the band after this and started getting active in the extreme right-wing movement.
Pure impact expressed some intrests in releasing their 8 tracks on a LP but because off the lack off playtime it was hard to make it a full album and the LP was canceled.
Many other labels has also expressed intrest in a release but John wants it to be released on a white power label and the rest of the members didnt want any of that so the record is now stuck in a musical limbo.
My advice to anyone that might have the masters is leak that shit ou or release it as a illegal bootleg and dont let any of the original members get any of the profit it might do. Just get your political differences out of the way and releace the fucking thing you cunts.

Thanks to Doag Sloan (creator of the Boots'n'Booze record label) for the info.

onsdag 28 juli 2010

Down underground

Some time ago i started another blogg called Fuckyeah!!! that would be an outlet for all things unamerican and unoi!. Got an invitation to join the Down underground site so from now on thats where you will find all my other uploads. Dont worry this will no stand in the way of me updating this site.

måndag 26 juli 2010

Oxblood performing their song Our colors

From the gig they did in NY some months ago. Great song, kickass jeansdress and some familuar faces in the audience hehe.

söndag 25 juli 2010

To many records to little time....

Just recieved a whole heapload of records from Dim records, Ironclad records and record-collectors around the world. I will try to rip these as fast as i can (still have hundred of records i should rip before these too) and therefor i will probably not be to active on the site this comming week. From what i have heard its summer now and you could always walk outside and enjoy the weather instead?

lördag 24 juli 2010

Headwound - Ginmill (2004)

01. Part-time resident
02. Trashbag
03. Sloppy seconds
04. White knuckle love
05. 3 cheers for beer
06. Forklift operator
07. Tossin'-n-turnin' (Bobby Lewis cover)
08. Punk you want
09. Sound of music
10. Straight to hell

Released by Haunted town records in 2004.

Old, old, very old men playing punkrock now. One would have thought they would turn to pop on this album to plan for their retirement but its still that same old NJ sounding Headwound here.

I downloaded it way back but to support a band i like i bought it and found out that the one i had downloaded some time ago isnt the same version and it contains an extra song. The song that i thought was on this record because of the downloaded album is a Peter, Paul and Mary cover of the song Leaving on a jetplane. I uploaded the version i downloaded since i contains that extra track other then that song it seems to be the same. (A great song by the way)

For a band that hasnt released any new music in 8 years i had expected something more from thsi "comeback" album. Its far from bad though and it contains some rally good songs like the Sound of music tribute that will get you to singalong after a couple of beers. Other good songs are White knuckle love, Part time resident and my personal favourite Fork lift operator (its about fucking time we got ourselfs an anthem!!).
The band still has those annoying tired songs that makes them hard to like but looking at the current bandphoto i cant do nothing but love these olden goldies that are still sticking to that sound they where a part in creating. And the fact that they are about to release new material in 2010 gives me hope in listening to music like this to the grave.
Do like me and buy the album if you like it after listening it through. It can be bought here:
Dim records
Oi!aintdead (LP sold out though)
Pure impact (only CD left here to)
Haunted town records
KOI records

fredag 23 juli 2010

Headwound - The early years (2000)

01. Tuck-A-Buck
02. Greater then zero less than one
03. Barfly
04. Bergen county
05. Kings of beer
06. Shut up
07. Keep it in the country
08. Terminal delinquent
09. Thinkin' & drinkin'
10. Town without a name
11. Runaway (Del Shannon cover)
12. Curds and whey
13. D.M.V.
14. Get of my line (live)
15. Abnormality (live)

Released by Squigtone records in 2000.

Track 1-4 is their first 7'' called The E.P. and was released by Headache in 1991. This is a damn good Ep and two tracks deffinetly worth checking out are Barfly and Bergen county.

Track 5-8 was their second 7'' called Kings of beer also released through Headache but in 1993. This is my alltime favourite album by Headwound and is a bit more Oi!riented with the awesome singalong song Kings of beer, the patriotic anthem Keep it in the country and my favourite track by the band Terminal delinquent.

Tracks 9 and 10 is the A-side to their third 7'' called Thinkin' & drinkin' released by Dim records in 1993. This album is the beginning of their little more annoying sound but the song Town without a name is ok. The B-side to this 7'' was included on other releases so your not missing anything.

Both track 11 and 12 are early unreleased songs and even if the Del Shannon cover is great i can understand that track 12 never made it out of the demostage.

Track 13 is from their first ever cassette demo that got them their deal with Headache. It was featured on their full-length in 1994 but in typical punk-maner this early demosong kicks the shit out of the later mastered version.

The two last tracks are taken from an old gig in the Phoenix Club. Good tracks but nothing special live.

