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tisdag 28 juni 2011

Sydney Ducks - Demo (2009)

01. Brannan's fall
02. He lives for today
03. Few years left
04. Whats at stake?

Sort of an all-star band started in San Francisco around 2009. I know what you think and i thought it to but no.... Sydney Ducks is a name that was given to Australian immigrants in the San Fran area. The fact that none of the members have Australian roots makes it a confucing name though and add the fact that one of the members is a wellknown name in the Canadian Punk/Oi! scene and my cofucion was total.
The band was started by Carl on vocals (a wellknown face in the bay area hardcore scene), Mike on bass (Mike is the creator of the Longshot recordlabel and has a hell of an impressive trackrecord since he has played in bands such as Subway thugs (Can), Emergency (Can), 12 Pointbuck (Can) and The Boi!s). A bit more unknown is Grant on guitar (has been in various garage bands but never released anything) and Phil on drums (has played in hardcoreband Secret people but lately also been a member in the new wave/rock band The Airfix Kits).

The idea was to start a Mod powerpop band and with that thought they entered the studio to create this demo. The end results was more of a punkrock/soft oi! sound that reminds me a whole lot about how the Swedish band The Clichés sound today.
The band recorded 5 new songs in 2010 and 4 of them was supposed to be released on 2 split EP's and the last one on a 4-way split EP. None of these songs has seen the light of day yet (to my knowledge) but that 4-way split (with The broadsiders, Noi!se and Razors in the night) has been mentioned to have a late 2011 releasedate so hopefully we can see it in stores soon. In 2010 they added a second guitarist called Gabe (who runs a recordshop in the bay area) to fill out the sound.

Having members from various genres like Oi!/Hardcore/New wave gives it a really destinct (and Swedish) sound and me being a big fan of both Emergency and The Airfix Kits i just knew it was something for me when i heard about it.

As i always mention i am all for more rock'n'roll in American Oi! since i often feel as if most bands are hardcorebands with shaved heads. This band delivers exactly that. Add a great vocalist and a band full of skilled musicians and the lack of any tough guy attitudes displayed by most other bands and i am sold.

I wont go into the songs but instead i'll let you download the demo and make up your own mind about them (ok i admit, the sun is shining outside and i aint working for a month so time to get my tanning and drinking on).

måndag 27 juni 2011

Shark-skin - Pain no more DEMO (2011)

01. No one
02. You dont know
03. Tomorrow
04. Pain no more

The bands second demo sent in by the singer Omar Ruiz (the man guarding his precious parts on the photo).

The first demo was as raw and unpolished as it could have been with Omar doing all the instruments on his own but as i wrote back then i really liked the rugged sound it created.
This time he has brought along Bryant on bass and Adrian on drums and as a 3-piece band the sound is more complete than before. The whole band pulls their weight and i think its another one of those bands that are ready for their own record soon (but as always its more about who you know than how you sound so we will just see).

Its nothing new about their sound. They play classic singalong friendly Oi! but they do it good.
Two first songs are re-recordings of songs from the first demo and it sounds way better here. The song Pain no more is probably the best one on the demo while the other new track Tomorrow sounds a bit awkward. Its a bit slower than the other tracks and i dont really think it suits Omar's singingstyle.

New old songs from Riotgun.

The bands plan to start releasing 7 inches again has now started with the Too many mutha fuckahz/Don't wanna know from Last Punkrockers Records being the first of them. Hopefully their plan of releasing EP's and later releasing them on CD for those who dont have the intrest to buy collectables or dont own any wheels of steel.

It is limited in 100 copies. For more infi visit Last Punkrockers myspace.

söndag 26 juni 2011

V/A - Fuck America! 7'' (2007)

01. Brutal tactics - We will not remember you (Anti-nowhere league cover)
02. White wash - Intimidation (The bruisers cover)
03. B.D.T.R. - Die when you die (GG. Allin cover)
04. Those opposed - POW

Released by DHF Records in 2007.

(Update 07 July: I got it confirmed that this record is a bootleg and none of the bands appearing has given the OK for it to be distributed and have nothing to do with the coverart or the views of the person who distributed it.)

A wierd release with a nazi cartoon character called Red skull and the title Fuck America!. It features two of Bryans bands, the WP band White wash and some unknown skinhead band called Those opposed. All songs are covers (something they dont even mention in the sleeve) and the covers have nothing to do with either Nazi comics or fucking America in any way.