All in all this is a great collection of their early and most active years featuring one of my most favourite American punk EP's.
This album can still be bought from Interpunk. Well worth the money.

onsdag 21 juli 2010

Headwound - Look good..? It is!! 7'' (1996)

01. Papertown
02. Gearhead
03. Wondrama
04. Some other time... another place

Released by Headache records in 1996.

Their last release through Headache and also their last real release of new material until 2004. They have a new bassplayer here and they are also lacking in some of the annoying parts from their full-lenght.

All in all its a typical Headwound release but a track that sticks out is Some other time... another place where Choppie sound a bit rougher then on other tracks. He actually reminds me a bit about Bill Owens of Those Unknown in some ways.
Dim records still has a couple of them laying around so go pick it up if you like it.

Manslaughter Thug Life Zine.

Sometimes you are to occupied with your own blogg to notice all the hard work other people put into their sites. This is a site that everyone should check out. It works more as a Zine then a blogg and focus on making actuall articles about news and groups mainly focusing on Hardcore but also has some punk. This is what we in sweden would call a "smultronställe". Visit him at Manslaughter.

tisdag 20 juli 2010

Headwound - Selftitled (1994)

01. Crewcuts & leather
02. Leave me alone
03. Judy's song
04. Get off my line
05. Abnormality
06. If you wanna be happy
07. Changing the guard
08. When i go out
09. Meat you at Wa wa's
10. Drinkin'
11. One on one
12. Alright
13. Hey stupid!
14. D.M.V.

Released by Headache records in 1994.

Before this one they released 3 EP's but i will get to them eventually.

Musically this is verry verry simulair to The wretched ones and all other 90's Jersey punk. This is not a bad thing but i never really think Headwound hit as hard as the other bands. Mainly because i sometime get annoyed by the way Choppie's voice remind me off a pre-puberty bullies lalalala voice. Their second EP called Kings of beer is one of my favourite records and this one is quite bland and uninspired in comparison.
As far as happy Oi! songs goes they deliver and adding great drums to that and even this record rise above the majority off other groups releases.
The albums starts off ok but it isnt untill the song If you wanna be happy i really get into it. A bit higher tempo then on their other songs and it made me laugh since Choppie surrely at this point has gotten married and i can just guess how his wife feels about this song. Other good songs are One by one, Judy's song and Get off my line but other then that its a bit to slow an bland for my taste. A soso fulllength surrounded by great EP's.
As far as i know this one has been sold out for some time now. Let me know if you know otherwise.

måndag 19 juli 2010

Headwound (Introduction)

Another classic longrunning band out of New Jersey with close connections to Niblick Henbane and The wretched ones. The band was officially formed back in 1990 by Harry Baggs (guitar) and Johnny Hate (drums) after realising their old band called Wabbit season wouldnt go anywhere. They where only a "livingroom band" at this state but one drunken night their friend Choppie Sinclaire grabbed the mic and started singing the lyrics they had written down and suddenly they had a singer (these three friends are still today in the band). Next party Choppie brought along his friend Nek to play some bass with the band and suddenly the first complete Headwound lineup was born.
Just a short time after their first show (on Brighton bar NJ PUNKFEST) they got signed to Headache records that their friend Armen (singer of The wretched ones) had just started. They released their first 7'' in 1991 called simply The E.P. and followed it up in 1993 with their second 7'' called Kings of beer. Around this release Nek decided to leave the band and was replaced with Dan Brewer on bass. With this lineup they released their next 7'' but this one on Dim Records.
Missing out on the fame, glory and loose women Nek returned to play bass on their 1994 full-length but was replaced by J.C on bass right after that. In 1996 they released their fourth 7'' that was the last record through Headache records. Choppie worked (dont know if he still does) at Armens electronics company around this time and after so it is clear that it wasnt bad blood between the band and the label that was a result of this departure.

In 1998 they did a song for Squigtone records compilation Siege the day and it resulted in them being signed and releasing a collection album in 2000 that contained their first two 7''s and the A-side from the 7'' released by Dim records (their B-sides where featured on other releases) and some old demosongs. This makes it much easier for me to get their discography up hehe.
Some year after this J.C left the band but was replaced by skilled Quincy McGirk on bass and with this lineup they recorded their last (latest) record in 2004 (though the sleeve says 2005) for Haunted Town records. After this it was quiet for some time but they appeared in 2008 on a Black hole compilation and just a few months ago Squiggy's new label Working class records announced that they will be releasing a new album with Headwound featuring their fourth 7'' a some livesongs and newly recorded studiosongs.

20 years on and still going strong!

söndag 18 juli 2010

Band of felons - Drown my sorrows, drink my dreams MCD (2002)

01. Over the edge
02. Dick & Jane
03. P.T.I.
04. No place like home
05. Time for change

Released by Go for broke records in 2003.

I must say this album was a dissapointment when i bought it. I had to cash out 7.25 dollars for a homemade cd with 5 songs and then i expect all 5 songs to be solid tracks. Anyway there is one good song and i guess i can put this album in my rare collection and never play it again. Over the edge the one track that is good is really good and reminds me a bit about the sound that The barons and Loose skrews has.
Dont mind buying it since i took photos of the inner sleave just download it. There is better music out there to waste your hardearned money on.
If you absolutely must own this or just want to support the group its still available through Interpunk.

Band of felons - Demo (2002)

01. New scapegoats
02. Punk rock romance
03. Working poor
04. Fuck up (Live)

Selfreleased by the band in 2002.

A New Jersey band that was fronted by the Oi! veteran Eddie Shots that passed away at a to young age 2 years ago. Except from this band he was active in Turnpike wrecks and also played a part in the legendary skaband Hub city stompers.
The original lineup was Eddie on bass and vocals, Dave on drums, Sean on guitar and backup vocals and Joe Knots on lead guitar. This band only released a homemade CDEP on their own label Go for broke in 2003 but had tons of songs like these that never got released.

This is decent Oi! with a rock'n'roll twist and for the time this band was around i am amazed that they never got to release more then a CDEP. New scapegoats is the best song and definatly worth downloading.

lördag 17 juli 2010

Lyrics for Sarge by New glory.

Looking at the faces, you think what a shame
The stories behind those eyes, of hopelessness and pain
A man stands by the alley he's known as Sarge
To this day he can't figure out how he'd been pushed so far!

They used to call him Sargeant now he's living on the street
A medal for his honor but no food for him to eat
Time is getting tighter, hope is growing slim
We all know what he did for us and what did we do for him?

He fought for and believed that this was the Promised Land
He lost his job when the factory moved their plant to Japan
No one could help to pay his rent, although he was a Vet
The truth said ???, how soon our countrymen forget!

They used to call him Sargeant now he's living on the street
A medal for his honor but no food for him to eat
Time is getting tighter, hope is growing slim
We all know what he did for us and what did we do for him?

The Sargeant led his regiment through and Asian hell
He'd seen his share of heroes, the stories he could tell
Once he was respected, an expert with his gun
But that was then, this is now, today he's called a bum!

The "well to do" look down on him, they turn away and laugh
But they don't know still in his pocket is a soldier's photograph
And when the laugh he rolls his sleeve for all the rich to see
A broken man's last tattered pride, his tattoo U.S.M.C.!

New glory - 2 tracks from Gods of war Vol.3 (1989)

Here are the two tracks that was featured on the 1989 compilation with a lot of questionable bands. A big change in the bands sound but it still sounds ok. Thanks to Dan for tipping me about these songs.

Nobody's fools - We'll show you (2002-2006)

01. Take back the scene
02. We'll show you
03. Bomb the taliban
04. Knock out
05. Drinkin' nights
06. Hooligans in the night
07. We're in the streets

(Update 20 July 2010: After the breakup of this band some membes went on to create the band Call to arms that no longer are active. Now some of the members play in Factory minds. Thanks for the info Ryan.)

Basicly a collection of all their songs from 2002 to 2006.

This was never a real release but it was supposed to be released on American defence in 2006 as AD007. Dont know what happened though.

I cant say i know nothing about the band and the only proof i have that they actually existed is that they appeared with 2 of these tracks on American skinheads armed with the truth compilation.
As for quality music this is great. Even if i never will know anything about the band they will always be one of my favourite later Oi! bands. This is pure hardhitting brickwall Oi! that care more about delivering and less about who they might offend.
Take back the scene is a fantastic song with one hell of a catchy chorus and a simple but great bass-line. Even if i have a hard time melting the war anthem Bomb the taliban i know it was recorded a year after 9/11 and being on the outside looking in all i can do is take it for what it is, a fastpaced and brutal anthem.
Sadly this band with Vaticans (also on the ASAWTT compilation) both good and genuine Oi! bands disapeared in a time when Irish piratepunk and NYHC claimed to be Oi! (and the labels actually fell for it).

fredag 16 juli 2010

Lyrics for Backlash by New glory

¤Nerdfacts: The photo is taken from a riot that was started by skinheads in City Gradens. The jumping skinhead in the front is actually Matt Andrews brother Scott that used to play guitar in The Uprise¤

Steelcapped boots and jungle greens, the time's right we're gonna come clean
Standin' on our own, you know what I mean!
We march on to victory, they beat them but they won't beat me
We fight the moneyman enemy!

The time has come! It's all on the line! We win or die!

We toe the line, the skinhead, our way of life it hangs by a thread
Our back's against the wall, but we're not dead!
We'll take our pride and all on our back, let's put the traitors to the rack
It's time for the backlash attack!