Anyway out of this confusion comes my question. Why?

Sure the songs are great and so are the covers (maybe not the trashing of Intimidation) but what is the reason for this release? Make something out of the covers instead of making an exact copy of the song. There is no fun in listening to a punkband making a cover of a punkband if they dont throw in something extra like a saxophone or some missplaced pianoloop. Just do something with it!! Do a cover of fucking Michael Jackson or whatever. Surprise me.

The one i actually liked listening to is the last song. It might not be that great but its a song i have missed so to me it is not a cover but actually something new. Something i expect when buying a new record.

Better dead than red - RAC warriors CD (2007)

01. RAC warriors
02. Smash the reds
03. For those who fight and die (Listen to the song here)
04. Carry your banners
05. Drinking song
06. Wrong or right '07
07. Stealth
08. Kick em in the head
09. A better land
10. It's gonna work itself out (Rose Tattoo cover)
11. Terrorist with a guitar (Lunikoff cover)

Released by Defiant Recordings in 2007.

One of the most aggro releases i have ever heard with Bryan on point the whole record through. Because the band have released so much crap and have their politics on the far right a lot of people have missed a great album here.

Everything wrong in the world is still "the reds" fault and the paranoia is still there but this time the band delivers great songs from beggining to the end. Even if it now is a pure RAC sound i think a lot of oldschool punks and Oi!heads will appretiate this record if you just give it a chance.

Best one's in the bunch is Kick em in the head (now thats what i call a drinking song), Carry your banners (probably the best lyrics on the whole album), For those who fight and die and the great Rose Tattoo cover done right with Bryans voice.

Better dead than red - Marx was wrong CD (2006)

01. We're back
02. Marx was wrong
03. Ultra terror
04. Cant believe
05. Loser skins
06. Who's got the power
07. Always to late
08. Tomorrow is ours
09. The sound of rebellion
10. Better dead than red
11. American radio
12. Sword of the west
13. Code of honor
14. Wrong or right
15. Lionheart

Released by Prophecy Records in 2006.

An instresting album mixing Oi! with some bits of oldschool hardcore, some Skrewdriver and a bit of Ramones.
Even if most of their lyrics also on this release are a bit childish i quite like the overall result and musically its way above most other things they have done previously.
If you can see past their paranoid worldview about American gouvernment being over run by old Russian communists and their problems with seing the differance between capitalism and communism (because the differance is quite big i might add) there is even some actually good and thoughtfull lyrics to be heard on this cd.

First of is the militant We're back a RAC track with marching boots in the background and one hell of a brutal chorus quickly followed by the cocky Marx was wrong with lyrics such as "You can go ignore, you can turn your back or spit us in our face/But Marx was still wrong/Spread your propaganda, attack our faiths/ But Marx was still wrong..Marx was wrong!".
My favourite tracks on the CD are the Ramones influenced punkrock track American radio and the excellent song Can't believe. That last track is some of the best songwriting i have seen from any of Bryans projects.

As always when dealing with bands like these its a whole lot of politics i feel as if i could have been without and the constant "blame it on the reds" can get annoying after a while. And most tracks where the band try to be more Oi! are not really great (Loser skins and Ultra terror).

fredag 24 juni 2011

Better dead than red - Smash the reds CD (2003)

01. Crusader
02. Who we are
03. Fire in their eyes
04. Ruins of Chamelot
05. American radio
06. The watchmen
07. Time
08. We are the boys (Blitz cover) (Live)
09. Ruins of Chamelot (Live)
10. Antisocial (Skrewdriver cover) (Live)
11. Beat on the brat (Ramones cover) (Live)
12. American dream
13. Out for blood
14. Written word
15. Hectic city
16. Commie killer
17. Traitor
18. On the front line for America
19. Written word
20. Columbine
21. Just cant last one more day
22. Mr Down on his luck
23. Days of pain (as sideproject Gods of war)
24. S.P.Q.R. (as sideproject Gods of war)
25. The hourglass (as sideproject Gods of war)

Released by Patriotic Rock And Roll Records in 2003.

First of..... way to go with the oh so creative album name. Good to tell the listeners where you stand if they didnt understand it from your bandname Better Dead Than Red.... fuckin twats.

Secondly.... next time you make an album and sell it for fullprice try to find and steal a picture that is bigger than 50kb on google's picture search for "we dont like russia". Otherwise you will keep ending up with pixeled frontcovers like this one... fuckin twats.