The time has come! It's all on the line! We win or die!

Will we find strength or will we die? will the New Glory banner fly?
Hear the backstreet battle cry... U.S. skinheads will never die!

New glory - Backlash (1988)

01. New glory
02. Sarge
03. Red, white and blue
04. Robin Hood
05. Never surrender
06. Backlash
07. The spirit can't be killed
08. Loyal and brave
09. We pay the price
10. We the people (Fly our flag)

Released by Rock-O-Rama in 1988.

After The uprise broke up both Matt Andrews and Rob Daly went on to form this band with their Philly friends Fran Sherlock on vocals and Todd Forkin on guitar. The band only lasted for about 2 years and this was their only release. The band was anti-communist, nationalists and pro-white but they never had any racist lyrics in their songs (and whatever their views where off-stage is none of my concerne).

If you're like me a fan of early right-winged US Oi! like Arresting officers and Stars & stripes this will be right up your alley. Musically and lyricly they are very close to AO and i guess the fact that the bandmembers never went on to form non-political bands like Limecell damned them to the racistfolder for all time.
Good music is always good music for me as long as it doesnt advocate hatecrimes or racism. And this is damn good Oi! that i think many people that are scarred of the "white devil" have missed.
Best track on the record is Sarge about a war veteran that now lives on the streets "A medal for his honor but no food for him to eat".
With a cocky cover like that and the great music that it contains this one could easily be one of my top records but on some songs like Never surrender they become a bit to "on the brink" for me.
Definitely not for the weakhearted or PC people.

torsdag 15 juli 2010

The uprise - Unreleased Link LP (1988)

01. Friends, fights and fun
02. Someone said today
03. Around the world
04. Back in the days
05. When i see
06. Media fools
07. Malpractice
08. Carry a flag

This record should have been released on Link Records in 1988 but that never happened.

Got this record sent to me by a Yankee intenetfriend around 5 years ago and even if it never was a 100% release this one should have come out on Link Records in the 80's. All these songs are on their earlier demo's that i uploaded before but these are better quality (that not meaning good quality). Well on these versions you can atleast hear what they are singing and things like the bass that was almost completly grinded out on the earlier versions is now there.
In no way a great set of songs but another little slice of Oi! history.

The uprise - One by one 7'' (1988)

01. One by one
02. Consequences
03. Destruction
04. Year of hate

Released by Oi!core Records in 1988.

Their only true release and damn what a good release it is. I am oftenly not a big fan of hardcore influenced Oi! with screaming vocalists but this record falls right on my ear. Dont know if it is the fact that i have listened to it so many times but Year of hate is actually one of my favourite American songs. If your a fan of Youth Defence League or Youthful offenders this is definetly for you.

onsdag 14 juli 2010

The uprise - Friends, fights & fun (1986-1987)

01. Someone said today
02. Around the world
03. Back in the days
04. When is see
05. Media fools
06. Malpractice
07. Carry a flag
08. Friends, fights & fun
09. Winning the war
10. Bad reputation (Thin Lizzy cover)

Released as a bootleg cassette by Streetwise records after the band broke up in 1988.

This one was actually released after their breakup but to get my discography right i upload this one first. This tape is a collection of their early demos and the quality is awefull but enjoyable anyway. In 1988 Link Records was about to release a 8-track LP called Friends, fights and fun but that never happened so instead this bootleg was released as a tribute to the band.
The album title is a hint to their affiliation in the FFF gang.

To be honest this tape is pure garbage and the soundquality is on the same level as The Allegiances releases and trying to find anything good is hard. Anyway its worth a download since its a true piece of rare Oi!-core history.

The uprise (Introduction)

One of the scenes most notorious and classic bands from the 80's. Even if they actually only released a 7'' their reputation is what made them big. They formed in 1986 in Philladelphia under the name Suburban uprise and the members was Rob Daly on drums and vocals and the brothers Matt & Scott Andrews on bass and guitar. Jimmy "Skinny Emond would later join and do the vocals on their 7'' but later left to sing in The Mad hatters. Just like most other skinheadbands around this time they played hardcore influenced Oi! (Warzone, YDL etc etc.) and it didnt take long until they changed their bandname and had their first gigs.
The band was featured on some comps (US of Oi! and The spirit of Oi! - American style) and released a couple of demo's but actually only released a single in 1988 through Oi!-core records.

What made the band so notorious was their lifes of the stage and their affiliations with some of the most demented and violent skinhead gangs in the US at that time. They where members of the FFF crew (Fight For Freedom) that was one of the most feared gangs in USA at that time. Some rumours say that they where also connected to the Pottstown Riot crew that made the headlines after a 17 year old member killed his own parents in coldblood.

The band was always extremly patriotic and this was something that The exploited got a taste of when doing a show in USA (where The uprise also was playing) in 1987. Before their show they where confronted by The uprise and some local skinheads that told them that if they playd their song Fuck the USA something bad would happen to them. The exploited being on foreign soil and all decided to leave that number of their liveset. Thinking everything was cool they left their set only to find their tourvan tipped over and smashed to pieces.

The band broke up in 1988 and the members went on to form other projects. Rob Daly and Matt Andrews went on to form the band New Glory that was an American RAC band that only lasted for a year and later in 1990 Rob would join the band Elite terror on drums.

Brooklyn show

tisdag 13 juli 2010

Second to none - Wreck of rock n roll (2006)

01. 40 hours
02. Dead and gone
03. Falling short
04. Fire started burning
05. Hardfall
06. Irish girl
07. Realist
08. No escape
09. Pardon ways victory
10. Sixteen
11. Won't deny
12. Tribute

Released by STN Records in 2006.

A San Antonio,Texas based streetpunk band that started back in 2004. The members where Benny Contreras on vocals and bass, Joe Cortez on lead guitar, Anthony Bennett on guitar and backup vox and Yogi Rodrigez on drums. The band was only active for a couple of years but in that time they appeared on two comp albums (American skinheads armed with the truth and Backstreets of American Oi! Vol.2) and released this album. This si your run of the mill "streetpunk" band that basicly just set itself apart from the rest with their political stance.

Its not really fair that i review a record of a genre that i loath but since they couldnt keep their hands out of the skinhead-jar they get whats comming for them.
I never really liked the songs on the comps but though that buying their full-length might change my feelings towards this band. It doesnt take more then their second track for me to understand that this is yet another "by the mold" streetpunk band. On their fourth track called Fire started burning i get a positive feeling thinking that i might enjoy this as a rockalbum and forget the Social distortion imagery but then i skip track and all hope fades. The band has a scurvy, piraty Irish song alá Dropkick murphy's called Irish girl. Was this necessary since no one of the members are even of Celtic descent? I know that they probably had listened to a lot of DM but how about being original (not even mentioning the graphic/symbolic ripoff's from Templars).
On the track Realist i notice one of the few things that sets them apart from the rest of most streetbands. Their politics. This is actually a conservative band and they set the facts straight with their chorus in this son "Im not a leftist/Im not a socialist/A little prejudice Cause im a realist" but that doesnt score any points with me.
Some of the songs are ok if you take them for what they are but in a genre that is actually focused on reaching the masses this band didnt go far and its plain to see why. If you want some good streetrock then go out and buy Mommy's little darling LP with Social distortion instead.

lördag 10 juli 2010

Varios artists - Oink! Skinzine #5 7'' (1998)

01. Lager lads - Finest hur (Canada)
02. Infiltrators - Fucking cowards
03. The wretched ones - The Oi! mode
04. The krays - Oi! what happened to punk today?

Released as a free 7'' with issue #5 of the American Oink! Skinzine.

I never actually owned the zine but this is another one of those records i have bought from people overseas.
Canadian Lager lads starts the record with one of their better songs that was also featured on their colletionalbum.
Infiltrators deliver an all exclusive track that is directed to racist skins with the chorus "White power, white cowards" and its also the best track on this release. Infiltrators at their best.
The wretched ones contributes a song that was exclusive in 1998 but was released on one of their full-lengths later on. Nothing speciall and one of their weaker tracks.
The krays is one of those uneven bands that sometimes make great music and sometimes make utter garbage. This is one of the better ones.
A good release showcasing some of the 90's "softer" Oi! bands and it was worth paying money for even if it is a free 7''.
(a bit of a quick and sloppy review i know but the wether is to damn good to be wasted on sitting here)

fredag 9 juli 2010

Infiltrators - Dont give me that "old-skool" lip. Just get your metal out of my hardcore!!! CD (1998)

01. Trouble makers
02. Cog in the wheel
03. Boot bullies
04. Probation
05. Paycheck to paycheck
06. Rude boy
07. El grito de lares
08. Conspiracy
09. None would dare
10. Mr. high and mighty
11. You and we play
12. Fight for what we stand for

Released by Oink! records in 1998.

A strange album to say the least. The albumname to start with and its also the first time i have bought a CD without the tracklisting in it (had to look many songtitles up on the internet).
This record is also nothing like their other releases. I think their split with Squiggy is one of the best records in my collection and their other split was almost as good. Basicly this is their Krays split with one good new song and a bunch of oneminute crappsongs.
At the time that this album was released the members was currently active in other projects (Model citizen being one of them) and maybe thats why it turned out this way. If you want some really good Oi! then download their last record that i have already uploaded here.
This CD is still availible to purchase from Runnin' riot Spain.

onsdag 7 juli 2010

Infiltrators & The krays - Whats right and who's left? 7'' (1997)

01. Infiltrators - Troublemakers
02. Infiltrators - Paycheck to paycheck
03. Infiltrators - Probation
04. Infiltrators - Boot bullies
05. The krays - Radio
06. The krays - Won't get fooled again (The who cover)

Released by Welfare records in 1997.