Seven first tracks are from the previously uploaded split with The skulls and tracks 8-11 where recorded live at Cats Cradle in may 2003. And if all these songs would have been cut out it would actually have made a decent album.

On track 12-15 is where it starts to get intresting though. These are old demo tracks and i can imagine owning a recordlabel and recieving these songs in 1999 thinkin "Oh hell these boys sound halfdecent, we'll just sprinkle the songs with some piano and throw in some homoerotic handclapps give the boys some better equipment and we will have a hitrecord in notime" and then ending up with the complete bullshit that these songs became on the debut full-length.

Tracks 16-22 is their first release Commie killer EP and it is way better than the previously mentioned full-length and yet again i wonder what is up with the Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde tendensies that this band displays. Making good songs for the EP just to turn up 3 months later without even the slightest idea of how to use the fucking instruments?

They finnish of the album with throwing in the soso and globaly unknown sideproject of Bryan (his 10th or something) called Gods of war. If you like pure RAC (anything including the names like Rune, Thunder, Wolf or Viking in the bandname) this is probably something you will like. Not really my thing even though if the track S.P.Q.R. probably is the best one on the whole album.

Sure an ok demo and some good songs from their side-project but no matter where you stand politically i cant understand how anyone can stand this constant re-recording of old songs about the same old fucking subject.
Russia aint after you, you are NOT gods of war and yes people can see your u-turn into facism comming a mile away Bryan. I dont care but atleast try and make some new songs while turning for fuck sake.

torsdag 23 juni 2011

Better dead than red & The skulls - Nations of pride CD (2002)

01. The skulls - Skinheads Brazil
02. The skulls - Giants of Brazil
03. The skulls - SSA brutal (Bandeira de Combate cover)
04. The skulls - Patriot crusader (Crusada patriotica cover)
05. The skulls - Nationalist hero (Carbonario cover)
06. The skulls - For real skinheads
07. BDTR - Crusader
08. BDTR - Who we are
09. BDTR - Fire in their eyes
10. BDTR - Ruins of Chamelot
11. BDTR - American radio
12. BDTR - The watchmen
13. BDTR - Time

Released by PRO AM Records in 2002.

A split CD that BDTR did with Brazilian band The skulls who's singer sounds exactly like an animated frog i used to wath when i was a kid named Grodan boll. This is in no way anything good. As a matter of fact it sounds awefull. What makes this Brazilian band even worse is that they take songs from good bands like Bandeira de Combate and utterly destroys their songs.
If you want a quick laugh you might want to listen to them and their ignorant and childish lyrics but i know i would rather watch that Grodan boll movie one more time than listen through these 6 songs. One of those RAC bands that makes me want to join my local Communist party.

BDTR has one of their retarded relapces and have completly lost their rhythm yet again. My guess is these sogns featured are old recordings cause songs like Fire in their eyes sound nothing like it does on the great The world needs a hero that was releaced just months before this one.
One of their best tracks is featured here (though in a turded down version), namely Who we are. They would later release a much better version of this song but i guess this track pushes up the grade atleast one notch.

Better dead than red - The world needs a hero CD (2002)

01. Hold the line
02. I stand accused
03. 1916 (Motörhead cover)
04. The world needs a hero
05. Just can't last one more day (2002 mix)
06. Fire in their eyes
07. Our hearts belong to our land
08. We've got our pride
09. Understand your man (J. Cash cover)
10. Ruins of Chamelot
11. Hectic city
12. In defence of our home
13. Time is catching up with me
14. The watchmen (Vanguard mix)
15. The heart that never dies
16. Never surrender (Blitz cover)
17. Our hearts belong to our flag (hidden track)

Released by RAC Records in 2002.

The record that made me NOT slag this band of as another rightwinged nutjob band. And probably the album that is most politically toned down (and most worth listening to). Sure it's a lot of post 9/11 sleazy patriotism and a little to much talk about the constitution and American freedom but at the same time it lacks the constant and repetative "commiebashing" lyrics that seemed to take over after this release.

The lyrics and the way Bryan delivers them is the strong side of the album and i photoed the 16 paged booklet that came with the CD so you can check them out for yourself.

Songs that you really need to take a listen to are I stand accused, Fire in their eyes, Ruins of Chamelot, Our heart belongs to the land and the even better though "demodirty" version called Our heart belongs to the flag.

A great punkalbum celebrating the constitution and the nation from a band that would later strutt around in Blood & honor t-shirts and appear on a record called Fuck America. A shamefull turn of events.

onsdag 22 juni 2011

Better dead than red - Front line CD (2000)

01. Traitor town USA
02. Just can't last one more day
03. Beat down
04. Columbine
05. Battle call
06. Written word
07. On the front line
08. Traitor
09. Punk rock fantasy
10. Night fall (Empire falls cover)
11. GCC (Empire falls cover)
12. American war machine
13. Sign of the times
14. Commie killer
15. Day break (Scorch cover)
16. Dooms day
17. Mr Down on his luck
18. Into glory they ride

Released by Prophecy Records in 2000 (i think).

Dont really know if this one truly was released in 2000 or if it was released later but i know all the songs on the CD where recorded in 2000.

After the disturbingly bad first record BDTR returned to their HC roots and the result sounds more like Empire falls and i think Hatecore or Negicore is a better discription of it than Oi! or RAC.

The sound is far from complete but this time around they actually deliver. It is hateful, brutal and at some point quite evil and to be honest this is what i search for when i want RAC. Perfect for weightlifting but not really the music i put on when getting it on with my old lady.
Most songs are short but sweet often ending at 1.30 and it suits me well since they dont really put the energy into making creative lyrics like they did on the The world needs a hero release.
Great songs for stomping and aggro weightlifting are Commie killer, On the front line and Just cant last one more day.
One track that sticks out is the last one Into glory they ride that gives a quick peak on the sound that would become the official BDTR sound on their next album.

tisdag 21 juni 2011

Better dead than red - A better land CD (2000)

01. A better land
02. You are not forgotten
03. Into glory they ride
04. Our land, not your land
05. Mister down on your luck
06. Justice for Daniel Faulkner
07. Only the strong survive
08. Forever your honor is true
09. Carolina...
10. Traitor town USA
11. Just cant last one more day
12. Keep you alive
13. Normandy (hidden bonus song)
14. Social schism (hidden bonus song)

Released by R.A.C. Records in 2000.

Since their songs from both their demo and their EP where all added to later records i wont upload them on the site.

How the hell did this record get released? The drummer cant hold a beat and the guitar blazes out on its own without giving a flying fuck about what beat the drummer is in and even if this is a hardcore singers first attempt to sing a more RAC influensed music it is laughable how they just think you can drag down the tempo to suddenly say "volá we have created RAC". Whatever they thought it didnt work.
There are a whole lot of songs on here that the band later remade into some proper good songs (Traitor town USA, Just cant last one more day and Into glory they ride) but these older versions are a joke.
Where the record totally collapse in my eyes is when they try to make an instrumental track (Justice for Daniel Faulkner) and all i can hear is a drummer that shouldnt really be behind the drums in the first place struggling to keep up on the easiest and slowest track that even i could have pulled of better.

It aint all bad though since Bryan has a hell of a voice and on a few tracks he really delivers. As cheesy as it might be Keep you alive is actually the best track of them all and has a really good ballad chorus. Another one you worth checking out is the song Only the strong survive (if you get upset that someone might have other political values than you have then watch out for this song though).

Better dead than red (introduction)

A band I know a lot of you readers will bitch about but remember since I don’t make any money from running this site I do not need you as a reader so if you don’t like it then simply stop visiting my site. It’s as simple as that. And let me point out that this is NOT a Nazi band no matter what groups their singer might be affiliated with these days or how much their bandname and politics might confuse you. Since Bryan has been a part of the scene for longer than most of you and played in bands such as Blitz (USA), Patriot, Empire falls, Scorch and Brutal tactics I think this band has every right to be represented on a site that is dedicated to the history of the US scene.

Band started by Bryan ”Scorch” Haizlip from Empire falls when the band faced their first breakup. Main focus at the start was to create a pure patriotic band to battle the ever-growing leftwing tendencies in North Carolina. At first it was just Bryan playing guitar, bass and singing and a friend of his playing drums (quite poorly to I might add). But after the success of their first CD A better land Empire falls old drummer Brandon “Jughead” decided to quit the band and focus 100% on B.D.T.R. With this two man lineup they released what I think is their best record The world needs a hero that showed of a more classic patriotic skinhead music both lyrically and musically. As time went the lineups changed and today they are a 4-piece band. Also the politics changed when B.D.T.R. seemed to move more to the right just like Bryans other bands and ended up doing records with White wash and also becoming a bit more extreme in their lyrics.

söndag 19 juni 2011

Grievance Committee rehersal before their 2006 reunion show.