Infiltrators is a band that i dont really know much about except for the information i can take from the records they have released. Dont know anyone that used to know them or anything like that either but here i go trying to make an introduction to the band anyway hehe what the hell here goes nothing.
The Infiltators are a fastpaced "Oi-core" band from Brooklyn consisting of Dennis on vocals, Eric Kullbeck on drums, James Spinello on bass and John Harway on guitar. The band started in NY around the middle of 1990's and even if it wasnt longlived they managed to release a demo, 2 split 7'' and a full-lenght record. The band had close connections to the rest of the scene around the Ny area at that time and appeared on liveshows with familiar NY bands like Templars, Oxblood, Step2Far, First strike, Fed Up! and Bottom of the barrel.

This record is the first real release after their demo from the year before (those demotracks where later released on a split with Squiggy that you can download here). Even if they are described and foldered as Oi!-core i dont really think theres really that much hardcore about their sound. I would more describe them as a bit faster paced Oi! with moments of what we in Sweden call trall. Even if all these songs where released on their full-length in 1998 these songs have a bit difference in sound from those versions. One of the biggest difference is a female backup vocalist on this split that i guess was one of the members but since Welfare completly forgott to write down the bandmembers names on the cover i guess she will remain unknown.
All songs by Infiltrators are great and it contains my alltime favourite track Troublemakers.

The krays is a band that i will do a real introduction on later since i am still missing two split records from their discography (they are not for sale anywhere but if you got one of them listed in my wantlist i am willing to buy).
The first song by The krays is an actually radiofriendly antipop song called Radio. This track sounds layed back after listening to Infiltrators side but really its that classic sound that The krays had before going a bit softer.
Their last song on the record is my biggest issue and its a cover of The whos song Won't get fooled again that also Skrewdriver did a cover of in 1977. In the paper that came with the vinyl The krays write this, "We've heard that Skrewdriver had covered this song. Well, we're taking it back for The who. And it goes out to all you RAC listening cunts. If you want good music make your own". First of all their calling me a cunt but thats not the issue, the issue is that if they would have known anything of their British punkhistory they would have known that this cover was made in 1977 by the punkband Skrewdriver and not the 1982 band Skrewdriver that only had one of the original members and absolutely no tie except that inbetween them. This band was probably one of the biggest selling amd most influencial bands at that time and two of the members where actually socialists. And even if it would have been the later band what are they talking about. Just because a band doesnt share their political ideals evrybody that listening to them are cunts? Isnt that a bit judgemental and prejudice?
Now what really pisses me of is that their version isnt even nearly as good as Skrewdrivers cover cover of that song. So if YOU want to listen to good music listen to early British punkrock (or as The krays call it, RAC).
This record has been sold out for years.

tisdag 6 juli 2010

Welcome home party 16th of July.

Brassic plays their first show on home turf since returning from Brazil. "Rumours" say that their album is now finished and ready to hit distros soon. With a new guitarist and a whole heap of new songs this is just to good to miss out on. Forget all other shows (reunion OR breakup shows) going down in Cali that evening this is the one to visit.

The drunks - Live free or die, die, die 7'' (2002)

01. New hampshire
02. Voice of glory
03. Hooligan youth

Released by D.S.S. records in 2002.

The drunks new bandname is here The dark alley drunks but the vinyl still says The drunks so i will just stick with the old name.

This is their second and last release and to be honest its only one track that is worth listening to. But that single track is the ebst one i have heard with them. Its the first track and it has a sort of country feeling and is about staying young forever. They compare marriage to death but i wonder how many of these 4 mid-20's punkstars has escaped it 8 years on.
Both other tracks are nothing special and basicly tracks that only a mother can love.
Sorry i bought the last 7'' available so you will just have to stick with my superb rip of the record.

The drunks - Ruin it for everyone (2000)

01. Let it out
02. Elvira
03. Pride of Manchester
04. Bottles full
05. Saturday night
06. Cougar

Released by TKO records in 2000 and later re-released in 2006.

Your typical garage streetpunk/Oi! band that looks more like a bunch of psychobilly guys. They started in 1998 as one of the few "skinheadbands" in the little town of Manchester, New Hampshire. The band consisted of Al on vocals, George and Christian on guitars (though Christian left the band after this release), Evan on bass and Denis on drums. They released this EP in 2000 and later changed their name to The dark alley drunks and released a 7'' on DSS records in 2002. After that the band broke up and to my knowledge none of the members went on to play in any other bands. One of them now does service in Iraq but thats basicly all i know. They where proud members of the skinheadcrew Manchester Firm.

If your looking for something special and inventive this is not the band your looking for. This is typical and very cliché punkrock with "drunken bluecollar youth beating down people cause they are skinheads and thats what skinheads do" type of lyrics. This not meaning that its bad music in any way. The first song called Let it out is actually really good and i really like Al's way of singing on this track and Bottles full but the rest are all "soso" songs that dont really stick out in any way.
A decent album.
7/10 (yep im starting with the 10/10 grade again)
This record is still availible in these stores:

måndag 5 juli 2010

Lyrics for Priceless advice by Tommy gutless

My granddad used to tell me that boy you will turn out right
You'll get along long after im gone i can see it in your eyes
I was on the floor looking up at his chair, sitting indian style with fine blonde hair
And i hung on every word that he handed down to me
He said i remember back to the days when i was a little bit older than you
I would sit right there with my grandpa trying to learn all that he knew
I remember my dad comming into the room he would stop and smile the way that you do
Now i know those words where heaven sent and that my time was time well spent

He said you'll learn when to fight, you'll learn when to run
When to stick with your principals and stick to your guns
That murder is wrong but a man has got to pay for what he's done
And if it means the forfeit of his life, hey thats all right cause he will be judged when kingdom comes

I guess i did a good job on your old man, and your mothers not here tonight
But what i decree and im sure she would agree that everything turned out all right
They raised you strong, they raised you true with every bit of love the only way that they knew
And all this time they always thought of you, they raised you proud and strong they raised you red, white & blue


Well i've been down and out of my luck, puched faith to many times with a semitruck
My hearts been bad ever since i was 3, couldnt hear well enough to join the army
But i walked down there and i tried to hide what was ailing me when i went inside
I tried to go off and fight in that war but god and the recruiter had more in store

}Chorus x2{

Tommy gutless performing New England

Tommy gutless performing a cover of Billy Braggs song New England live on SRUnderground.

Tommy gutless - Death, honor or glory bound (2004)

01. Rise again
02, Death honor, or glory bound
03. Working class dream
04. Rock 'n' roll (for the thugs)
05. Sunday morning
06. We can do it
07. One thing on my mind
08. Shades apart
09. Anthems for revolution
10. East water street
11. 54'40 or fight
12. Priceless advice
13. Americana
14. Last chance for redemption

Released by Street Anthem Records in 2004.

A band from Pittsburgh playing streetpunk with Oi! influences. The band was formed in 2000 and only released this cd and a demo in 2007 (the band broke up in 2008 so nothing became of it).
The band consisted of Bryan McQuaid on vocals, Thomas Guentner (thats his brother on the cover) on guitar and backing vocals, Eric Huntsman on guitar (though he is only featured on 4 tracks on this cd), Rich Pribis on bass and Dave "Ace" Niggemyer on drums.
Their sound is easiest explained as a mix off Hudson falcons, Pistol grip an the good part of bands like Flatfoot 56, Street dogs and Dropkick Murphy's (the part without irish folkmusic and drunken mumbeling about god and working on the docks).

For a band that started out as a fun sideproject they sure know how to make hitsongs and this whole album is filled with them. First of all what a damn nice booklet they deliver their music with. Every single song has an explanation on what it is about and what they thought about when writing it and if your like me and actually care about the lyrics (even though its punk we're talking about here) its a nice surprise.
I first heard them on Backstreets of American Oi! Vol.2 with their civilwar song 54'40 or fight and got sold directly but now after some time witht he record i have to say that's one of their weakest tracks. They have some great singalong punktracks that sticks in your head (Shades apart, Workingclass dream, Rise again) and some with a bit more R'n'R feeling (One thing on my mind, Rock'n'Roll) but its on tracks like Americana and Priceless advice where they slow it down and go a bit more aucustic that they really shine. Americana and Priceless advice is about growing up and remembering the ideals that was passed down on you. It's hard to believe that these songs together where written in less than an hour.
Its said to see how an actually good streetpunk band like this died out so fast (while Rancid never seems to stop).
This record is still available for purchace in distros so if you download and like it then buy it from some of these sites:

lördag 3 juli 2010

Working class soldiers - Demo (2005)