They still sound as good as they did back in 89.

Grievance committee - Lick the boot 12'' EP (1989)

01. Lick the boot
02. Hate bus
03. Collision course

Released by Mourner Bros Records in 1989.

Mysterious Detroit band that got a small portion of fame from their 2 songs featured on the US of Oi! record back in the early 90's.
This EP is all they released other from those 2 songs and its a real shame cause the band was one of the best on the US of Oi! comp.
The bands lineup was Gordon Ison on vocals and guitar, Joe Rodgers on bass and Jay Clifton on drums and backing vocals.
The band wasnt together for that long but all 3 original members actually reunited the band in 2006 though nothing really sprouted out of that except a "15 years on" liveshow.
Gordon now have a new band called Linoleum Blownapart that has a sound not that far away from GC's.

Something that comes across quite quickly when listening to the EP is the bands firm stance against racism especially on their first track Lick the boot but also the lack of any hardcoreinfluences. Most simulair bands from America around late 80's early 90's had a really strong leaning towards the HC scene and the lack of anything like that in GC's sound is nothing but welcomed by me. The songs are all really rhythmic with a great r'n'r feeling and they remind me a little about their fellow Detroiters in Rogues.
Even if i somewhat prefered the more pop oriented sound on the comp there isnt a single bad song on the EP. Top stuff.

fredag 17 juni 2011

The jacks - Concrete death 7'' (2006)

01. Concrete death
02. Outta line(s)
03. Too young
04. Nothing in common

Released by RLD Records in 2006.

After reuniting in 2005 and doing some shows they decided to release an EP to fill out their starving discography folder. The band (except Jay who now is replaced by someone named Todd on bass) have grown up and it only takes 10 seconds of the first song to hear that. The band has now turned into a more garage sounding surfpunk (since i am not to familiar with that genre i will leave the band references out) or modpunk if that explains it better.

My ripp of this record was made about a year ago before i got the new and expensive needle for my Stanton player so the sound is quite shitty (though instead of complaining and asking me to re-ripp it you can just get out and buy it you cheap bastards).
Since this isnt really my sort of music the only bands i can come to think of is Swedish band The hives (oh and there he went with the band references even though he doesnt know first thing about this genre) and that is only positive if you ask me.
Favourite song on the EP is Too young where Rich sings in that emotional and untrained way that somehow got lost in modern punk thanks to all the fucking hardcore bands spoiling it. On some parts of the song it even sounds as if he loses his voice in the effort.

Not in any way an Oi! record but kickass release nevertheless.

The band re-re-united again in 2009 and recorded some more songs but none of them ever got released.
The ep is available for purchase through Interpunk so get your own if my old workingclass needle isnt good enough for you.

The jacks - The last of the real American heroes 7'' (1999)

01. The last of the real American heroes
02. Tonight
03. Guitar gangsters
04. Dead men tell no tales

Released by Haunted Town Records in 1999.

An overlooked New Jersey band that probably released more songs on compilation albums than on real records. The lineup was Rich on vocals, Jonny on guitar, Jay on bass and Rob on drums.
They made a name for themselfs on the 1999 four-way split record called 4 bands from New Jersey... that was released by Headache Records in 1999 (a great release i will get to sometime in the future). Here they shared the record with Headwound, The outsiders and Hudson Falcons. Except from that release this was their only release by the band untill late 00's where all the members except Jay reunited and recorded a bathload of songs that resulted in a 7'' on RLD Records.

Their sound where sort of a streetpunkish oi!/rnr hybrid alá New Jersey (think Those unknown mixed with Hudson Falcons).
The whole EP is solid with great singalong parts and features Mark Linskey from Hudson Falcons on guitar but the best one is Tonight, a great song where Rich is on top the whole song through.
A classic EP that you really should get your hands on if you can find it (it pops up on ebay from time to time).

Time bomb 77 - The American way 7'' (1997)

01. American way
02. Cider
03. Rapist
04. Outlaw (Chron-Gen cover)

Released by Black Hole Records in 1997.

The last record released by the band and this time with a new singer and a new bandname (yeah putíng Time and Bomb together is really creative).
The band has a bit different sound here ranging from HC-Punk (American way) to a bit more Oi! sounding songs like their old Protect & serve (Rapist) but also doing an ok cover of Outlaw (not as good as the original though).
Their new singer Bryan is a mystery to me and i know nothing of what bands he has been in before but he sounds really familiar. All in all he does an ok job on an ok album.

Time bomb 77 - Protect & serve LP (1997)

01. Cider gut symphony
02. Someone said
03. Born to kill
04. No regrets
05. Mind's eye
06. Protect & serve
07. Plague
08. Hostage
09. Politicians
10. Aint no feeble bastard (Discharge cover)
11. Quit
12. Hooligans night out
13. A vote for who?
14. 77 in 95

Released by Knock Out Records in 1997.

Way better quality than the last LP i uploaded.
Probably the best record they released but the problem with the band (that i have) is that besides from the few really good songs like Protect & serve and 77 in 95 the rest are so easily forgotten.

torsdag 16 juni 2011

Time bomb 77 & Klasse Kriminale - Clockwork Anthems LP (1996)

01. Time bomb 77 - Protect & serve
02. Time bomb 77 - Quit
03. Time bomb 77 -Plague
04. Time bomb 77 -Born to kill
05. Time bomb 77 -Aint no feble bastard (Discharge cover)
06. Time bomb 77 -Mind's eye
07. Time bomb 77 - Spirit of 69
08. Time bomb 77 -They tell us
09. Time bomb 77 - 77 in 95
10. Klasse kriminale - Oi! fatti una risata!
11. Klasse kriminale - Accendi un'altra sigaretta
12. Klasse kriminale - Costruito in Italia
13. Klasse kriminale - Cowpunk simphony
14. Klasse kriminale - Ragazzi come tu e mé
15. Klasse kriminale - Oi! siamo tu ed io vincenti
16. Klasse kriminale - La ragazza balla tshirt (live)
17. Klasse kriminale - Goal (live)
18. Klasse kriminale - Oi! Oi! skinhead (live)

Released by Mad Butcher Records in 1996.

A really rare release and the first of Mad Butchers Clockwork Anthems serie (there was 4 of them if i dont remember wrong). I will ignore this extremly rotten and foul cover and just focus on the musical content (and to think they used that same cover for all their Clockwork anthem series haha).
Dont know if its the secondsecondsecond hand quality 0n the LP or the quality of the recordings but it aint good. Most songs are way better on their Protect & serve record. Still some good stuff by Time bomb, especially their song Protect & serve that is my favourite. That perticulair song reminds me a bit about something between The suspects (why i dont know so dont try to make me explain myself).

They split the LP with the longrunners of Italian Oi!, namely Klasse kriminale. A band that used to be good but after Antonella left the band it has really turned shit. Nowdays i look at Klasse kriminale as the copy and Antonella's new KK as the original since i always thought her voice made the band stick out. Sadly enough she doesnt bless many songs on this split and the 4 last songs where even recorded after she left the band.
Best song here is Costruito in Italia where she sings solo and it's always nice to hear her voice no matter if it is old Klasse kriminale, The herberts (well she didnt really sing in that band though), her new band or the songs she did together with Battle zone.

Bad soundquality (probably because of the state of my record) and a somewhat weak selection of songs by KK but still no garbage release.

onsdag 15 juni 2011

Time bomb 77 - 77 in 95 7'' (1995)

01. 77 in 95
02. They tell us
03. Spirit of 69

Released by GMM Records in 1995.

Old punks complaining basicly. On the track 77 in 95 they wonder where all the old punks have gone and whatever happened to the "White riot". On spirit of 69 they complain about the new middleclass punks buying the whole punk and skin fashion and as much as i am with them on that it all feels a bit sad.
Anyway for being a band i have lots of respect for and own every release by i have never really been THAT found of their sound but this one is a quite solid release with more good tracks than bad.

tisdag 14 juni 2011

Time bomb 77 (introduction)

Yet another band from the never slowing Atlanta scene.
This band has been around since 1993 and started out with Lon Strickland on vocals, Chet Bastard and Gary "OXO" Yoxen on guitar, Dave Whitworth on bass and Don Shumate on drums. The band didnt live long but actually managed to release 2 albums and 2 EP's during their 4 active years.
After a year of slaving in local bars they finally hit their first deal with GMM Records. Around the same time Chet left the band to concentrate on Adolf and the piss artists but he still does the rhythm parts for their 1995 release 77 in 95.
In 1996 they released their first LP (well not really since it was a split LP with Italy's Klasse Kriminale) through Mad Butcher Records. The songs featured on this LP was re-recorded for their 1997 LP called Protect & Serve released through Knockout Records.
At this time Don Shumate had his hands full with his new position as drummer in Anti-Heros and Lon had already left the band so the band did a last push and released the EP The American way.