01. Patriot
02. Gay bash
03. Working class kid
04. Boot party
05. Fuck you! (WCS anthem)
06. China man Oi!
07. Skinhead girl
Selfreleased by the band in 2005.
A fourman band out of Anaheim, California that plays a sort of RAC influenced Oi!. It was started back in 1994 with Juan on vocals, Harry on guitar, Ralph on bass and Art on drums. They never released anything else then this demo but was featured with 2 of these songs on the superb American Defence compilation in 2006 called American skinheads armed with the truth. They are a blue collar patriotic band that follows the written constitution above all with liberty for all etc etc. This is where my problem with the group comes in. I am never the one to be PC about anything especially not music but how can a band that celebrates liberty and freedom for all make a song about killing people just because of who they like to fuck (Gay bash)? To me that just sounds stupid and ignorant but i guess it's just an attempt to piss people off.Länk
The sound of the band is typical aggressive Oi! and on some songs like the track Patriot i really like the singer but with double standards and bad song-quality it falls flat.

fredag 2 juli 2010

Crim wave - Demo (2010)

01. American hooligan
02. Dead end
03. Everyday
04. Hardstride
05. Stand your ground
06. Taking the streets
07. Tension

Selfreleased by the band in 2010 (its a demo and lets keep it that way)

A band from LA with members from different poppunk bands. In 2008 members from Voodoo glow skulls, Death by stereo, Dr. Know and Los infernos though that they should start some sort of Oi! band (adding a singalong wooow wooow chant in every chorus doesnt make it Oi! though). They knew that to be a true Oi! band you have to implement the American flag in your bandlogo and so they did, but to be really politically correct and not leave any of their "culturally diverce" bandmembers out they ALSO did a logo with the mexican flag, Irish flag etc etc and before knowing it the whole United nations had their flags in their bandlogo. Like theirfriends in Pressure point they also knew it was really important to rebel against something (though never mentioning against what in the songs) so they created a bunch of "unity" songs and here you have the result.

This is the sort of happy bullshit Oi! i piss on. The only song that is good in this demo is the song Tension and thats more of a hardcore song. Fun thing is that song is about the bandmembers beating down people for not being true punks (have Voodoo glow skulls ever watched out on their own audience?) and they use lyrics like "What you rebel against you dont even fucking know". What the fuck are you fuckfaces rebelling against if i might ask? Get the fuck out of MY scene and go back to making "cool miami ink rapska songs" for MTV.

Boot Party II - Headstomp (1996)

01. Lost America
02. Syphilis pony
03. Demon implant
04. Respect
05. Spawn
06. You'll need a mop
07. Unemployed
08. Boss man
09. Art is dead
10. A.C.A.B. (4-skins cover)
11. Make my day
12. Sugar sugar (Andy Kim cover)/Dirty whore
13. Voyer
14. Nothing
15. Mafia men
16. Indy label
17. Alcohol
18. Dont wear flesh
19. Transgression
20. United nations
21. Boot party
22. M-16

Released by Step-1 Music in 1996.

(Update 05 Sept 2011: John the drummer went on to play in the band Smash points and then later in the band Deflicted together with Kelly from this band.)

First of all this is NOT the same band as Boot party from Cali. This band is from Spartanburg in South Carolina and was formed after the "real" Boot Party and they probably sold a whole heap of records thanks to the other group. This band is not in any way trying to copy the first band and my guess is that they where totally unaware about the other band when releasing this album. They lean a bit more to hardcore then Oi! on most tracks but also have a couple of good punkrock tracks thrown in (22 songs fitted in one record).

Having 22 songs in one record is oftenly a bullshit warning and to be honest most tracks are pure garbage and the ones that are really good are over way to quickly. The ones you should really give a try are Art is dead, Boss man and Demon implant and if you forget about their bandname you could actually find yourself some real gems of your own.

torsdag 1 juli 2010

Crosshair - Lonestar crew Demo (2001)

01. Intro
02. On the streets
03. Bring 'em back
04. Keep the faith
05. Something to fear
06. You'll get yours
07. Don't stand a chance
08. Instrumental
09. Rest in peace (the file is broken only first 18 sec. Sorry)
10. Crosshair bootboys
11. Texas will rise again

Selfreleased demo from 2001.

A forgotten and unknown garageband from Texas that never released any actuall album but they had this demo. To tell you the truth i dont know shit about this band and noone i have talked to knows anything about them either. I dont even know where i got this demo from its just been laying around for some time now but i think some Yank sent it to me through email way back in 2005 or something.

This is hard fast Oi! punk with the same attitude as bands like Squiggy and the likes. If this band would have been around in the glorydays of mid 90's then GMM or some other American Oi! label would have released their stuff without thinking twice but now they are doomed to wither away from history.
It is all demosongs but the quality of most songs are good and starting the demo with the courthouse scene from the movie Boondocks saints followed with a vigilante track entitled On he streets and you know what your in for. Best track on the album is Crosshair bootboys that might not be anything new and revolutionary but it does its job with serving a great skinhead battle anthem. Dont miss the superb instrumental track either.

If anybody knows any info about this please mail me or comment.