One of those bands that did some really good Oi!-songs but still stayed punks. A thing many new bands of today can learn a thing or two from.
No football references in their bandnames, no Fred Perry shirts, no forcefull attempt to shitty the quality on the songs to make them "sound more Oi!" and no merchandise being sold like crazy after one demosong?
Crazy i know.

V/A - American headaches Vol.2 (1994)

01. The wretched ones - Legal violations
02. The wretched ones - Killing for fame
03. The wretched ones - America's most wanted
04. The wretched ones - Life for a life
05. Niblick henbane - For you
06. Niblick henbane - Andy bought a gun
07. Niblick henbane - What's your deal?
08. Niblick henbane - Angel
09. Those unknown - The four of us
10. Those unknown - Go where the kids go
11. Those unknown - Cries of a nation
12. Those unknown - Weekend nights
13. Headwound - Tuck a buck
14. Headwound - Greater than 0, less than 1
15. Headwound - Barfly
16. Headwound - Bergen county

Released by Dim Records in 1994.

Sort of the Headache dreamteam on this second volume.
Basicly this record is just a compilation of EP's by the band. The Americas most wanted by The wretched ones, Whats your deal? EP by Niblick henbane, the fantastic selftitled EP by Those unknown and The EP by Headwound. Since i have allready written about all these bands and uploaded all songs featured on this comp i will keep it short today.
As much as the record is filled with great songs by some of the best bands out there no songs are truly rare today and thats the only reason why i dont give it 10 points.

söndag 12 juni 2011

V/A - American headaches LP (1991)

01. The wretched ones - You're a prima donna
02. The wretched ones - I hated school
03. The wretched ones - Don't need no love
04. The wretched ones - We're not stopping now
05. Niblick henbane - We don't want to play
06. Niblick henbane - Future
07. Niblick henbane - Danny's song
08. Niblick henbane - Tallahassee lassie
09. The wussies - New age
10. The wussies - Jerry's shy
11. The wussies - Karen
12. The wussies - Sitting in my room
13. Mental decay - Gang bang
14. Mental decay - End of the road
15. The burnt - Charlie Brown
16. The burnt - I wanna pet my cat

Release by Dim Records in 1991.

Being the driving force of the New Jersey punk scene Armen started Headache Records that put out a boatload of classic albums, his own bands The burnt and The wretched ones being two of the bigger bands on the label.
It had a ton of other great Oi! bands like Headwound, Those unknown, Broken heroes and Squiggy on their label but also released some more hardcore and punk oriented bands like the other 2 bands on this comp. This perticulair LP wasnt released by the label though. It was actually Dim Records who released old Headache EP's as a comp album.

The wretched ones are somewhat of the grandfathers of Oi! these days but back in 1991 they where one of the biggest names around. Their songs on this comp have just like all the other bands on it taken their songs from already existing records/ep's or the songs have been released on albums after this comp so donty go expecting anything new from this record. Best band on the comp though.

Offcourse you cant have a Headache comp without Niblick Henbane being on it. They bring along one of my favourite songs by the band, namely Future. Even though i am far from a teenager these days there is just something "anthemy" about this song that i love. One of those songs you should listen to if you do what i do, quit school and start working on some warehouse.

The wussies released 2 EP's (both on Headache) and the songs here are from their New age 7''. Oldschool American punk with a sound leaning towards Ramones and like most other bands like that it sounds like pure and utter garbage in my ears. ¤This band will not be featured on the site¤

Mental decay features members from more famous NY bands like Adrenalin O.D. and plays punkrock with heavy influenses from both metal and the sort of westcoast punkrock that every Swedish skatemovie used and abused until we were all sick of it in the 90's. Not a big fan of the band but they have actually managed to squeze in the 2 songs i like on this comp so i aint got nothing to complain about. ¤Just like The wussies i will not feature this band on the site¤

The burnt
are legendary and so are the songs they have blessed this album with. Humoristic without becoming lame. Gotta love Charlie Brown.

Tons of great songs but since none of them are exclusive at this age i cant really give it a higher score.

fredag 10 juni 2011

The loose skrews - Sworn to fun 7'' (2009)

01. Sworn to fun
02. Warm beer, cold soul
03. Another wasted day
04. We will be over

Released by Dim Records in 2009.

What one would expect from this band. Beer fueled music with heavy bass and Rotger spillin out his love for alcohol and loathin for women who aint loose.
Best song is We will be over... now thats what i call a love song!
Nice to see a serious label taking the band under their wings. This is their first release that includes the songlyrics.
The EP is still for sale at:
Dim Records
Tattooed Mother Fuckers onlinestore
Skinhead service
Koi Records

The loose skrews - Ledbelly DEMO (2009)

01. Sworn to fun
02. We will be over
03. We all make mistakes
04. Warm beer, cold souls
05. When the going gets tough
06. Vicious cycle
07. Violent world (The glory cover)

Basicly the demo that was supposed to result in their last album (that still hasnt been released) but it ended up in resulting in an EP through Dim Records. Three tracks from that EP, 3 tracks that never got released and a cover of Violent world is what you get from this demo.
When the going gets tough is probably the best one with a positive message about simply just drinking more the harder your life gets.
Their cover of Violent world is alright but nowhere near the original even if the song features Mark Magee on guitar (original member of The glory, Condemned 84 and later on Anti-Heros).
(I had to use Megaupload on this upload since Mediafire seems to be down 60% of the days)

onsdag 8 juni 2011

The loose skrews - For those hearts true CD (2009)

01. For those hearts true
02. My life, my rules
03. Another wasted day
04. Just my luck
05. Goodbye cruel world
06. Fifteen years
07. No beer sales
08. Ex girlfriend
09. Black on the inside
10. In bed we lie
11. Die alone
12. I get burned
13. Sorry Atlanta
14. Alpha males
15. Yesterday

Released by OTF Records in 2009.

Seems like the band matured a bit for this release. Not just lyrics about beerdrinking this time around. Many of the songs are about brokenhearts and about living alone and also dying alone.
Cant really say i dislike it since the 2 songs i like most (Goodbye cruel world and Ex girlfriend) are about these subjects but there is just something in the sound of this record that is less compelling than their earlier releases. Most songs seem to blend into each other and most of them gets lost without really giving me a reason to get back to the CD except listening to the few songs i already like.
Still has some really solid guitarplay and Rotger sounds as "Mötör" as he always does.

Record can still be bought through Dim Records.

tisdag 7 juni 2011

Bernando fuck yeah!!!

Decided to reopen my old site called Fuckyeah!! after posting at Down underground for about a year now. I will still be a part of Down underground but i will focus on Fuckyeah!! and this site (offcourse).
The main reason isnt because i was called a nazi by the readers when i posted Böhse onkelz (haha) or the fact that punks told me that Oi! started out as a unity thing between blacks and whites (hahaha) i simply like to order my posts in genre and with 5 other members in the crew and over 5000 albums uploaded it's not as if i can waltz in and reorganize the whole site to my liking.

On Fuckyeah!! i will simply do my own thing and post whatever i feel like in whatever fashion i want and being an antisocial soul not so found of teamwork i feel like it suits me much better.

Go and take a look at http://bernandofuckyeah.blogspot.com/

Long live me. Long live Bernando!!!

måndag 6 juni 2011

Interview and liveperformance with The loose skrews

Interview is taken from the Spring broke DVD and features the band having deep discussions about drinking beer and listening to Rod Steward.

The band performs 2 livesongs in front of an empty pit. Obviously people in America are scarred of the stage.

The loose skrews - Born to lose CD (2008)

01. The best times
02. Born to lose
03. Three kinds of love
04. Come sweet Cirrhois
05. Rude, crude and lewd
06. Drink fuckin beer!
07. We are the loose skrews
08. Drink up you bastards
09. Loose skrews brew crew
10. Gonna get drunk
11. Try and fail
12. Coulda been a contender
13. Can i see you tomorrow?
14. None more Rancid!
15. Dont take my hand
16. Used to be means never was
17. Boozed up and burned out

Released by OTF Records in 2008.

They where now a 5-piece band and decided to re-record some of their old songs for this record. Dont really like that sort of stuff but since their new songs are good i will let it slide.

Both Can i see you tomorrow and the anthemy The best times are solid additions to their "classic" songs but best of them all is No more Rancid. A track where the band mocks and at some parts immitates Lars and his gucci-punk friends "Get them with the boot with all you got".
The album is sold out from all known distros.